How To Make Money When You Have Money

Today I want to talk about making money when you have some capital to invest. When you have money to spend making money on the internet is easy and you don’t have to do all the tedious work you would have to do without it.

In my opinions lack of funds is the biggest obstacle for newbies who want to start their online business. It’s not lack of motivation or not knowing what to do. About 8 years ago you could make money without investing much at all and those days are over. Of course if you are willing to work hard it’s still possible, but let’s be honest with each other the entry barrier is way higher now than before due to the competition.

So I want to give you some ideas if you already have some capital that you want to invest into your online business venture.

I am going to assume you have $10,000 to spend 🙂

The first idea is to buy already established web businesses. If you go to you can find already established sites with PR, traffic, and even existing user base. The trick is to buy sites that aren’t well monetized by the original owner. Some people don’t even realize what they have and just want to cash out quick. Sometimes good monetization strategy can make the business worth a lot more than what the owner is selling it for. I have seen sites with thousands of visitors daily being sold for under $5k 🙂 The owner had no ads on it and wasn’t monetizing the site at all. If you can spot one of these I say go for it, because even a simple Adsense block in the right place can make it worth a lot more.

Once you acquire an established web business you got 2 choices. You can either work on monetization to flip it again for more money, or you can keep it and work on further development of the site.

There are some very important factors you need to consider though before buying any web business such as Google Page Rank, traffic, search engine rankings, and profit potential. Page Rank is not that important anymore but it’s good to have at least PR3-5. When researching traffic check for their Alexa rankings and some of their search engine positions.

Ask the owner what keywords bring him the most traffic and where is he ranked. I would even go a step further and run a quick Adwords campaign for those keywords in exact match to see how many impressions there are on Google for those terms.

Always use escrow when buying websites!

Next idea is to develop software. I would take about $2k and invest it into software development that would automate something for marketers. You can go to Warrior Forum and check out their WSO section to see what kind of apps and tools sell the most. Simply replicate it and make it better. Outsource your graphics and even the sales letter. You can get someone to write you a sales letter for $500-$1000. Some of the most popular tools now are those that generate backlinks 🙂

Cool thing about selling software is that you don’t need super ultra-hyped up sales copy. You can simply outline what the software does and add some video showing it in action. That will do just fine.

Make sure you fully test it before launch so that you can weed out the bugs in your software.

Another idea is to invest into content. Content is king and right now it’s the best investment you can make. It’s better than stocks, real estate or anything else right now. Content always pays!  I am talking about creating massive content sites.

Taking about $3k out of your budget could produce about 428 pages considering $7/(600 words) page rate which is standard right now. What’s important is that you research your market before getting into this business model.  When outsourcing you don’t have to worry about not knowing anything about the niche. Just make sure you can monetize the site once you start getting search engine traffic.  Take another $1k and invest that into SEO. Get articles distributed with some press releases. You can also outsource that completely.

The cool part is that once you have the site making money it will continue to spit out profits on autopilot. After a few months you will be making a profit and then you can just reinvest the money you make instead of using up all your existing capital. Then you can always flip it and cash out or just continue developing it.

Another very cool way to make money when you have some decent capital is to get into media buying. It’s a little more risky, but it could payout big very fast.

Sign up with CPA networks and find good offers to promote. Some of the best ones are health offers, financial offers, form submits that pay at least $6/lead.

Go visit some high traffic sites and watch for ads to see what people are promoting. You will quickly spot other affiliate marketers running ads. Analyze their sales process and try to duplicate it. There are many ad networks out there that you can buy traffic from. But when you are starting out I would try Adwords first.

The problem with Adwords though is that you can’t simply throw up a landing page with a link to the offer anymore because it’s counted as a “bridge page”. The user should be able to find what they are looking for right on your site without being redirected to some other website.

Those are just a few ideas that you can run with. Do not get into media buying on a large scale if you don’t know what you are doing.

I would definitely try to buy an existing business or invest into a product development though. If you do your research right you can’t lose on that.


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  1. I have been looking around on Flippa and found some decent sites I could snatch up for peanuts 🙂 Thanks for this post. I got a clear plan now.

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