How To Make Money With Ecommerce Store Website – Create Your Own Ecommerce Store

Do you want to sell physical products online? Well, you could start your own website store within days by using dropshipping companies to fulfill your orders while you concentrate on marketing of your site.

The main reason why people start an ecommerce store is to make money with it obviously, but I would create one just for the purpose of flipping it later on.

If you think about it there is more money to be made if you flip these sites and accumulate the capital you gain from selling it.

So how can you create your own ecommerce store?

First, you need to decide what you are going to sell. You need to find products to populate your store and then you need to get it ranked in Google.

The cool thing about ecommerce sites is that they sort of get a free pass from Google and it’s easier for them to rank without huge amount of content. People that search for specific products usually have their mind made up about making a purchase so no need to throw 2000 words pages at them.

Second, you need to register a domain name and get a hosting account. I recommend that you use Hostgator for your hosting provider and register your domain name through Namecheap.

Third, you will have to install a shopping cart script. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing good shopping cart software:

– Needs to be SEO friendly. Your script should generate seo friendly urls for your product pages. This is in fact very important so make sure to go with one that does that.

– Needs to work on your hosting provider. Some scripts will work on Windows hosting while others on Linux.

– Go with a company that provides good support

I looked at BigCommerce and Volusion shopping cart software and both look like very robust platforms to use.

The key to making money flipping ecommerce stores is to create niche oriented stores. If you want to sell jewelry then make sure your store only sells jewelry … simple. (it will be easier to sell them that way)

So where do you find products or companies that will dropship the merchandise for you?

I found a few cool sites: has quite a few listings and it’s 100% free to browse. is also free with many companies to choose from

Worldwide Brands offers a good service and it will cost you some cash every month but from what I hear it’s well worth it. I might become a member to try it out myself.

Once you find a good supplier it’s time to populate your site with products you are going to sell. You need to figure out prices you are going to charge to make it profitable.

The next step is to SEO your ecommerce store so it starts generating some sales.  With stores it’s basically all about backlinks. The more backlinks you have to your product pages the better they will rank in the serps.

Remember that you are not trying to make this store make tons of money right away so don’t get all frustrated if it doesn’t make thousands of dollars first month lol

We are creating the store so we can flip it and get out 🙂

It shouldn’t be hard to make the store generate a few hundred dollars each month. Once you have the income stats you simply list it for sale on and finito!

You could keep it and develop it more if you wanted to. There is a good chance it could turn out to be a very profitable store, but I like to sell stuff after it’s brining in income. Reason for that is because it allows me to constantly develop and try new things.

I prefer getting money in big chunks instead then turn around and reinvest into a bigger better project.


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  1. good stuff pawel, I actually have 2 stores now that are making some money but not as much as I would like them to. I was thinking about selling them and use that money for something else. I am convinced now. Josh

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