How To Get Funding For A Business – Cool Way To Get Funds To Start A Business

I don’t care what anyone else says, you need money to make money period. Without some kind of a budget you are just dead in the water. It doesn’t matter that your idea is good and that it could make millions 6 months from now. If you are not able to fund it, it will forever just be an idea until you die.

This is why the rich people only get richer (if they have half a brain of course). It takes money to make money especially online!

It’s all about speed of implementation. If you can’t test things out fast to get data then your affiliate campaigns will never be successful.

If you want to build a massive content site that you could sell for a few million down the road, you need content writers. Content is not cheap anymore. Sure you can build small affiliate niche sites and stuff, but eventually you need to think about building a real business that provides financial security.

The more people turn into the internet to generate additional income for themselves the more money is required to make things happen. Competition is getting really big nowadays.

If you got something good going right now but you don’t have the funds to scale it then it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Someone else with deep pockets can basically copy what you are doing and leave you in the dust…no joke.

If you want to make money online fast and do it right then you need get funding for your business.

But how can someone get funding for a business?

You basically have 2 choices here. You can either work until you save enough money (good luck with that) or you can borrow it.

I am not trying to scare you here. You don’t need 1 million dollars to start an online business lol

Even if you had $5k-$10k to start with, it would put you ahead of most of the people that want to find success online.

Believe it or not, majority of folks that get into online marketing are broke as hell. Some of them don’t even have enough to cover hosting fees for 6 months. If within that timeframe they don’t make money they usually quit and fail. It’s sad actually.

It sucks when you have all these great ideas and can’t act on it because of the money. You basically sit there and watch others get rich while you keep drowning in debt.

One way to get funding for a business is through credit cards. It’s not a perfect solution but if you have a solid plan it could work.

The idea is to be able to pay off the balance within 2-3 months after you use it for your online marketing. It’s a dengerous approach but at least it could actually work if you are smart with your money.

There is another solution that I think is better and cheaper than credit cards.

Have you ever heard of peer to peer lending?

Lending Club is one of those places where you can go to and get a loan. It could be a personal loan or a business loan.

In my opinion it’s a great way to get funding for a business. The only thing you need to get your loan funded is a good credit score (630+), and a solid plan that checks out.

The way it works is that you simply register with Lending Club and apply for a loan. Investors then review your application, credit score, and then send you funds.

Here are some major benefits of using Lending Club

– It’s fast and convienient

– Low interest rates (you can save a lot of money)

– No pre-payment panalties

– No hidden fees (banks always try to screw you over with fees)

You could easily get a loan to start your online business venture through Lending Club. Of course you won’t get million dollar funding but if you could get $10k to launch something profitable, it would definitely help you get going.

On the other hand, if you got a lot of money already you can also become an investor yourself. By funding loans for other people you can make money from interest.

Peer to peer lending is definitely something to look into. The fact that there are no bankers involved and that you save a ton of money by getting a loan through them, makes it very attractive for small business owners.


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  1. I’ve heard about peer to peer lending before. You are right about the fact that it takes more and more money to do anything online. I am getting tired of writing content for my sites so outsourcing would definitely help me scale. The problem is that my credit score is not high enough to get a loan. Since the economy crashed I have been struggling with the credit card debt I already have.

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