Kajabi And Who Is It For

Ok I might burn some bridges with this post but frankly I don’t care. I have good damn reasons for posting this and that’s why I decided to do it. If you are a marketer you probably heard about Kajabi platform from Andy Jenkins. Everyone and their dog is marketing this to their list.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is platform that handles your sales funnel and makes everything easier to set up (at least according to their sales video). It’s a platform that you can use to launch products, host your content, and manage the entire process from one centralized location.

Who is Kajabi for?

Kajabi is for someone who is comfortable with Andy Jenkins having access to your content, stats, and your sales process 🙂

Seriously though, Kajabi is NOT a business in a box! You still need to create your products, sales videos, pages etc. Everything that Kajabi does can be done with tools that won’t cost you a monthly fee.

Here are 2 good alternatives:

JVPress theme

Product Launch WP Theme

They might not have all the features but it’s something to start with.

What you should consider before buying Kajabi?

First of all, centralizing your business is the worst thing you can do. I have made this mistake before myself. It takes one thing to go wrong to have your entire business in jeopardy. Second, I wouldn’t feel good knowing that Andy Jenkins can see my stuff. Everything is hosted on his servers and he can see what you are doing from his admin panel. The thing about Kajabi is that it’s a utility type service. Once you start using it there is really no turning back. It’s kinda like autoresponder, hosting, or your electricity bill. Do you really need another bill like that?

Third, Kajabi is being marketed as business in a box and it’s not. If you are not already successful selling your own products then this is NOT for you. Obviously they don’t say that in their sales video, but that’s the truth. You need products to sell and know your numbers. If you are not making at least $5k a month online selling products this is probably not for you.

For example, let’s say you do sign up with Kajabi. Obviously you will still need to create your product, pages and all that. If you have never launched a product in the internet marketing industry before then Kajabi will be useless to you. It’s just going to be another monthly bill!

They did a pretty damn good job on hyping up Kajabi and some of the features really look good, but the truth is it’s not for everyone. Did they mention you are still going to need JV partners to promote your products or have an existing mailing list? NO

Their biggest selling point is that Kajabi automates a lot of stuff, but if you have never launched your own product you are still going to face the same problems you are facing right now without it.

It’s not a magic button


9 thoughts on “Kajabi And Who Is It For

  1. Yippee, someone who is willing to stand up for the right principles.. I’m so sick of getting emails about Kajabi or whatever it’s called that it makes my stomach churn…I haven’t even looked at it but I know if all the gurus are promoting it, it’s probably not something I want to get involved with… so thanks for the info now I can keep hitting delete when I get a promo…

  2. Hi, I know I can come to your blog for sincere info. That prevents from “losing “money, time and hope. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for confirming my thoughts about Kajabi, I started to watch the video but gave up fairly quickly after realising that it was just a very flashy video presentation done by Andy Jenkins which I know he is very good at, since that was his previous profession. Fortunatley I’ve unsubscribed from most of these big ticket gurus who do nothing but promote each other

  4. “Ain’t that the truth!” The big gurus have created a nice circle of promoting self/others/self/others and back to self! I am sick of it.

  5. It’s this type of honesty that our IM world needs more of… instead of “take, take, take” it is refreshing to hear someone actually “giving back” and showing some integrity.

  6. Thanks for the information. I wasn’t even considering it until I got an email from Ed Dale of the 30 Day Challenge. He very seldom promotes anything to my email so I began paying a little more attention. I still hadn’t made up my mind when I found this. It is greatly appreciated!

  7. Another thing I don’t like: what happens if, for whatever reason, Andy Jenkins decides that he no longer wants to operate it — and you’ve heavily invested in it (from a usage standpoint)?

  8. I don’t comment much but I got to your post by typing something like “alternatives to Kajabi” and I am glad I did. I am never impressed with these guys and girls who make money telling you how to make money. And I think you are spot on regarding loading all your stuff on one place…. And if someone can sell on the internet then they can sell on the internet… It is such hype that you almost believe before Kajabi no body sold anything…. So… AMEN!!! to your post.

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