How To Get Cheap Clicks On MSN Adcenter

If you think you can’t get traffic in competitive markets for less than a $1 you are wrong. It’s still possible and I am doing it all day long with MSN Adcenter.

Not only you can get cheap clicks but the traffic also converts and with some testing can be turned into a profitable campaign pretty quick.

Here is my screenshot of a campaign I started running recently with Bing.

This is a campaign for an offer in a very competitive market –think “credit cards” and “loans”.

I don’t claim to be some kind of super PPC expert or anything, but hey what I am doing is working so I thought I would share this technique with you.

First of all, you need to stop thinking “search” and think “content network”. Content network is where the bulk of clicks is going to come from and if your landing page is done right you will make money…period.

The benefit of running paid traffic campaigns is that you can scale and grow much faster than trying to go the SEO route. By the time you rank for your keywords I could be buying a new car with the money I made from paid traffic sources while you were slaving away writing content and building links. Oh and then you might get G slapped and find yourself starting from scratch again.

Sounds harsh but that’s just how it is. Don’t get me wrong, I love SEO and the idea of providing good valuable content to people while getting rewarded for it. But the thing is Google hasn’t been rewarding good quality content recently in some verticals.

I am glad that I have multiple sites still doing well even after all these new changes, but I am not going to wait until something unexpected happens like it did with this blog.

So let’s talk about setting up your first campaign.

Step #1: Landing Page & Offer – First of all you need to have a good landing page and an offer that converts. I am not going to teach you how to build one here so you need to do that on your own.  Go and start looking around what other people are using. Model it and improve on your own from there.

Good presell page always works and will continue to work.

Step #2: Tracking – Setup your tracking system. Do NOT skip this! The days of running blind campaigns and making money are over. You need to track your traffic sources and which keywords are converting. If you don’t track, there is no way you will be able build a profitable campaign.

Go download Prosper202 and start playing around with it. They have a very basic video tutorial on how to use it, but it’s good enough. I watched it 3 times and pretty much know everything there is to know on how to use it. It’s really not that hard!

Step #3: Setting up your campaign – You need keywords and lots of them. I recommend that you start with 1000 keywords per ad group.

How to get keywords? Use Google keyword tool for that. Get as many relevant keywords as you can.

Next, login to your MSN Adcenter account and start creating your first campaign. Even though you are going to run mainly on content network select search network also.

What I do is set my bids higher for content network and for search something ridiculous like $0.20. Now keep in mind I am running a campaign in a very competitive vertical. On Google search these keywords would cost like $20/click or more.

I set up my bids this low for search because I don’t care if they will show there or not. All I care about is the content network.

Next, use the MSN Adcenter keyword tool. When you click on “Add keywords” under your ad group select “Find keywords on a website” option.

This is a powerful feature that a lot of marketers don’t use because everybody is so hung up on the search network still. You can use this to your advantage!

So here is how it works:

Now, go find popular articles on high traffic authority sites (News sites) that you think are relevant to your offer. This works so well because you will find phrases that no keyword tool will give you. You can pick up keywords that could be used in sentences only if the content has something to do with what you are promoting.

See my point?

This not only will get you cheap clicks but also provide good CTR. You do have to split test different ads though, but with this strategy I am getting some crazy CTR on the content network.

By the way, when adding keywords to run on the content network you want to make sure to use “broad” match.

Here is just a sample from one of my ad groups that shows my CTR for some of these phrases I discovered by extracting highly relevant articles on News sites.

Of course there are some keywords that will produce a ton of impressions, but you can later disable them (unless they are converting).

The ones I am going after are producing a nice 1-2% CTR which is pretty damn good for a text ad on the content network. Now picture hundreds and thousands of these high CTR keywords.

What you want to do next is set your content bid a bit higher like $0.80 and run it for a day with a daily budget of at least $150. (Tip: set it to $500 and watch the clicks in your Tracking202. MSN won’t use your entire budget, but if the clicks are coming in too fast then lower it and pause the campaign for a couple of hours)

Then you need to watch for conversions. If you are getting conversions then start lowering your content bid by $0.10 every 2-3 hours until the traffic stops.

The reason why you want to do that is so that you can find the point at which MSN will start serving impressions. Trust me, it’s not as high as you think for even competitive terms.

Once you find that point leave your bids alone and start testing different ads so you can now increase your CTR.

Here is a screenshot of conversions I am getting:

And here is my live spy view from Tracking202 for 1 hour of traffic.

Don’t hate the player! Hate the game lol

I have already tuned it up and the campaign is now producing a steady 60% ROI believe it or not.

When you are done tuning up one ad group, start creating another and just keep going. This is why paid traffic is better than trying to do SEO. You can scale fast!

Free traffic is great but if that’s all you are doing then things can fall apart. The only problem you might have while running profitable campaigns is that your bank might restrict your account since all your money is flying out of it to pay for traffic 😉

I recommend that as soon as you have it profitable tell your affiliate network to pay you weekly by wire. This will help you scale and keep the campaign on at all times. Tell them to pay you more per lead!! A campaign that is breaking even could become profitable simply because they increased your payout.

Don’t be afraid to test new things while your campaign is making money. Don’t just sit there watching it because it won’t be there forever. Offers come and go so it would be smart to set up another one.

Also get creative and test keywords that you don’t think will convert, or have nothing to do with your offer. You would be surprised what’s possible.


13 thoughts on “How To Get Cheap Clicks On MSN Adcenter

  1. That’s awesome! This post makes me want to start over. When I tried running campaigns on Bing before I could never get any impressions, but I think I know why now. Thanks alot bro!

  2. Soooooo let me see if I understand properly, you will have to forgive me, I have never dabbled with MSN, unlike Google they let you send traffic to a squeeze page? As you know, I am a content creator and not a PPC whiz. 😉 Cheers Andi

  3. They allow squeeze pages too, but I am sending traffic to a landing page that has good informational content with a little soft presell for an offer. Seems to work nicely so far.

  4. Some nice stuff there man. Which of the 3 pixels off Prosper are you using. I find that 75% of the time they either are not firing or the conversion info isn’t coming back to prosper and I have to load up the conversion subid myself

  5. Hey, thanks for these tips. If I can contribute I have this one tip, go to and use free (or paid) service and copy competitors’ links from G’s Display Network. I do not yet know if method works, but will know in few days.

  6. Hi, I am new to paid traffic and I was wondering if you could help me with clarifying one thing. I read some where that when I start, I should set my daily budget to $10000. What I want to know, it is fine to set it to $10000, but do I have to move $10000 to my adcentre accout or it is just a number?. I certienly don’t have $10000 to move to my accout. It was saying that if you set your budget low, your CTR will be more expensive. Also, do you recommend any other types of paid traffics apart from adcentre and Google Adwards. Thanks in advance. Regards Tony

  7. That’s a good strategy with Adwords. When I used to tell people to set their budget that high they thought I was crazy, but that’s exactly what I was doing when I wanted volume of traffic at much lower bids than my competition was paying. That was pretty much the trick with Adwords that everyone was looking for lol

  8. Hi Pawel, When you go to Adcentre, it asks you what is your daily budget. That is what I was interested. What amount do you suggest to put in there.Thanks for the reply.

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