How To Double Your Blog’s Page Views

The longer people stay on your site the higher chance that they will subscribe to your newsletter, buy, or click on your ads. You don’t want them to just read one page. You want your visitors to click through pages and read other related posts, right?

Low bounce rate can help you increase your performance in search engines too, because the more posts they read the higher chance that they will share your stuff on social media, which does count towards your rankings.

With that said, let me tell you about my little experiment I just did recently.  Couple of weeks ago I decided to write the beginners guide to make money online. At first I thought I was going to sell it, but while I was writing it I started to like the idea of giving it away for an optin on my blog. It would be a good freebie but as I was getting closer to getting it done I thought I would try something different.

Then a new idea popped into my head to just publish it on my blog for everyone to read. I didn’t want to make it just a regular post though. I wanted to break down the content and publish each separate chapter as a page with navigational links to each next chapter within the ebook.

It’s was a brilliant idea because it worked like a charm. I published it a couple of days ago and my page views at least doubled with pretty much the same amount of traffic I was getting before.

Check out this screenshot:

The green bar indicates page loads and the blue bar unique visitors.  As you can see the traffic didn’t increase by a lot but my page loads went through the roof.

It’s a great technique to keep your visitors on your site and get them engaged.

Basically, I just published the content and formatted it so it appears nice and user friendly. Each page has a link to the next and previous chapter as well as navigational links to every other chapter in the guide.

It looks like this:

I also added social sharing buttons on every page so it’s easy for someone to share the content when they are done reading each chapter.

Another important thing to mention is that each page has at least 3 images on the right sidebar. The reason for that is because images  keep readers engaged. They make them stay longer and read more.

I think this strategy is better than trying to get people to optin first. If you put your content upfront like that, before they subscribe to your list, your leads will be much higher quality. An online guide in this kind of format can build a relationship with your visitors for you and warm them up before they become your followers.

Why I like this idea better than just regular optin page?

1. It keeps people on my site longer – Numbers don’t lie and by looking at my stats I have noticed a substantial increase in length of each visit since I published it.

2. It gets me more page views – As I said earlier the more page loads the better, but what’s cool is that even after they are done reading they still stay around browsing my blog. This is why I think that if I have placed an optin box at the end of the guide my leads would be higher quality.

3. It adds value – If people find valuable content on your site they are more likely to link to it or share it.

Anyway, I am going to watch my stats over the next week or so to see if the trend stays the same or not. If it does, I might create more guides like that and publish them in the same format. This will allow me to funnel people through them and build trust at the same time.

What do you think about this strategy?


5 thoughts on “How To Double Your Blog’s Page Views

  1. I know I was one of your regular subscribers that loved reading your guide. I read it in one sitting, so you can count me as someone who hung around your blog a long time for my visit.

  2. I just clicked on “Add a new page” in WordPress and posted the content that way. Of course I formatted it the way I wanted it to look like. Also under “Page Attribution” on the sidebar I selected “no sidebars”.

  3. Hi Pawel, Totally agree with you. Interlinking your blog posts and rolling out a Related posts widget like Zemanta is also a great idea. Na?

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