How To Promote Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

One of the many benefits of affiliate marketing is that you can promote affiliate programs that pay monthly commissions and then get paid over and over for your work that you did once. It’s actually pretty cool because your income can grow while the number of sales you make doesn’t.

You can build a very substantial income stream with very little traffic over a period of time. The problem is that most affiliate marketers do not know how to sell services that pay recurring commissions.

In fact, you shouldn’t be selling those types of services, they should sell themselves.

For example, when you move to a new home you don’t have the electric company selling you on the benefits of their service. You just simply pay without thinking twice because you need it.

When promoting services online you should use the same concept. You want to promote utility type services that people need to get their desired results.

In this post I want to give you some tips and strategies you can use to promote affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions so that you can do it the right way and start growing your income.

1. Promote using case studies – The easiest way to get someone to sign up for a monthly service is to show them an actual case study with the end results. You probably don’t even realize but I bet you have subscribed to a monthly service before only because you saw what it did for other people. For example, you know you need an autoresponder service to build a list, right? You see all these successful marketers doing email marketing and making tons of money, so you get Aweber or some other service without even thinking twice. You just know you need it. It’s a utility type service you can’t go without.

Another example could be SEO services. Let’s say you use some link building service and it gets you to the top of Google for your main keywords. What you could do in the meantime is create case study videos showing the progress of your campaign and the end result. You won’t have to hype up the service or sell your visitors on anything. At that point you just need the link for them to click on and your conversions will be high.

2. Write free ebooks – This is such an effective method and not many affiliate marketers use it because they don’t think they can make money by giving away something for free. A lot of successful companies publish so called “white papers” giving away great content to get people sign up for their services. Writing ebooks and distributing them for free works the same.

It doesn’t take long to write a nice 30 page report showing some cool strategy with results you achieved using tools that are needed to make it happen. You don’t even have to talk about how great these services are. You basically just show how you use them with screenshots etc. That’s all it takes!

3. Create free video courses – Works the same as publishing free reports but can greatly increase conversions. Create 10-15 high quality videos with great content teaching people how to get the results they want. A lot of people in the IM niche are used to paying for video products so giving away quality videos will build trust and relationship with your visitors. They will want to take action on the information you have given them and most likely use the services you recommend.

4. Provide exclusive services as bonus – This works extremely well in the “make money” niche. You basically offer something extra if the person signs up through your link for the service they need anyway.

For example, some marketers offer free blog set up if you buy hosting through their link. Most hosting companies don’t offer recurring commissions but the concept is still the same.

If I am going to start a blog I am going to need hosting right? May as well just let someone have the commission and have them install everything for me. It’s a win win situation for both sides.

I had an idea once to offer free squeeze pages every month for those who sign up for Aweber through my link. It’s still an awesome idea but I just got sidetracked with other bigger projects at the time. If someone is going to use Aweber anyway why wouldn’t they want some nice looking squeeze pages every month?

5. Release software tools that require an existing service – There are services out there that you can build applications for. So if someone wants to use your software they will need to sign up for the service it needs to run.

It’s a great concept because you can actually give away the software for free if they buy the service through your link.

Recurring commission affiliate programs are great and you should always look for utility type services that people need in order to run their business.

With just a little bit of traffic you can build your cashflow that grows over time without any extra effort. If you were promoting something that pays you $20/month and you only got 3 people per week to sign up, it would take less than a year to pull over $2k/month in monthly recurring commissions.

The truth is that no matter what you do online to make money you should always try to get people to sign up for a monthly service that they actually need.


3 thoughts on “How To Promote Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

  1. This is all about conveying a message of trust to the user (much of IM is). I like that you mention video because this is something that seems to be growing in strength all the time.

  2. Those are some good tips. I am working on new projects this summer and I hope to release my first ebook in a few weeks. I am seriously considering giving it away for free or even let people rebrand it with their own affiliate links etc. and just build a list. Good post Pawel.

  3. All valid ways to promote affiliate products and services, I like #5, specifically mobile applications, this is one of the fastest growing ways right now.

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