Link Wheels Explained – How Link Wheels Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

So you probably wonder what Link Wheels are and how they can increase your search engine rankings, right? Link Wheels is a hot topic in the internet marketing space because they actually do work to some extent.

Does Google like it? No! Because the fact is you are manipulating the search engines to get higher rankings by placing these links yourself regardless if the content on your website is high quality or not.

So what if your content is good? Well, then you can try that and see what happens 😉

If you are going to use Link Wheels to get backlinks for your website it’s crucial that your website has quality content to back up the rankings you achieve by using them.

What are Link Wheels?

Link Wheels are clusters of web 2.0 pages linking back to your website. The concept is quite simple. You piggy back of the authority that these web 2.0 properties already have to pass link juice to your website, so you can rank higher for your keyword phrases.

Here is a simple Link Wheel

In this example all the web 2.0 sites in your Link Wheel cluster point back to your own website. The problem with this Link Wheel is that it’s easily detectable and if your site sucks (doesn’t provide any value) then it could be dropped into the Google’s Spam Sites Oblivion…lol

Well, not really because if that was the case then competitors would be doing this to each other to eliminate one another.

The Link Wheel above is kind of weak too. Just links from web 2.0 properties isn’t enough so let’s super charge this sucker.

How do you super charge a Link Wheel? It’s quite simple actually; just build backlinks for the web 2.0 pages you created.


You can get backlinks to these pages from article marketing, press releases and other web 2.0 sites. Some people even buy links to these web 2.0 pages they created so they gain Page Rank, but that’s risky and I DO NOT recommend it 😉

So now this super charged bad boy can pass some serious link juice, but the main problem is still not solved and that is the footprints easily detectable by Google.

What do we do now? Hmm…Well, let’s take it to a whole new level

Ok, now we are in business! This Link Wheel can do some damage (meaning in a good way) and seriously influence your rankings.

So how do you create a Link Wheel?

First of all, you need to come up with a plan and design your Link Wheel from scratch. Then you create accounts on these web 2.0 properties and submit your content.

The problem with creating Link Wheels manually is that it takes quite a bit of time, but the benefit is that manually created Link Wheels are much more effective because your content will be higher quality.

The content you create for Link Wheels should be original and high quality so those web 2.0 properties can also rank high.

Link Wheel Services

Link Wheel services can save you a ton of time but the main issue is that they don’t care about quality of your site and spam the hell out of serps to get you ranked. They produce low quality content from spun articles and distribute it cluttering the serps with garbage that doesn’t help the search engine user.

Link Wheel Software

There are software tools out there that can automate account creation which is cool if you are using your own original content for submission. I don’t recommend using spun articles, but I know they work (for now).

Here are some tips if you want to create quality Link Wheels that produce amazing results

– Produce your own original quality content for distribution

– Design complex Link Wheels so that you don’t leave any footprints

– Make sure your site also has quality content

– Don’t start your link building campaign for a brand new site with Link Wheels (Get some decent saturation first and let the site age a bit before dumping hundreds of backlinks at it)

Link Wheels are quite effective and can truly bump your site up to the top if done right, but you shouldn’t use this strategy as your main link building tactic. It needs to be part of a bigger picture, which means that it should be used as a supplemental technique to give your site a boost.

The most important thing though is that you link to a site that provides valuable content. I have seen so many sites that use Link Wheels and get top rankings but then their own content sucks and they drop after a while.  Make it last!


15 thoughts on “Link Wheels Explained – How Link Wheels Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

  1. Good tips Pawel, but I think I would rather outsource my link wheels. There is just no way I am going to build all these pages by hand manually, but I do agree with you that if I did they would end up higher quality.

  2. Well, you don’t have to create them manually. But instead of buying worthless content from some writer from India, you could hire an american writer who can produce quality stuff.

  3. I used to use Senuke to create my link wheels. I did use spun content and still do. I’m now using SERobot and AMR. I first create a few web 2.0 sites all with different original articles. I add around 2 to 3 posts. I then backlink these Web 2.0s with profile links, social book marking sites, pligg sites and press releases. I also use the low pr article directories found in AMR. I create the first tier over the course of 1 month. Then use spun content for the second tier.

  4. There is always a risk but the more complex your link wheel is the better. Also, if you distribute quality content then you have nothing to worry about. What I did notice though is that new sites get slapped when they try to get tons of links this way to get rankings quickly. When your site is brand new I would submit to some directories first and get some press releases out there. After a month you can start creating link wheels and slowly integrate other link building tactics.

  5. Can you use an affiliate marketing vendor’s website as the money website in a link wheel instead of having to publish your own money website that then links to the vendor’s website?

  6. Well, you could do direct linking from your web 2.0 properties and you should because they will rank on their own too, but you want to control your money page! The point of a link wheel is to rank your own website not vendor’s. You will get a lot more traffic that way plus you can presell your visitors to get higher conversions.

  7. Really useful post, thanks. It is risky if you do all this linkbuilding too fast? I like to be paranoid when it comes to search engines. 🙂

  8. Well, if you don’t have quality content on your site to back up your promotion then yes it could get it slapped, but if you provide high quality stuff then you have nothing to worry about.

  9. Damn! What a fine article!!! Exactly what I needed to know in summary form to convince my client that as far as SEO goes, a couple of Tweets a month just won’t cut it… Thanks for the post.

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