Laziest Way To Make Money

I have noticed a growing trend of scam sites poping up online lately. Basically, you set up a site targeting different companies and letting people complain lol

It’s actually profitable and guys that run these sites laugh all the way to the bank. In my opinion it’s the easiest business model to set up.

Scam sites also grow very fast. You don’t have to find complainers, they will find you 🙂

Complainers are the most loyal visitors too. They will create content for you while you do nothing. It’s a perfect way to make money .

I imagine that pretty soon when you make a search for a business name online you will find a bunch of scam sites ranking for the company name with tons of complaints and negative comments.

Why is this the laziest way to make money?

Because you  simply exploit one of the worst human natures. People love negativity. They feed on it.

Negativity spreads very fast online. You can do a lot of positive things but that won’t get you noticed. Make one mistake and now everyone thinks you are evil.

How scam busting sites make money?

They generate a lot of content and traffic, so their Adsense revenue is pretty big I imagine. Some scam busting sites offer so called “trust seals” (for a monthly fee lol)

Quite honestly, sites that use trust seals make me suspicious even more. Why do they need to convince me that they are legit?

Scam busting sites can also sell advertising and make inside deals with merchants. The “inside deals” usually happen with companies that want to weed out their competition. Lots of money exchanging hands under the table.

Online marketing is truly a cut-throat business. Take no prisoners Comrade!

Let me just show you how negativity can make you serious dough 😉

For example, let’s look at

If you look at their homepage you can clearly see that they are targeting major companies. What’s funny is that the companies with highest scores have almost no reviews.

They rank NameSilo as the top ranking company with only 17 positive comments.

But check out Facebook’s score rating! lol

Seems like everyone jumped on the bandwagon to bash Facebook. But what’s important to notice is that all these people that rated Facebook left comments which means they created content for for free.

Negativity pays big!

You can too start your own scam busting site and be in profit very quickly. No joke!

For example, let’s look at

According to they were nowhere to be found just a few months ago.

They are growing fast indeed. They are new to this business so they haven’t monetized their site yet with Adsense or other advertising opportunities, but trust me it’s coming.

June 2011 Boom… is in business lol

Anybody can do this. All you have to do is create a site with pages for every company and let the complaining begin 😉

Believe it or not for the past few months I have been seriously considering building one myself. I mean it’s free money out there waiting to get picked up because people love to file complaints.

I am not saying that exposing fraudelent activities is bad, but lately it seems like new scam busting sites are poping up left and right. It’s obvious why though …because there is money in it.

Some of the complaints I read on these sites are ridiculous. Like “My credit card got charged and I didn’t authorize it”. Maybe if you acutally read terms and conditions while signing up for services this wouldn’t happen? Or maybe you thought that access to an adult site was going to be $1.39/month for entire year?

What all these people don’t realize is that they are creating free content for those guys which is going to make them money.

They simply provide a platform for you to complain. Easy and profitable business model.

Next step: Flip the site for a few hundred k or more and onto the next project.


8 thoughts on “Laziest Way To Make Money

  1. A great article Pawel! Excellent insight into the scam site industry. People need to remember, most websites and blogs are created for monetary gain. I hope this article makes people stop and think next time before they allow their negativity to make somebody rich!

  2. Its just like I’m almost certain that site does some under the table dealing… either that or they have some extremely loyal fans, who will work tirelessly to review websites every waking minute of their lives. Just goes to show you that a complaint website can grow fast enough to partner with the big dogs like Facebook.

  3. Lazy ideas of online money-making does not work all of the time and specially for all of the people. But the news you reported is worth reading.

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