How To Recruit Affiliates To Sell Your Product

    If you want to be successful in the info product business you need a strong affiliate base. Without affiliates you won’t make anything near what you could make if you had an army of affiliates to promote it for you. Affiliates provide leverage and free traffic that you don’t have to pay for plus affiliate traffic is the best traffic out there. Think about it, affiliates usually send visitors that are already sold on your product (most of the time).

    So how can you recruit affiliates if you are just starting out?

    First of all, you should sell your affiliate program just like you are selling your product. If you just set up an affiliate page with basic info and a sign up link that’s not going to cut it these days. You need a sales letter to sell your affiliate program. You need to tell your potential affiliates why they should promote your product and what’s in it for them. This is crucial to your success.

    Affiliates like to be sure to get paid. If you are selling your product through Clickbank that’s a strong motivator for them to sell it because Clickbank pays them not you. Affiliates like to get paid well. Tell them how much they are getting per sale and if you got any upsells and downsells to maximize the EPC (Earned Per Click) make sure to let them know about that.  Affiliates want to know how often they get paid and how. All that info should be included on your affiliate sign up page.

    Most important thing is to prove that your product converts! Don’t just use your affiliates as guinea pigs and have them go out and buy traffic without you actually testing it yourself. Test the conversions and include the stats on your affiliate page to let them know how well your sales letter is converting. This is very important so do that.

    Offer bonuses for top affiliates and run contests. Affiliates are lazy so giving them some motivation to promote your products is always good. For example, say top affiliate gets $1000 this week or even top 5. Cash prizes are the best because affiliates look at it as money that they can use towards advertising. It covers some of their costs so it’s a win for them and a win for you.

    Once you have your affiliate sales pitch ready now you need to send some traffic there just like you are sending traffic to your sales letter to sell your product. There are forums where you can post your affiliate program.

    Here are some:

    Digital Point Forum For Clickbank

    Warrior Forum JV section

    5 Star Affiliate Programs Announcements

    eWealth Clickbank Announcements

    ABestWeb Affiliate Announcements

    I am sure there are more but those are probably the best ones to post at. Before you post make sure you write up a nice invitation and tell them everything about your affiliate program. If you just post to these forums and you have a strong pitch with a high converting product then you will get affiliates guaranteed! No doubt about it.

    There are also many great affiliate directories that you can submit to.

    Here are some good ones: Directory (Great one) Directory Directory

    Those 3 are probably the best ones out there. I used them before with great results so try them. Of course there are many more directories out there but a lot of them don’t allow listing CB products or any info products. Usually they list other affiliate networks or reputable merchants with high volume.

    Anyway, if you just follow these steps I am sure you will get affiliates to promote your stuff. The cool thing is that once you have a few of them other affiliates will join the party 🙂 kinda like a snow ball effect.

    But remember that the most important thing is to create a great affiliate page that sells the affiliate program. Give them motivation to promote your product and tell them what’s in it for them.

    Have fun!


    4 thoughts on “How To Recruit Affiliates To Sell Your Product

    1. Thank you so much for the information. It’s been two days I have been searching for articles about affiliate marketing till I came across your post. This definitely will help me start up.. Thanks again.. 🙂

    2. I have a new eBook on ‘Earn Cash Blogging’ and I need to recruit affiliates to help me sell it. You have great info on how to recruit affiliates and that is going to help me start my affiliate recruitment process. Excellent work!

    3. Very good article, was thinking of trying to sell our product through affiliate marketing but not sure it would work with Probate -Maybe the will writing side of our business. Great site good information, Still doing some research into how it could work within the Industry I am promoting Regards Elissa

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