How To Make Money With Clickbank

So how can you make money with Clickbank on complete autopilot so that you don’t depend on your own advertising budget?

The answer is quite simple. Create your own product and become a Clickbank vendor 🙂

It’s easier to become a super affiliate as well if you sell your own Clickbank products. It should be your highest priority to create something you can sell first.

Sure you can make some money just by being an affiliate but the problem is that as soon as your traffic source dies out (or you get banned from Adwords lol) your income stops.

There are so many more advantages to being a vendor that it makes no sense to just constantly drive traffic to someone else’s sales page and getting only a percentage of the sale.

If you sell your own products on Clickbank you:

– Build a list of buyers on autopilot

– Make money regardless if it’s an affiliate sale or not

– Leverage other people’s efforts

– Don’t have to drive traffic yourself (affiliates do all the dirty work for you)

– Become instantly a super affiliate because you can email your list and promote other relevant products

Don’t get me wrong, you can make money just being an affiliate and it’s probably smart to drive some traffic first to see if you can actually convert the product you are trying to sell, but as soon as you see profit as an affiliate, then you should quickly switch to being a vendor. This way you can take your income to a whole new level.

So in this post I am going to give you some ideas on how to quickly become a Clickbank vendor and start getting affiliates to promote you instead.

1. Find a niche on Clickbank where sales are being made – First of all, if you are just starting out I recommend to stay away from “make money online” products. It would be extremely hard for a newbie to get decent gravity so that affiliates can even notice you. There are niches that are much easier to get into with less competition.

Clickbank has something called “gravity” which shows how popular a particular product is. The higher the gravity the more affiliates are making sales with that product.

In the “make money online” niche gravity can shoot up to over 1000 because of the maga launches in the internet marketing industry. Some marketers have huge lists and for them to get such gravity is easy.  The problem is that those products are usually short lived because new launches happening all the time.

You want to create a product in an evergreen niche with less competition.

If you go to Clickbank and look through each category you will find products with gravity under 30 and ranking on the front page of that particular category. You should create a product for one of those categories and try to get at least 30-40 gravity.

Keep in mind that to get gravity of 30 you only need 30 affiliates to make at least 1 sale in a 24 hour period 🙂  (I’ll let you think about that because there is a hidden message in that sentence)

2. Create your Clickbank product – It’s really not that hard to create something you can sell. It could be an ebook, video course, or a piece of software. The best strategy is to see what other people are already selling and reverse engineer their sales process.

It’s basically the same as spying on other affiliate marketers. You find what other affiliates are doing and then you copy them right? Well, same thing applies to vendors as well. You could purchase 2-3 similar products and then simply create your own out of those 3 while adding your own spin on it.

I am not saying you should steal someone else’s work and republish it word for word. Use their products as examples to create your own. I hope that makes sense.

You can hire a freelancer to write you an ebook or a coder to get some kind of software developed. Once you have your product done then you can start setting up the funnel.

3. Write a killer sales copy – You should in fact outsource it if you have no copywriting experience. There are people out there that will write a sales letter for your Clickbank product for under $1000. If you don’t have that kind of money then you can still do it yourself by simply modeling already successful CB products.

Again, do not copy their sales copy word for word, but use it as example when writing your own.

Check out Warrior Forum for copywriters. There are plenty of people who will write one that converts well for a decent price. You can always reinvest the money you make to get a better copywriter rewrite your copy later on.

4. Get graphics done – This should also be outsourced unless you are a good graphic designer yourself. You can get nice looking ecover graphics done for cheap nowadays. For under $200 you could have someone design you a nice minisite template with ecovers, banners, buy now buttons etc.

Why do you need that? Well an ecover graphic with a nice looking template will add to perceived value of your product.

Also make sure to get banners designed for your affiliates to use on their sites.

5. Set up your sales page and delivery process – Obviously you are going to need a hosting account, but you don’t need a dedicated server when you are first starting out. You should have a domain name by now and it should point to your server.

You should install some kind of software to protect your download links and deliver your products automatically. You can do this with DLGuard which I recommend.

It’s important that you test the entire sales process before submitting your product to Clickbank for approval.

6. Submit Your Product To Clickbank –Once you have tested the sales funnel and everything is working smooth it’s time to submit your product to Clickbank.

They usually review your pitch page and thank-you page within 2-3 business days. Once your product is approved you will need to pay a one-time fee of like $49 to activate your vendor account and then you can start selling.

7. Test conversions – It’s important that you have some sales data before you try to recruit affiliates. I would start driving traffic myself to see how well my sales letter converts and if it needs improvements.

You want your EPC (Earnings Per Click) to be as high as possible.  If you can get your EPC to $2/click affiliates will jump on board quickly.

8. Add more products to your funnel – Clickbank now allows one-click upsells so take advantage of that feature and add more products to the sales process. By adding upsells and downsells you can drastically increase EPC of your offer which means more money in your pocket.

Ok so maybe this requires some more work upfront than simple affiliate marketing but it’s well worth it at the end. Leveraging other people’s efforts is the key to success in this business.

If you are successfully promoting a Clickbank product right now then you should definitely start thinking about creating your own similar product.

Being a vendor is much more profitable than just being an affiliate. Your income will not depend on your advertising budget or one particular traffic source. Affiliates will drive all the traffic you want to your offer if it converts well. You will build a list on autopilot while your affiliates are writing reviews, buying advertising, promoting to their lists etc.


10 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Clickbank

  1. I am having a problem with Clickbank. They won’t approve my product but yet they are approving exact same products from other vendors. They wouldn’t even tell me what was wrong so that I could make necessary changes. Great post by the way!

  2. Make sure your thank-you page complies with all their guidelines. Email them and ask what changes need to be made in order for them to approve your product. They usually respond quickly.

  3. Hi Pawel, I very timely post here from you as I have been preparing a product to list on ClickBank so your info was right what I wanted to hear.

  4. Thanks Rob, I am glad you took the time to actually consume what I wrote here. Once you create your first product and get it to make you money just move on to the next one.

  5. @affproman, I had the same prob with clickbank. I simply sent an email and found them to be extremely helpful. From telling me what was wrong to helping me set everything up.

  6. Look like this is too hard for me who is not the English native speaker. Anyway, it is a nice step-by-step process which is very usful for those who want to create their own products and sell on Clickbank.

  7. Wariya, you don’t need to be proficient in English to do this! You could totally outsource the entire process. I guess you just need some basic skills, but the product you create doesn’t have to be done by you. If you want to sell an ebook you could pay someone else to write it for you. Keep that in mind.

  8. Some very valuable tips here. I am trying to create my first Clickbank product but it’s taking me a long time. Hopefully I can submit it for approval next month.

  9. Hello Pawel, I have subscribed to a list that sends me these helpful tactics and learning tools, that get me excited about anything you talk about. Unfortunately I am new to having to make an income online. I used to be a cell site technician for Nortel Networks, Verizon wireless, until recent injuries. Now I’m looking to suppliment my incme. Signed up for your emails and tools. Now I feel embarassed to say well ignorant and lost. You said there’s niches for newbies and stay away from “make money online niche.” Well I want to start with something could you spare a little time to give a total newbie a slight tutorial from ground up? You know point me in the right direction. Figuring out this new thing is proving to be more confusing. I have a basic idea and outline of what I want. Even a few ideas for mobile apps. Just to overwhelming. You make me feel like there is finally a stand up way to make money without scamming me or anyone to do it. Thank you for the renewed beleif, you’re an inspiration.

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