Instant Internet Lifestyle By Lee McIntyre – Exclusive Review

I decided to do an exclusive review of the Instant Internet Lifestyle by Lee McIntyre today because the value he shares inside his videos is absolutely HUGE. Lee started just like everyone else from scratch and built a 7 figure per month business in 2 years. He didn’t make excuses or looked for the magic bullet, he simply took action and built a real business that he is proud of and makes him a lot of money.

I have actually purchased the Instant Internet Lifestyle videos myself and created a short video to show you what’s inside.

Watch the video here 🙂

As you can see there is a lot to cover in this review so let’s get started.

There are 8 modules and each covers a different aspect of building a real business. I am going to review each video so that you know what to expect and what you should get ready for.

Module #1 – Momentum Marketing Madness (length: 1:10:52)

In this module Lee McIntyre reveals the 6 main cores you need to achieve massive success. There are so many people out there searching for the magic bullet or a system that can make them money overnight, but the truth is if you don’t know how to build a real business you are not going to achieve financial wealth and stability. In this very important video Lee talks about the fundamentals that are required to build long term wealth. One of the main cores is “Giving value first and selling later”. It’s such a powerful concept and many people use it to make literally millions of dollars every year. It’s a lot easier to sell someone a product if you give them free content first. You want to build relationship with your prospects and position yourself as a trusted advisor in your marketplace.

Inside this module Lee also describes how you should build your business and most important how to get started from scratch. The video is a true eye opener and I highly recommend that you DON’T skip it.

Module #2 – The Massive Monthly Payrise Method (length: 1:11:07)

In this video Lee reveals how to start selling informational products the right way. He shows how to structure it and how to scale it up to a 7 figure business. In this module he goes over some very important aspects of selling info products such as packaging, creating value, and the process of selling. He shows you how to build the sales funnel the right way. A lot of people think that getting rich online can be achieved by selling a $27 ebook. Fact is it could be done, but it’s very hard. Lee shows you how to easily create more cash flow by developing the right backend products which is the key to success in the info selling business. He reveals some of his traffic driving secrets that are very powerful and use the concept of leverage. You see, leverage is probably the real and only secret of all successful entrepreneurs. In this module you will discover how to use that to your advantage to achieve instant results for your business.

Being a vendor and selling your own products is the most profitable business model. Affiliate marketing is great, but you have no control over the sales process or the offer. If one day the merchant decided to shut down the offer and most of your income depends on it you basically lose all your cash flow.

Module #3 – The 4x Profit Method (length: 1:12:15)

In this video Lee shows you how easy it is to create info products. He goes over in detail how you could create your own profitable product in just a couple of hours. A lot of people in our industry who would like to sell products don’t know how to actually create it, or their own fear holds them back. It’s a lot easier than you think and in this module you are going to discover how to get it done quickly and easily. Next, he talks about how to actually attract joint venture partners, get people to agree for an interviews etc. Lee reveals some very powerful methods that you could use to position yourself as an expert even if have never sold anything in your market. You are going to learn how to quickly create sales pages that converts into sales even if you haven’t written one before. This video is very important if you want to start selling info products online. There are many great tips in it and techniques that you could start implementing today.

Module #4 – Deep Connection Dynamics (length: 1:12:28)

In this module Lee covers a very important topic and which is how to talk to your prospects and find connection with them in your marketing. It’s very important that you speak the language that resonates with them. It’s a very important factor that you need integrate into your sales materials because it dramatically increases conversions. You want to connect with your potential customers on a deeper level and make them feel like you are talking to them directly as a person who understands their problems and fears. Lee is going to show you how to implement this right away and get instant results. This video reveals many top copywriting secrets that can make a huge difference in your business. It’s all about creating a bond with your prospects and customers so they will buy from you and continue to do so in the future. There also some very cool tips on how to structure your follow up sequence.

Module #5 – Automatic Traffic Control (length: 1:15:57)

Here Lee talks about how to actually get joint venture partners to promote for you. He reveals how to actually create your joint venture proposals. A lot of us try to get others to promote our products and most of the time we don’t even get an email back. Have you ever asked yourself why is that? The quicker you realize that the person who controls the traffic has more to bring to the table the quicker you will be able to put together the right joint venture proposals that get response. In this module Lee tells you how to do that. You see, the person that controls the traffic has more leverage and more options than you, the product creator.

Module #6 – Affiliate Army Method (length: 1:00:30)

In this module you will discover how to properly structure your affiliate program. Affiliate traffic is the most powerful and converting traffic you can get, because the traffic you are getting is already presold most of the time. When you run your own affiliate program you don’t have to be a traffic expert because others will drive traffic for you. This is where the leverage kicks in again. If you are selling online as an affiliate you always have to drive traffic yourself and as soon as you stop doing it your income stops. Not only that you only depend on your own efforts. When you sell your own product and have integrated an affiliate program you get to tap into other people’s efforts and don’t have to worry about driving traffic. The only thing you need to do is make sure your product converts and that’s it. This module is crucial if you want to drive massive amounts of traffic to your sales pages. In the video Lee talks about how to attract affiliates to your affiliate program, and how to make them happy promoting your stuff. Lee is all about creating evergreen products that affiliates want to promote long term so you build a stable reliable business. Very cool video and you will get a lot of value from it, I guarantee it.

Module #7 – The internet Automation Method (length: 1:20:01)

Here you are going to discover how to automate your business and how to manage a team that does most of the heavy lifting for you. Outsourcing is very powerful but Lee teaches how to put together a team that cares about your business which is so important. He shows his actual examples of job offers he put together and how he recruits people into his business. If you want to grow and take your business to a new level then you are going to get a lot of value from this module.

Module #8 – Video Sales Uncut (length: 1:04:11)

In this module you are going to discover how to create highly converting sales videos. If you are following the latest marketing trends then you already know that video converts like crazy. In fact, an ok sales video outperforms a great long sales copy. The reason for that is because you can show your emotions through video with your voice and images, and if you know your marketplace your message will resonate with your potential customers. In this video Lee shows you the exact template you should follow to create highly converting sales videos. This is a very cool module and I know that if you implement video into your marketing you are going to experience some amazing results.


Over 8 hours of content for $20??!? C’mon Lee!  Amazing value for that price. If you want to make a change in your life and finally start making real money online by building a real business that brings in long term passive income then Instant Internet Lifestyle is definitely a must buy. Lee truly knows how to sell information products and do it right, so if you want to learn how to do that make sure you watch these videos and take notes. There is a lot more information inside the modules that I couldn’t include in this review. He also includes some unannounced bonuses inside the members area.

The Instant Internet Lifestyle delivers the goods and I recommend that you grab your copy of this course while you still can, because he might actually take that offer down soon.


3 thoughts on “Instant Internet Lifestyle By Lee McIntyre – Exclusive Review

  1. Thanks for this review. That’s how reviews should be written 🙂 I have bought the product yesterday and I am amazed with all the content so far. It’s gonna take me like 2-3 days to go through all the videos in the members area. This is probably one of the best investments I made this year in my internet marketing education. Great stuff!

  2. Pawel, great review of Lee’s Instant Internet Lifestyle program. I too have purchased it and can’t get over the massive value contained inside the videos. Although there is a lot of video to go through the information is broken down in a way that makes it easy to understand. I’m glad I came across Lee online and I’m sure you are too.

  3. I had heard about Lee, but your review is certainly enlightening! Thanks for sharing all of this great information about his video series. I am intrigued! Kristie

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