How To Make Money With MLM – The MLM Undercover Strategy

So what’s the deal with Network Marketing? Can you make money with MLM without all the hassle and risking your reputation? Well, yes you can and I want to show you a cool strategy that you can use to make some easy cash with MLM.

There is in fact an opportunity in MLM and people do make money in it. I actually promised myself that I would never join one after I got burned one time, but I have used a very cool strategy successfully  a while ago that I call the MLM Undercover strategy.

The idea is to promote the company without using your real name.

The biggest problem with Network Marketing is that there are new companies popping up like every week and everyone claims to have the best product ever created. Most of them are garbage but once in a while there is a company with a truly great product.

If you spot one of those early in the game you can build a nice residual income from it that will last. The key is to find a company that offers something unique at a price that isn’t simply designed to pay out commissions to distributors. There are some really bad MLM products out there with no value and companies that sell them are purely interested in making money from monthly autoship fees that distributors pay.

On top of that you can seriously ruin your reputation by promoting certain MLM companies. There is a lot of bad rep around the whole MLM concept, so it’s important to be very careful when joining one of those opportunities.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

– Is the product truly unique?

– Does the product offer any value or is it just a cover to make money from distributors?

– Who is behind the company?

– Does the company have good reputation?

– What’s the compensation plan and how will I make money?

– Is there a demand for the product they are selling?

– Do they have a patent?

– What are the prices of similar products on the market that don’t use the MLM business model?

Those questions are very important and you need to ask them when you find something that you might be interesting in promoting.

It’s obvious that most people join an MLM company because they want to make money from people in their downline not from selling the products. There is nothing wrong with that as long as those people actually sell it somehow. If the company is designed to make money just from autoship that the distributors pay, your entire downline could easily fall apart very quick, because the people on the bottom won’t make money.

So choose wisely when getting into Network Marketing, because you don’t want to sell a product that doesn’t even work.

Now here is my MLM Undercover strategy 🙂

There are actually 2 strategies in 1 and I am going to go over both of them but they are very similar.

First of all, you need to have a DBA or LLC and use that when you sign up. Do not use your real name anywhere. You want to use a business name in case something goes wrong with the company lol

You also might want to look around and join under someone who is putting a lot of people into the company and provides some kind of training for their distributors. The reason why it’s important is because you don’t want to be doing any work yourself.

Then you register a domain name and set up a simple 10-15 page website. It doesn’t have to be based on WordPress but it will help with search engine rankings.

Do not include the company name in your domain name, because sometimes companies do not allow that and they might ask you to shut it down. So use something that reflects the product you are selling.

Once you have a nice site set up with good content you want to SEO it and get it ranked for the company name. It’s really not that hard by the way. Just use some press releases, article marketing, and directory submissions.

Do whatever you need to do to rank the site. It’s crucial!

When your website hits front page of Google for the MLM company name then it’s time to activate the ninja tactic that works really good.

You want to get someone from your downline that will be willing to put their name on the website so it looks like it’s their site. Most mlmers do not know how to market or how to advertise online, so I am sure you can find someone who will be willing to do that. After all that person now won’t have to to spend money on marketing and the only thing they will need to worry about is closing sales from free search traffic 🙂

This strategy is powerful because now you take yourself completely out of the picture, and make money in the company without anyone knowing you are in it. Your business is totally under the radar. (Just imagine if you had 2 sites on the front page)

I have used this technique with one MLM company (I won’t say which one) and it worked very well.

Now the second technique is to not even join the company and just rank the site on the front page of Google and sell it to one of the distributors lol

I have done this with Zrii a while ago. I was in it for a very short period of time but then when I got the site to the top I sold it for about $2,000 if I remember right.

The site still ranks on the front page, check this out:

I am not in it anymore so I decided to post this. But as you can see this works very well. The total investment to get this site up there was about $300 and I got it ranked there in like 2 weeks. Then contacted one of the distributors and sold it 🙂

Anyway, this is how you can profit from MLM opportunities.


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  1. That’s a great technique Pawel. I have used this before a few times because I hate answering the phone and selling people on the opportunity. It works quite well I must say.

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