Instant Affiliate Paydays With These 3 Proven To Work Methods

So you want to make money fast? I am going to go over 3 proven to work methods that can create instant affiliate paydays for you on autopilot. You don’t have to pay me $37 to get it either  :-O

First of all, you need to realize that there isn’t a push button software that can make you money overnight. It just doesn’t exist!  The latest Clickbank launches have totally gone out of control and it’s just sad that people are actually falling for all those claims made on their sales letters.

It’s getting to the point where some of the most respected marketers are now starting to endorse this shit. It’s like they are saying “Hey, it’s alright they are lying on the sales page as long as the product delivers some sort of value” …Seriously?

True of the matter is that none of them have used the product they are selling. All the money they make is from selling the product not from using it. Not all of course are like that. There are still some marketers who care about their lists and will never send out crap like that.

Anyway, lately Clickbank supposedly made changes to their product approval process and marketers were required to prove that they make money with the techniques inside their product. We all know that they make money from building massive lists through product launches (not some secret list building software)  So now if you haven’t noticed already most of the new products launching on Clickbank are either squeeze page builders or some sort of software that helps with list building LOL

So much for Clickbank’s new rules heh?

On the other hand I know how it works in the IM niche. If you want to have a successful product launch you need to support one of their launches or they will never mail for you.  Or if for some reason they do you are expected to promote for them when the time comes.

But let’s get back on topic here 🙂

To make money online you only need 2 things:

1. High converting offer

2. Targeted traffic

Most people are struggling to get traffic that actually converts. To find a good offer is not that hard. You can just login to your CPA network and see or better yet ask your affiliate manager which ones convert. You can also tell by doing some keyword research for a product name. If there is a good amount of search volume for that specific product it means it’s popular and people are looking for reviews.

So here are my 3 proven methods that you can use to make money fast

1. Solo Ads & List Building – It does work! You know it, I know it, they know it 😉 What you need to do is build a high converting squeeze page with a follow up sequence. You also need to give away something of massive value in order to get people on your list excited and trust you.

There is no magical software needed. Get yourself a good HTML editor and start cranking out squeeze pages. I use Dreamweaver but you can use something cheaper like Xsitepro (It does the job well). You also need an autoresponder service. I use Aweber and it’s great!

It’s important that you create at least 2-3 squeeze pages so you can test out which one converts better. To test that you can buy 2 solo ads and use different page for each one, or if you want to be a ninja you can set up a rotator and track conversion from one single campaign. This will require some good tracking script.

The strategy here is to build up your list from solo ads to about 1000-5000 subscribers and then start doing ad swaps with people who can deliver the same amount of clicks as you.

That’s how many gurus started believe it or not.

The best way to monetize solo ads for instant cash is through 100% commission affiliate programs. Basically you want to earn money right away to recoup the cost of your solo ad. If you promote Clickbank products you will need to wait 2 weeks to get that money, so 100% instant commissions directly to your Paypal account sounds better doesn’t it?

So here is how it works: You set up a squeeze page that offers a killer super-duper gift, and once they optin you hit them with the offer where you get paid 100% commission if a sale is made. (Hint: Promote offers relevant to what you are giving away for free)

2. Ranking Review Sites – It’s a proven method to create nice income streams. The strategy is quite simple too. Find a hot product to promote, create a WordPress based review site, and rank it on Google for the product name…done!

The easiest way to rank is by registering a domain name with the product name in it especially when you are just starting out. Reason for that is because your site won’t have much content so to target that most searched phrase (the product name) you should focus the site just on that.

Backlinks are important here. Without backlinks your review site will not rank because it’s not a big authority content site. You are targeting only 2-3 main phrases so backlinks will play a major role in the success of your campaign.

Article marketing still works but it’s not quite as effective as it used to be. Don’t scratch it yet lol It still produces results so keep using it.

There are a few blog networks out there worth checking out if you want to boost rankings quick. I normally don’t recommend this way of getting backlinks but with such tiny sites you won’t have much choice.

If you want to go a bit more advanced route then you could purchase an existing established site and turn that into an authority review site for many different products 😉 This way you can take advantage of some of the backlinks already pointing to the site and piggy back of their existing authority.

3. Media buying – I don’t care what everybody says, but paid traffic is the fastest way to make money period. If you see a Clickbank product claiming that you can download their software and with a few clicks get thousands of visitors for free, close the page as soon as you can.

You can though get thousands of visitors or even tens of thousands using traffic networks that have more traffic than you can handle.

The key here is to have an offer that converts. Without that there is no point in buying traffic. So first you need to do some research and find hot offers. You should be a member of multiple CPA networks to see what’s out there and what your options are.

The most popular verticals are:

– Health/Weight loss

– Dating

– Biz Opps

– Downloads

Once you find a good offer you need to figure out your strategy. Some offers convert better when you direct link, but some do better when you presell them (especially health offers).

Preselling is the best option so you will need to build a landing page. What I found works great is a video squeeze page with a video presell on the other side. This way you get to build a list while making money at the same time.

You need to test a lot with paid traffic. This is why most people fail after trying media buys. Most of the time your campaign will either lose money or break even.  Once you have some data though you need to make adjustments. CTR is the most important factor in this game. The higher your CTR the more clicks you get while paying less money. Your banners need to get people’s attention and get them to click. You should create at least 10 different banners for testing.

Where do you get traffic from?

Have you heard about SiteScout? Well they have more traffic than you will ever need to make some serious dough.

Check out this screenshot of some of their inventory:

You couldn’t buy all the traffic even if you wanted to 🙂

Want to see another cool traffic source? Check out Their alexa ranking is quite impressive to say the least.

They run a huge traffic exchange program and produce a ton of clicks from many popular sites mainly in the entertainment market. So happens is that they sell advertising where you can pay as low as $0.1 per click!

(Wait a minute…did I just reveal one of my secret traffic sources? Hmm I think I did….That’s $97 please)

So the above 3 methods are proven and will always work. The fact is though that some people will never understand that it takes work and dedication. They will continue to buy “make money in X clicks” type stuff and will never make it in this game of internet marketing.

I just hope you are not one of them…Peace!


9 thoughts on “Instant Affiliate Paydays With These 3 Proven To Work Methods

  1. Great post! I am working on some review sites right now but the keywords I am targeting are highly competitive. I am using a bit of article marketing and posting comments on dofollow blogs but it seems like I need more higher quality links to really get the site moving. I read your post about directory submissions so I think I am going to try that too. Thanks!

  2. I know list building is crucial. All these internet marketing gurus make all their money with email marketing. They don’t spend money on advertising or do review sites. They just create products and recruit affiliates to sell it for them.

  3. Nice post bro. The tip about buying an established site with existing page rank is killer lol. I have done this in one of my niches and it helped me rank quickly without building too many backlinks like you need to do with brand new sites.

  4. Hahaha …What you just did is briliant! Great post by the way. I want to try out SiteScout sometime soon. I have seen their ad “1 Rule To Fat Paycheck” all over the web. Keep sending these tips Pawel, I always open your emails.

  5. I got to admit that building a list is where the money is at. I just recently started building mine in an entertainment niche and I can already see amazing results.

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