Maintaining Your Blog Schedule With Quality Filler Posts

You are probably asking what is a filler post?

A filler post is a post that you publish to your blog when you need to stick to a posting schedule and do not have the energy, time or research material at hand to create a content filled post.

If you are blogging in your spare time and building it up while having to still suffer doing a day job you can often find that you just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to write a full on content rich post. It is still important that you continue to deliver regular posts for your audience.

So what exactly do I mean when I say filler post?

They are not a new concept, you will recognize lots of these posts on other blogs once you have finished reading this one, it is possible you have published some yourself and not realized it. But it is worth understanding what exactly they are because they are handy when you need to write something but you are feeling a little drained and under enthused about a major writing session.

Guest Posts – These are fantastic filler posts, and unlike any filler post you write yourself, these can actually be full of great content. The guest writer wants to drive traffic to their site and get their post published on your blog so they will write the best quality post they can. This is a winner of a post for you. It is best to have these prepared in advance so they can be scheduled or on stock should you need something quick.

Interviews – Similar to guest posting these are written by other people, simply connect with people in your network (other bloggers) and ask if they will answer a series of questions. Email them the questions and then wait for their answers, each person can have a different set of questions to answer which don’t take long to think up or you have a series of interviews where everyone answers the same well thought out questions. Simply copy and paste the interview into the blog and hit publish.

Case Studies – These can need little thinking and simply require you to report on a subject. The information itself becomes the content. For example I remember reading in the paper an article about people making money from iPhone apps, it had times, earnings, names and software used to create the product. I could have easily put together a post on all the information I had at hand.

Moan, Rant or Philosophize – These are awesome posts as they can actually be very beneficial and helpful to your readers but take little or no research to make. If it is something you are passionate about it will be engrained on your mind and you can flow it out into the computer. These can be inspirational posts like ‘How watching TV destroys productivity’ you can simply do a 600 word post about why people do not succeed and how & why they waste time.

Ask Your Audience – If you are short on time and content but you have an idea of something you want to write about, write a short outline of the subject and ask your blog readers, as them to comment with their opinions or ideas. Many of your loyal readers will post comments creating a great discussion, a community and giving you plenty of content and ideas to write a follow up post.

Monthly Reports – One blog that I read regularly has a monthly report on the earnings and costs of running the blog. They are the most read posts on the site. They are easy to write and like case studies the data is the content which is easy to copy, paste and edit into a post. A monthly report doesn’t have to be about earnings, it could be about monthly achievements for accountability reasons.

Links To Other Sites – This one is used a lot. Very easy to write and very helpful to your readers, you will be thanked by your audience and the site owners. It could result in them linking back to you and create a potential profitable relationship with the site owners. Link to blogs and any posts that you think your readers will benefit from.

Links to Your Archived Posts – When you post new content regularly it has the habit of burying your older posts deep within the archives and as you know, you wrote those posts so they will be of high quality helpful content that you want your new readers to see. You need to get them in front of any new visitors and the best way is to list a number of your best older posts within a new post and add an enticing summary to make them want to click the links and keep the new visitors on your site.

Personal stuff – This one is a great way of showing that you are actually a real person and people love that. You are not just a profit blogger but a real person who writes posts. If you don’t want to share personal stuff you don’t have to, but it would be a shame because people knowing you are real and open is powerful. You could do semi personal posts, covering things you like, sports you enjoy, TV shows, food you love to eat etc. but leave out family and places where you do these things. It helps in creating you as a brand and branding is the most powerful thing anyone can do.

One of the great things about filler posts is that you can easily bank a lot of them and have them ready on file to post if lack of time or energy prevents writing something special. You can write 2 or 3 filler posts in the time it would take to write a serious tutorial based post. And yet they are as important, powerful and helpful to your blog as a normal post.

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6 thoughts on “Maintaining Your Blog Schedule With Quality Filler Posts

  1. Hi Unemployed Dad, thanks for the kind words, and the sarcasm 🙂 . I often find that I’m not in a writing mood and this was a filler post that I wrote during one of those moments 🙂 which I hoped would give people some extra ideas. People can feel that if they can’t write anything long, technical or substantial then they will not write or post anything at all which I believe to be harmful to your blog readership. Regards Andi

  2. Great tips here. Constantly coming up with new content can be stressful sometimes and time consuming. I see that guest posting is very popular but how do you get people to send you their content? Does Pawel promote anywhere that he accepts guest posts?

  3. Yes, I do in fact. I got some nice guest posts from You can also try where you can request posts or submit yours.

  4. Hi BK, yes, on his menu below the header is a tab saying ‘Submit Content’ I clicked on there to find out details then sent Pawel an email with an article to consider, many blogs have a ‘Write for Us’ or ‘Guest Post’ tabs that you can look for or they sometimes have links at the bottom of guest postings asking people to contact them if they want to submit a post. If you have a blog it is well worth having a a page set aside where you can ask people to submit posts with all the terms and information you want on that page so people know what to expect. Check out Pawels page as an example.

  5. Hi again BK sorry I forgot, if you have an email list you could always pop out a few emails to your list asking if any bloggers wanted to write for your site. If you have a site and you are looking for a guest post, why not ask me? 🙂

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