Internet Marketing Niche Growing Or Heading Down Hill Fast?

The economy hasn’t been great for some people in recent years. You would think that the worse it gets the more people turn to the internet in search for ways to make money online to supplement their incomes somehow.

It does seem like that when you consider how many people get into biz opps, MLMs, and buy into the latest internet marketing product launches.

The truth is though (in my opinion) that they are doing it from desperation and not because they really want to build an online business. It’s causing a total chaos if you take a step back and look at the whole picture from the sideline.

More and more people get into marketing online but a big percentage of them makes a huge mistake right from the start. They get into selling “make money” products or try to build another “make money” blog.

You have a much higher chance of getting paid in other niches than in the IM niche. If you haven’t made anything before online how in the hell are you going to teach others how to do it?

Anyway, the IM niche is a cutthroat business. Everyone is copying each other, stealing ideas, trying to take out competitors with Negative SEO etc. By trying to compete with already established blogs you are jumping into shark infested waters.

But the sharks are the least of your worries because there is like a gazillion piranhas in those waters too.

It’s a market full of desperate people and dreamers who will do anything to make at least some money out there even if it means faking shit, copying someone else’s product, rehashing other people’s content etc.

Believe it or not, some people even consider leaving their country to live in another country where paying bills is not that big of an issue.

Just today I was browsing the WF and spotted a thread where someone was talking about moving to a different country to market their first informational product until the money starts coming in.

Hi all,

I’m an American and I’m considering moving abroad to a low-cost country to reduce my expenses while I create and market my first information product. I want to devote my full-time energy to this project (i.e. not hold a regular job), but I don’t think it’s financially feasible for me to do it while living in the United States with an oppressively large amount of student debt hanging over my head. I’m hoping that moving to a low-cost country will allow me to make ends meet for a while, until the money starts coming in.

Here is the screenshot:

Is the economy really that bad?

I mean, It’s a smart idea but I do hope he is not talking about marketing informational product in the “make money” niche.

Wonder why? Look at the prices of IM courses these days. I remember days when you could sell 20 page report for $47 all day long with refund rates lower than 4-5%.

But now? People are so desperate to gain an edge that they produce full blown video courses and sell them for like $15 bucks or less.

Information is losing value in our niche faster than you might think. The market is growing if you look at the number of people getting into it, but majority of them will not spend $1,000 on a course because there is no need for them to that.

They can just head over to one of the forums and pick up the same rehashed info for $7 and the funny part is that they will actually get the most important stuff they need out of it without dropping $1k or more.

The piranhas are stealing all the food! But who let them in to the lake? Well, we did! Scratch that…The marketers who sell push button crap did. They showed the average Joe how easy it is to sell turds on the internet and how to sell it. Since Joe is desperate for cash he is going to rehash the turd and polish it then sell it for 80% off lol

That is exactly what’s happening right now. Why would a desperate person try to learn from your course when he sees the most important thing and that is how many other people are buying your stuff.

He doesn’t have to learn crap, all he has to do is rehash it and sell it himself.

So in reality the bad economy we had in recent years  is destroying this market and not really helping it.

What’s the solution? Value of information might be going down, but value of content is only going up.

I am not going to explain it right now because of the simple fact that I don’t want others to copy some of my future projects I am working on, but there is a whole new game that is about to start. In fact, I think it has already began.

Those who can see it will gain huge advantage over those who just continue on creating info products. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s good to sell something of your own to build a list of buyers (you should do that), but while you are doing that you need to think in terms of platforms.

Maybe I am just blowing smoke, but from my past experience whenever I have this strange feeling that things are about to change it usually comes true sooner or later.


6 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Niche Growing Or Heading Down Hill Fast?

  1. I hear what you’re saying. I’m not even going to try the IM niche, because it’s too over-saturated. There’s no way that I’d stand out from the crowd, based upon the marketing resources that I currently have. I’m not educated enough to produce and sell a quality product. I care too much about what I put my name on to re-hash someone’s product and slap my name on it. There are other niches I can earn from. Beyond that, I have other talents that will allow me to earn in other ways 😉 .

  2. It’s all junk now. It’s like a carnival of FREAKY silly launches that have no value and you can thank Mike Filsaime for that! He’s the one that let out the secret of list building and created butterfly marketing so now every tom, dick, and harry is out there trying to get rich. Now it is saturated beyond belief. SAD.

  3. Good one 🙂 I remember when that came out. I still have the script somewhere. It worked but then everyone started doing it and it lost its effectiveness.

  4. I agree with you 100%. The way I look at it though, is that there is a huge opening in the IM niche in particular for something “different”. I’ve thought of putting something together myself, but it’s a huge commitment. Which in a way is good. Truth be told, even the rehashers have a hard time selling $10 products over and over and over.

  5. “there is a huge opening in the IM niche in particular for something different” Totally agree, but people are getting used to all this cheap stuff. They almost expect the price to be low and rage if it’s over $100.

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