Increase Your Profits With Geosurf Toolbar

If you are running ppc campaigns promoting affiliate products, or even your own products you might want to check out Geosurf proxy toolbar.

I have been running a lot of paid campaigns lately and this tool is really handy. It basically allows you to quickly find out what people are doing on the international scene.

Their toolbar has over 110 locations worldwide built-in so you can easily spy on other affiliates and see what ads people are running.

It’s compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome plus has a lot of other features that you might find useful.

You can check out their video on their homepage here and read more about their service.

Anyway, let me show you how it works and what it can do for you.

I installed the toolbar in Chrome a couple of days ago and I am impressed with the features so far.

Not only you can browse fast from many different locations but you can also emulate mobile browsers such as IPhone or the Droid. If you want to preview your site, or ads in mobile browser before they go live you can do that with Geosurf right on your desktop.

Here is how it works.

Once you install the toolbar in Chrome it will appear as shown above. From there you can choose what location you want to browse from etc.

Like I said, they have over 110 locations available for you to use. It’s quite handy for those who run paid traffic campaigns.

As you can see there a few other features that are worth checking out. For example, if you are browsing from Europe and want to take a screenshot of ads, or landing pages you can with a click of a button.

You can also clear cookies very easily right from the toolbar options or turn it off if needed.

I haven’t tried using it to create accounts on different platforms yet but I imagine it would work. The browsing is fast too. At first, I thought since they are using proxy servers the loading would be a bit slow but that’s not the case.

In fact, I haven’t noticed any difference than when I browse without it.

The Geosurf toolbar also has the mobile emulator that works really well.

You can choose from many different operating systems and preview any page in selected mobile browser.

This feature is great if you build mobile sites and you need to preview any changes you do. It’s also great for previewing ads or spying on your competitors.

The only downside for some might be their pricing. The cheapest account is about $89/month.

If you just run affiliate campaigns through PPC the standard Gold option would be enough, but if you need more power you can of course chose other more expensive options.

They also offer other products such as Geosurf for smartphones, Geosurf VPN, Direct Connect API, and Media Insights.

Media insights is a good option if you are into media buys. Basically it allows you to explore any publisher, what ads they run, and what advertising network they are using.

Check out their Youtube video demo here if you are interested.

I think the Geosurf toolbar is a great product if you need that kind of service. It can give you a lot of insights about your competitors that you probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

They offer a free whitepaper that you can download here as well.

Overall it’s a good tool for marketers who understand the power of knowing what, how, and where people advertise their products.

It could save you a lot of time and money you would need to blow away on testing if you didn’t have it in your toolbox.


6 thoughts on “Increase Your Profits With Geosurf Toolbar

  1. Most ridiculous pricing I’ve ever seen. are Witopia are both <$10/month

  2. Pawel, this tool and your discussion just blew me away. I knew nothing about this area so your post was highly enlightening. This is a whole other area of marketing and analysis I have never tapped into until now. Thanks for this extremely interesting and informative post.

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