How to Become an Internet Powerhouse With Twitter

Social networking is becoming more and more prevalent on the Internet today. It’s how companies stay in touch with their customers. It’s how friends stay in touch with each other.

It’s how people meet new people that share interests.

So when you want to become a powerhouse on the Internet, whether for business or for pleasure, social networking is an excellent way to do that. And if you want to put that effort to use, Twitter is a great site to use.

Twitter has a number of benefits that other social networks lack. It’s fast, short and easy, which means you don’t have to put a lot of time and energy into long blog posts. Everyone expects short but frequent posts, so that’s what you can do. You can comment on the posts made by just about anyone else, from celebrities to your neighbors. Plus it can be used for anything from advertising to personal chats. It’s highly versatile, and when used properly can make you an Internet powerhouse. How do you use it properly? Here’s a few tips.

Tip #1: Keep it Close and Personal

Unless you’re a news agency where short breaking headlines are your bread and butter, you want to keep your Twitter usage nice and personal. Twitter is about chatting between people, like publicly-broadcast instant messaging. Your posts should always be as personal and relevant as you can make them. More importantly is to strike up conversations with followers and other users. The dialogue is what’s important.

Tip #2: Keep Track of Others

To be a star on Twitter you need to do everything just right. How right is that? It all depends. Study the tweets of people you admire, and see how they use humor, links and current events to their advantage. Play to your strengths. Find the right balance between posting your own content and responding to others. There are plenty of Twitter tools available to analyze all of this, and it’s up to you to find the balance that works for you.

Tip #3: Use Twitter Everywhere

Everywhere within reason, that is. If you’re traveling, use a smart phone to keep twitter updates rolling. Vacations, sport events, anywhere you can use a phone without being rude is a good place to tweet. Just don’t use it while you’re in the bathroom, no one needs to know the color of today’s bowel movements.

Tip #4: Followers Following Followers

Follow everyone who might have something interesting to say. Famous people you want to interact with, comedians whose jokes amuse you, politicians you support — all are good people to follow. On the flip side, request followers. Not directly on Twitter, as it’s somewhat transparent, but on your other sites and related profiles. The more followers you have, the more your tweets are retweeted and the more your influence grows. The more people you follow, the more you have to retweet and the more conversations you can have. Either way, your circle expands.

Tip #5: Keep Tweeting

The one problem with doing analysis and shooting for success intentionally is that you become self-conscious. The more you study what works and what doesn’t, the more afraid you become of making a mistake and ruining your chances. That leaves you with a Twitter account gathering dust and nothing interesting to say. Twitter’s beauty is it’s short, fluid format. You don’t need to make every tweet a success, just avoid the biggest routes to failure.

Tip #6: Define your goals

It’s all well and good to gather your followers, analyze your statistics, and become some kind of Internet phenomenon. What do you want to do with that success? You can become the biggest Internet powerhouse ever seen but that power is useless if you don’t have a goal. Whether you’re promoting your own business, trying to get your content published, or whatever else, a goal is necessary.

For extra benefit, have more than one goal along the way, so you have stepping stones to work for. Build your personal image and brand. Advertise your business along the way. Reach a level where certain celebrities you follow take notice of you. Document your hobbies or make friends. Whatever your goals are, you need to have them.

Tip #7: Fit your Tweets to your Goals

Once you have your goals defined, you can refine your tweets even further. It can help you decide what you tweet about. It should also help you decide what people you follow and who follows you. If your twitter account is all about gaining a foothold in the movie business, it won’t do any good to network with stamp collectors.

Twitter is social networking, and social networking is networking. The goal is always to meet the right people and talk to them in the right circumstances about the right things. The same holds true on Twitter as it does in life. Network with the right people to suit your goals and needs.

Tip #8: Use Tools to Help you Succeed

There are tons of different Twitter tools available. Some of them analyze specific links to see how often they’re retweeted. Others analyze your general Twitter feed or that of others, for popularity and other statistics. Some track Twitter trends and show you what bandwagons you can hop on. Some of the most useful tools are the interface tools, to manage your Twitter feeds more successfully.

Of course there are also tools to automate your posting and share your information on other sites as well. Be wary of those, because you don’t want to make your feed too artificial. Put the tools to good use, however, and you can save a lot of time and energy.

The Road to Being a Powerhouse

No matter what your goal is or what your methods are, there are always going to be factors of luck involved in your rise to Internet superstardom. If you want to become a powerhouse on the Internet it will take dedication and work no matter what the platform. You can use these tips to help you succeed, and take a lot of the guesswork out of your posting.

Twitter is a powerful tool and a gateway to a huge community of people from all walks of life. Like any tool, it has good uses and poor uses. Put the tool to the right use and you can reap the benefits. Make mistakes and waste time, and Twitter won’t do anything for you. Here’s to your Twitter success.

Author Bio: Drew C. works for a car insurance comparison website. When he isn’t working Drew loves to play soccer, read and spend time with his family.


2 thoughts on “How to Become an Internet Powerhouse With Twitter

  1. I wish I could find the time to use Twitter. I am finding it very difficult to keep up with all the social media networks.

  2. I think Twitter is good only if you already have a brand otherwise it’s a waste of time. Nobody is going to follow you just because. You need a large online presence to make Twitter work for your business.

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