If You Were 31 Posts Away From a Ridiculously Successful Blog, Would You Write Them?

What if I told you that you are a mere 31 guest posts away from owning a ridiculously successful blog? Would you do everything in your power to accomplish this difficult, but realistic goal for your website? The reality is that most bloggers would not.

But this is exactly what Joseph O. of GuestBloggingTactics.com did to realize an increase in search traffic to his blog by 342%. Put simply, all Joseph did was write and submit 31 posts to be published across different blogs. For the most part, Joseph was published on blogs that were high-quality, but not overly popular meaning he didn’t have any special “insider” connection that he could use to get featured on major websites that the average person could not.

As a blogger, do you see an opportunity by following this simple process? I know I did and was pretty intrigued with Joseph O’s results. And while results will vary with any marketing experiment such as this, if I could increase my blog’s search traffic by even 75% I’d be extremely happy and consider the endeavor a success.

My Plan to Write 31 Guest Posts

As you may have already guessed, I’m in the process of writing and publishing 31 guest posts on high-quality websites myself. But like any other ambitious project, I needed to put together a plan before developing this much content.

This article will outline the process and plan I’m using to accomplish my own ambitious guest posting experiment. My goal is to write 31 posts that will be published before the end of March, 2013. Would you like to do the same? Follow the each of the steps I’ve completed below.

How to Plan for Aggressive Guest Posting

The first thing I started to do is build a large list of blogs that are related to my niche that also accepted contributions from guest authors. These blogs are mostly in the realm of personal finance and internet marketing focused websites.  I don’t have a scientific process for this, but I’m only interested in submitting to blogs that published high-quality content only and appeared to have a real audience (as demonstrated by regular comments on blog posts and social shares).

I started to build a list of websites that accepted guest post targets by using two different websites:

1.)    MyBlogGuest.com – This is a website that connects guest bloggers with webmasters in need of content. This is a free service with a growing membership.

2.)    BloggerLinkUp.com – When you sign up for BloggerLinkUp.com, you will receive email s twice a week with lists of blogs that actively requesting certain types of content. This service is also free.

By using just the two services above, you should easily be able to find more than 30 opportunities to guest post on. Using these websites as resources I compiled a list of just 15 websites that meet my minimum criteria for submission within a couple hours.

The second tactic I used to find opportunities to add to the list was to look for places that other active guest posters were submitting content to. Since I knew Joseph O. used guest posting as a primary marketing strategy for his own blog I went to a tool called OpenSiteExplorer.org, a back link analysis tool. I entered Joseph’s website (guestbloggingtactics.com) into the tool bar and looked at the “Linking Root Domains” tab. Here I was able to get a quick list of websites that Joseph had already contributed guest posts for including high-quality sites like DailyBlogTips.com, Business2Community.com, and BloggingPro.com. These are all awesome sites I would have never discovered without using OpenSiteExplorer.org to find them.

Finally, I found a few additional blogs to submit to by going to Google and typing in some of my primary keywords + guest post into the search field. For example, I tried searches like:

Home business + guest post

Internet marketing + guest post

Lead generation + guest post

I found three additional blogs to contribute to using this process. Using only three techniques for discovering guest blogging opportunities I was easily able to compile a list of 31 quality opportunities.

Build Your Reserves

After building a big list of quality blogs that accept guest content, it’s time to build a reserve of content. To accomplish this I have slowly started to write new posts and save them within my WordPress dashboard. I have included the phrase “Guest Post” near the beginning of the title of each post that will be submitted later. Also within the post I have also noted where I plan to submit the particular post based on my list.

I am currently in the process of writing these 31 posts and expect it to take two – three weeks of very aggressive writing to accomplish this.

Releasing the Content

When I finally get done writing my 31 posts and saving them within WordPress, I plan to submit them over a period of two days near the end of March, 2013.

I realize that depending on the schedule of each blog, it could take me as long as a month to hear back from certain bloggers based on my submissions. Also, I already know that a certain number of my posts will be rejected. Rejection goes with territory when it comes to guest blogging. However, I have a list of “back up” blogs that I plan to submit to when a few of my initial requests are denied so the content won’t be going to waste.


I’m interested in finding out what the results will be from this experiment. Specifically, I’m wondering how much will search traffic improve? How many new subscribers will be added to my email list? And of course will this work actually be worth all the effort I put into it?

I certainly hope this experiment is worth my time. If not, I’ll try my best turn it into a positive “learning experience.”


4 thoughts on “If You Were 31 Posts Away From a Ridiculously Successful Blog, Would You Write Them?

  1. This is a cool study. I’ll be interested to hear the results. It would also be interesting to see how long the traffic increase lasts. That is, will it be a one time bump in traffic so one would have to do guest blogging every month to ensure the traffic stays up or is it something that will continue to bring in a large increase of traffic over time?

  2. Hi Bob – Thanks. I’m planning to publish the results of this in roughly a month. The tough thing is that it takes awhile to get responses from all the blogs I’ve submitted content to.

  3. Great article and although I have given some thought to doing guest blogging I really wasn’t sure how to get into it. Thanks for the lead.

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