Keyword Research Tools You Should Use

    Keyword research is quite important if you want to get traffic to your sites. Whether you are paying for traffic through Adwords or just going for the organic listings you still need to find best keywords to optimize for. When you are going for the organic listings it can get very tricky sometimes and a lot of people still have problems discovering the right keyword phrases for their web properties.

    So how do you do keyword research?

    First let’s talk about some free tools you can use:

    Google keyword tool – Everyone knows about this one right? Well it’s a great tool and you should be using it.

    SEObook keyword research tools – Free from Aaron Wall. Highly recommended.

    Wordtracker – They have a paid version which is great but their free option will also get you some cool ideas.

    – Google wonder wheel – Use it to find many related keyword phrases within your niche market. You can find that tool under “More search tools” on the search results page.

    Keyword Discovery – Provided by Trellian

    Google SK Tool – Also free keyword tool from Google

    There are also many great paid ones like:

    – Market Samurai – Recommended by many people in the industry. It does some cool tricks

    – Keyword Elite – Sold through Clickbank. It does a lot of stuff. Very useful for Adwords advertisers

    – Wordze – Subscription service similar to Wordtracker

    – Spyfu – Lets you spy on your competition

    So how do you use all these tools? First of all I would start with free tools listed above. If you want to optimize your site for some of the keywords you find, the first thing you want to do is run an Adwords campaign using exact match option. This way you can see if there is actually any traffic worth going after. Most of the time the keyword research tools give you raw data which is usually just a broad estimation from many long tail phrases. You need to know exactly how many impressions and estimated number of clicks the keyword you are targeting is getting.

    Once you find some good ones then you can start optimizing your site for those keywords. This process works well if you are actually selling something or you are running a web store. If you are building a big content site then keyword research isn’t as important anymore. I run sites that I never did any keyword research for simply because I know that I am going to get a lot of traffic anyway, if the content is written for humans and I have a lot of it :)


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    1. I didn’t know Google provides so many free keyword tools. I am looking into some of the paid options but I think for now the free ones will do the job. Thanks

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