International Traffic And CPA Offers

International traffic has always been this mysterious black box for many affiliate marketers.  Most people don’t even bother running campaigns in different countries, but the fact is there is a huge potential for sure.

One of the biggest barriers for affiliates is the language. If you want to run a campaign in for example Spain, you will need to create your banners and ad copy in Spanish. Plus of course you will need multiple ads for testing etc. but once you can get someone to do this for you then you can tap into uncovered traffic sources that produce amazing results.

Since I speak Polish fluently I have been playing around with Adwords and targeting Polish marketplace. The traffic is so cheap it’s ridiculous lol. For clicks in niche markets that in US I would pay normally like $1.00-$5.00 per click, I am paying $0.05-$0.15 (after conversion) on search network 🙂

There is a huge potential in international traffic especially when you are into CPA marketing. New country specific CPA networks are popping up all over Europe with great offers and payouts. From my experience so far Google has the best traffic when it comes to offshore marketing. The cool part is that in other countries Google doesn’t have such strict rules as it does in US. I can easily do direct linking with great quality scores. I think the reason for that is no real competition yet. For example in Poland most businesses don’t even know they can drive traffic from Google. For them it’s like magic but traffic is already there.

It’s almost like the good old days when Adwords started in the US. It’s a total gold mine offshore right now for those who can get past the language barrier.

The trick is to find offers from companies inside those countries. Don’t search your CPA networks within USA. Go and apply to networks in the country you want to target. Why does it work better? Because the companies there are established brands and people trust them.  It’s an easier sale!

But paid traffic is not the only way either. There is virtually no competition in the serps inside international markets. Sure there are some in the most obvious niches like real estate, jobs etc. but still nothing near what we have going on here in the states. I can easily rank sites for some very high traffic keywords within weeks or sometimes even days! It’s crazy 🙂

There a lot of domain names for grabs in international markets as well. Most people register country specific extensions like .pl for example, but .coms also rank well outside of US. It’s really cool. If you are into website flipping then you should definitely look into that, because there is definitely a lot of money to be made there.

How can you get past the language barrier? First, think of who you know that speaks the language of the country you want to target. That’s the easiest thing to do. I have family in Germany so I can have my cousin translate some ads for me 🙂  You can also find people of freelance sites but you always want to double check their translation so your ads don’t look stupid. I highly recommend that you seriously look into this especially if you had no luck promoting stuff in the US. It’s easier offshore and cheaper to drive traffic, but you need find right offers and keyword phrases that the local population actually types into Google search.



5 thoughts on “International Traffic And CPA Offers

  1. Hi Pawel, This is a very interesting idea that I did not even think about because my only thought was how to get on CPA in USA. How about to put your suggestions in the report? You might get a lot of traffic to your blog.

  2. You are saying that .com domains rank just as well in language / region specific Google SERPs … how do you let Google know that you target that region? Webmaster Tools? (asking this because I have tried doing this before and somehow Google still thought I was targeting the US market)

  3. Well, for example “work in usa” in Polish would be “praca w polsce” if I registered and made my site in Polish language then there is no way Google would try to rank it in the US. I have sites with .com but with Polish word in it and that’s enough really. Sometimes hosting the site with a Webhost in that country can help as well, but now it doesn’t matter that much anymore either.

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