Less Is More – Building One Solid Blog Vs 100 Mini Sites

There is one saying that we have all often heard before when it comes to deciding what approach to take in order to make an income online.

Here is the saying…

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

The meaning of this is quite simple, many people believe that relying on just one thing online, for example one blog/site, is not a smart move because you are not diversifying yourself enough. This of course has some truth to it but it all depends on what you are doing with the blog/site.

If you decided to focus on just building one blog/site and your goal was to build a solid following of people (readers) then this is definitely a smart move. You can put a lot of effort into building a solid community of readers that come back to your blog and as long as you provide value this will not disappear.

But of course time and time again people rather go on and build 100 mini sites put up their Adsense code and make some money ranking these sites in Google.

What’s wrong With This Method?

Well to be honest there is nothing wrong with doing this but based on experience you are setting yourself up for a stressful up and down type of income. Not only are you spending a lot of money buying 100 domain names, getting all the content for them and then doing backlinking strategies BUT you are making the biggest mistake of all.

What is this HUGE mistake?

Well you are putting all your faith in Google

Unless you are living under a rock you must have been aware of all the algorithm changes that Google keeps on making that end up hurting the rankings of a lot of sites. Believe me this is not a good feeling especially after all the hard work you put into getting your sites ranked.

Going back to the beginning when I brought up the saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, when you rely just on Google (SEO) to be the only way you get traffic and income you are putting yourself in a very dangerous situation. If this source of traffic stops then you are done.

The worst part is that many people think that the only way to make an income is always connected to SEO. This is not entirely true and it’s something I recently figured out myself. Putting your time and effort into building a blog with a solid community of loyal readers is one of the best ways to earn an income while providing value to others and really helping out.

Also take a look at the expenses real quick and how much money you really need right away by choosing to build 100 mini sites instead of one blog.

Domain Names = $1000 (100 mini sites times $10)

Content = It will vary of course but if you want the site to have at least 10 pages meaning 10 articles it will be roughly $30 for each site for a total of $3,000 and that’s being conservative.

By now you must be scratching your head but I have not even discussed how much it will cost to rank the sites…

Well I am sure you‘re starting to get the picture but are wondering what kind of expenses you can have with a blog. Well I consider a blog an investment and over time it will definitely pay off in more ways than one. With that said initially you are going to spend probably a couple of 100 bucks and your time but believe me it will be worth it in the long run.

As for the 100 sites (for some people a lot more sites) I thought it was worth it myself but is really not because of the uncertainty of Google. It was a hard lesson to learn firsthand but a good one indeed.

Are you still clueless on how to promote a blog without the use of SEO?

I sure was, in fact I was ready to quit all together because I felt I had no control over what Google wanted to do to my sites. In my mind if 100 sites didn’t work then how can a simple blog do any better? Well little did I know that there are different ways to promote a blog effectively that yield tremendous results.

I was blown away when I found out about the power of guest posting and getting involved in the blog community and how incredible it was to actually enjoy promoting yourself and your blog by simply sharing ideas and experiences. It was a whole different world to me after months of being in the shadows doing some backlink strategies and what not on sites that most people didn’t even know I owned.

No wonder I was going insane! Well not literally but almost.  =-)

Anyways you can find out a lot of information on guest posting and building a community by doing some good research. I was able to find a lot of information on this by simply following blogs like this one.

I just wish I would have done this many years ago.

So if you are debating on building a blog or just going the usual SEO route of ranking hundreds of sites for profit then you should already know the answer!

Article by Omar and Will – Two 24 year olds with big dreams, big goals and a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. Learn all about their past Successes and Failures all at their blog OmarandWill.com


7 thoughts on “Less Is More – Building One Solid Blog Vs 100 Mini Sites

  1. I always thought that building one good site is better than 100 sites with little content on them. I am trying to build up my website in a very competitive food niche but I am starting to worry about all this negative seo going on. It’s a lot of work to create a solid blog that people visit so I wouldn’t like to see someone destroying it within a few weeks.

  2. That is a great niche to get into because you can get very creative in providing value to your visitors. I definitely see guest blogging and interaction with other sites within your niche as a way better long term strategy than depending on Google.

  3. Very good points. Building a network of little sites is not really that easy as some people think. If you got the money though you should probably do both because you can then use your own network to help the authority site rank better.

  4. Don’t depend on Google totally because you put all eggs into a basket. Google is always dancing and change algorithm. Not only Google, consider other marketing methods such as social network, PPC and more.

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