How To Build A List For Free Using Viral Marketing

Are you building a mailing list? If not then you seriously need to wake up and get to it. Having your own mailing list is vital to your success in this business. When you can send an email to thousands of people with a push of a  button that’s when your business starts growing exponentially. New opportunities open up and you become truly independent because your business doesn’t depend on other traffic sources anymore. Whether you are in the internet marketing niche or selling weight loss system you need to build a list so that you can leverage that list to generate more profits.

There are many different methods, techniques and tricks to build a list, but the fact is that all you need is an optin page (squeeze page) and traffic. That’s all it takes really. Of course you need a lead magnet for them to optin for as well.

People usually don’t have a problem with building a squeeze page these days. There are so many different templates out there and you can model other people’s templates too. If you don’t have a squeeze page yet then go check out other people’s optin pages and see how they structured it. Then swipe it and use it later for your own campaign. Don’t just straight up copy it, edit it with your own headline, bullet points etc. to match your offer or describe your lead magnet. Once you do have a squeeze page you can later split test different variations of it to maximize your conversions.

The 2 biggest problems people have with setting up a list building system is traffic and awesome lead magnet. If you are low on funds and can’t pay for traffic then it gets hard to drive traffic because you constantly need to “hustle” and it gets tiring after a while. Writing articles for a month gets old lol. On the other hand if your lead magnet sucks then it feels like you are trying to push yourself through a brick wall because nobody is opting in to get what you have to offer, or not enough people optin.

So how can you set up something that can build a list for you 24/7 without spending a dime? Let me introduce you to Mr. Viral Marketing :) Anyway, viral marketing works and you should always use it even if you do have money to pay for traffic. Viral marketing is basically leverage on steroids.

Let me show you a quick system that you could start implementing to build a high responsive list FAST.

Step #1 – Write a 10-15 report about a hot topic in your niche. It has to provide them with some great information about how to solve a certain problem they are having or how they can achieve their desired outcome. Don’t spill all the beans here yet. It should just get them more interested in your lead magnet which you are going to pitch inside that report.

Step #2 – Write a 30-50 page ebook and create some cool videos. Now this should be more detailed and provide actual steps they need to take to get what they want or get rid of their problem. You are going to give this away on your squeeze page and the link to your squeeze page will be inside the first 10-15 report you have written.

Step #3 – Set up your squeeze page with a good headline and call to action (you want them to optin). Upload some prewritten autoresponder messages to go out with more cool tips for your readers. Make sure to monetize it too.

Step #4 – Distribute your 10-15 page report anywhere you can with give away rights!! You want others to help you distribute it. Blast it out to your existing list, submit to all the ebook submissions sites, upload it to slideshare, docstoc, scribd and other document sharing sites.

You can also install a viral script on your squeeze page such as Viral List Machine, or Frank Kern’s Good Karma List Machine. Both scripts pretty much do the same thing.

Cool Tip: Hire (if you got some cash) someone to write you a second book and sell it on Amazon! As an author you will also get a dofollow link from Amazon to your site :)

So there you have it. This list building machine can be set up in one week or so. You could actually just concentrate on doing this exclusively to build lists and crush it. How many list building machines are you going to create?



2 thoughts on “How To Build A List For Free Using Viral Marketing

  1. This is a good idea I think I am going to try this out. I have a small list but it doesn’t grow as fast as I want it to. Thanks for this post!

  2. Hey if i wanted to use this method, because i know the power of a list, only i want to sell an ebook on for example, How To Flip Shortsales. Should i offer them the ebook right off the bat, or offer it in future emails.

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