How To Rank #1 On Google In 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Do you ever feel like your content doesn’t rank where it should? Maybe Google thinks it’s not good enough? Or maybe you are not doing it right? Do you want to improve your awesome content writing skills so that you can start ranking for every keyword possible? Well, here is my wikihow to rank on Google, an informative guide to locking every top search engine position in 9 easy steps….it even has pictures!

1. Come up with a step by step outline on how to do something.

For example:  “How to use an ATM”

2. Expand on each step a little bit to add more value for the search engine user.

Google wants valuable useful content so make sure to add at least 1-3 sentences for every step in your outline.

3. Create a great and appealing title for your post.

The title should include the following:

“How To …….. In … Easy Steps (With Pictures)”

By letting Google know that you know how to …. in…easy steps helps catapult your post to the front page of search results. If you add that your post includes pictures by adding “(With Pictures)” at the end it guarantees #1 placement.

4. Get pictures for every step in your outline.

You can either create your own or grab some free royalty images….or just use Google Images search function.

5. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New post.

Here you will copy and paste your step by step outline on how to………..easy steps (with pictures).

6. Insert images to your post for every step in your outline.

You can do that by clicking on “Add Media” button on Add Post page as shown below.

7. Proofread your new post before publishing.

You can save it as draft before making the post go live as shown in the image below.

8. Publish your post.

After you are done editing it’s time to publish your post and start ranking on Google.  You can publish it by clicking on the “Publish” button – See image below.

9. Once the post is live there is nothing left to do.

Confirm your top rankings by searching your post title in Google then just rinse and repeat the process until you rank for every “how to” query.

Was this article accurate?

If you think we are missing something or want to add more please share your ideas below in the comments section so we can continue development of this page. Hopefully, it becomes the best it can be sometime in the future.

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54 thoughts on “How To Rank #1 On Google In 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

  1. It is not an easy thing to rank number 1 in Google, but it can be possible by hard work and following such posts. Thanks for the share.

  2. Now try to do similar guide to “How To Lose Weight” and I’m sure you’ll have to work much harder. Anyway, thanks for the tips!

  3. Marian I can show you how to lose weight in 2 easy steps (with pictures of course). I consider myself an expert in that niche since I lost close to 100 lbs in 7 months or so.

  4. reading comments here I think you urgently have to write a “How to grow a sens of humor in 8 steps (with pictures)” piece of content

  5. How if all the title of the article using the prefix “How to …”? Is it not going to look bad because we are not creative when writing the title of the article? Thank you.

  6. This might be a silly question, but I’d like to know how to made those pictures – can you show us in 5 easy steps (with pictures)? 🙂

  7. Some comments on this (very witty) post only prove that dumbing down down DOWN is apparently the way to go with today’s global villagers – and Google knows it, so it rewards that kind of content!

  8. I’ll be honest, I skimmed the first read until I saw the comments saying it was a joke. Then I read it properly and got the point. Do you ever get those spambot comments saying that other commenters must be brain dead…always struck me as a strange approach to take to get a comment approved but as it turns out, the other commenters may not in fact be brain dead but simply skimmers…

  9. Lol this was so funny Pawel, who knows, you really might hit #1 in Google for this, keep us updated on the rankings lol.

  10. This post is not at all useful.. You have to build thousands of quality links if you want to rank #1 on Google.. These simple tips will not work… Everyone do this. Right? So, why #1 spot is given to every single person who have followed your guide for that particular keyword..

  11. ROFL LMFAO at the above comment. Oh, and the rest of them. I can’t believe how stupid people are these days. They’re too busy trying to comment spam that they don’t even realize that this whole post is meant to be an inside joke. While doing research for content writing, I’ve started to notice this wikihow crap taking over the SERPs. It’s actually really sad. I NEVER click on anything like these posts because they’re so stupid.

  12. I had a fun time writing this post. I am still laughing about it. Some comments on this post made my day though. Anyway, glad you liked it 🙂

  13. Hi Josh, It works so well doesn’t it? 🙂 Even Yahoo picked up on it and now this post ranks for “how to rank on Google” …oh the irony.

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  15. LOL, fantastic info! I can’t believe I didn’t find this tutorial before crazy stuff. Now I finally have a formula to rank for ” how to make money online” 🙂

  16. It’s in Google’s interest to drive traffic to these sites. It’s about brands and getting rid off the small players regardless of who has better content. Google knows how stupid some of their users are so the quality of content served to them is irrelevant.

  17. What you outlined above is a joke. Or maybe just your title is wrong, instead should have been something like “how to write an article in wordpress with images”

  18. Ranking #1 on Google is not the easy thing to do we should work hard on it and earn our reputation to be trusted by Google. By doing it we should apply the right method for us to get rank on. Great tips you got here Pawel. Cheers!! 🙂

  19. Pawel, thanks for the tips on how to rank in Google. The problem I see with Google and relying on them is that it is constantly a moving target. The best SEO is to do no SEO some people say.

  20. It’s not that easy to rank #1 on Google. It depends on a lot of different factors that directly or indirectly influence the ranking. However, the steps you have mentioned can be quite helpful and useful for beginners.

  21. The strategy I think has not changed, it has always been about Google and their profits. As you stated writing good content does not guarantee you get ranked and the demand for good SEO is going to increase. But still you have some valid points that we need to consider. Thanks

  22. This is nice post to how to rank on google but there is lots of hard work required to get #1 position in google specially for new website

  23. Not showing the date and time of the post in the post itself and in the comments as well is beyond lame, unless you treat your visitors as idiots of course.

  24. WEll, These are the things through which we can attract our visitors to read the whole without any difficulty and another benefit is that we can also reduce our bounce rate through this technique

  25. I consider myself a sensibly intelligent person. I’ve also earned money several times over with affiliate efforts. What I think is terrible hit on actual bad humor is the fact that you wrote this article to seemingly help people but it seems that when people inquire within the comments or make statements you’re making fun of them for believing as if the information you shared holds no water. I know it takes effort to rank and the right set of actions to help boost rankings as I’ve had an SEO business that had great success and I have the Paypal payments to prove it. What I take issue with is you, supposedly being a respectful, knowledgeable person trying to help people and totally confusing even me as to whether this info is to, at least help in some way. But you since you’re making fun of the people that don’t seem to get it, I’m also confused on whether you were trying to help or was this your satirical approach to ranking easily.

  26. This article was written to make fun of Google and how they push brands to the top regardless of quality of their content. Some of you didn’t get the joke which shows how narrow minded people are in the search community 😉

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