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I was actually debating whether I should post this on my blog or not. The stuff I am about to talk about  is something that I would usually discuss behind closed doors.

Most affiliate marketers buy traffic on CPC basis. What that means is that you pay for each click you get to your landing page or website. Once you get the click it’s your responsibility to convert that visitor.

With CPC model you need to constantly test banners, landing pages, copy, and traffic sources. If you don’t have the right budget to test all this stuff to get the data you need then you are setting yourself up for failure by even trying it out.

So is there a better way?

Well, I have been paying a lot of attention lately to social gaming and how advertisers pay for action with in-game currency.

You can actually get guaranteed leads believe it or not, and you only pay if there is a conversion on your side. This opens up a lot of opportunities for smart affiliates.

If you are a CPA marketer I am sure you can easily find incentivizable offers on your network. There are some on Neverblue for example that pay pretty well.

What stops you from setting up a campaign where you pay with in-game currency for a conversion that pays a bit more than what the cost is to acquire that lead? You could even set up your own private deal with a company that offers free-trial of their product or some kind of subscription service and cut the CPA network out of the funnel.

Here is how it works in a nutshell

For example, you found an offer that pays $10/lead and is incentivizable. You then go to a company like and set up a campaign on CPA basis. Obviously you will need to figure out how much you are willing to pay for a lead. It should be less than what the advertiser is paying you for each conversion.

The result is that you now have a campaign that is guaranteed to make money. You don’t have to worry about CTR, how much you spend per click, or if the traffic source is right for the offer.

You don’t pay unless conversion happens and if it happens you also get paid. Sounds pretty good right?

Anyway, I wanted to see what kind of offers people run through these social games so I went ahead and signed up for some of them on Facebook.

Here is how it looks like in one of BigPoint’s games:

Here is where I found multiple companies that will run your offer. We got,, SupersonicAds,, TokenAds, and more.

When you click on one of the green buttons and complete the offer you get in-game currency.

You probably wonder if the leads are any good? Well, if you are getting paid for them then what does it matter?

The cool part is that you don’t have to advertise pay per lead offers. You can use this traffic for many different things.

You can incentivize a click. Your ad could say “Go to the advertiser’s page and click on the Download Now button”. Then hyperlink that directly to an offer that pays for install. So if the user clicks on it installation will begin of some toolbar or app.

Are you starting to see the big picture yet?

I imagine you could do pretty well with surveys using this CPA model. People that play social games love to fill out surveys for free and get their in-game items.

But that’s not all!

You can also use this advertising model to get tons of views for your Youtube videos 😉 (I probably shouldn’t have let this one out of the bag)

I clicked on RadiumOne tab and found an ad for a Youtube video.

Check this out:

In this case the advertiser pays out 88 (uridium) for you to go and watch a video they uploaded to Youtube. I don’t know about you but I am definitely going to try this out.

So I went ahead and followed the link and it forwarded me to a blank page with just a video on it.

I am guessing that page was set up to track if you actually viewed the entire video or not.

Anyway, I followed it to Youtube because I wanted to see how many views the video had and when it was uploaded.

Here is what I found:

82,911 views and was uploaded on March 14th 2012…hmm I like what I am seeing here.

How can you take advantage of this?

Well, those are real views and some of those people might have even rated the video positively. If you upload videos to Youtube then you know how the number of views and ratings can influence your rankings, right?

I see many opportunities here. This could be an effective way to promote your Amazon video reviews for example. I could also use this technique to rank videos for some competitive keyword phrases on Google.

Or how about selling Youtube views? Are you aware of that fact that you could flip a site that sells Youtube views on for some nice chunk of change?

There are more opportunities and ways to profit from this, but I am going to stop here. I wrote this post like 3 days ago and saved it as draft because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to publish it.

I probably could have written a report about it and sell it as a WSO lol

The potential is huge though and I will definitely try to explore these traffic sources soon.


15 thoughts on “Make Guaranteed Affiliate Cash

  1. Great info! I bet that’s how some of the sites selling Youtube views get the traffic. I will have to test it on my video campaigns. The possibilities are endless! Thanks a lot Pawel.

  2. Oh man I wish I knew about this strategy like 2 months ago! I can drive a ton of views to my viral videos this way. Thank you for sharing this tip. Pawel, you should have just emailed me this info instead of posting it here 🙂 …Awesome!

  3. Sincerely, what you shared is so great and useful. Thanks a lot. I’ll try this with some CPA offers i’m promoting. Thanks

  4. You are a freakin madman worthy of a folder in my inbox. Where do you get this stuff! (and google says you have “quality content” issues) lol.

  5. Each game has a different in-game currency so not sure what the actual cost is for let’s say 1 view of your video. We’ll need to test it out, but it’s probably less than $0.10 from what I see so far.

  6. For the CPA offers and the PPC method, you need to test test test… of course you spend the money for this. Until you find out best CTR / conversion rate each CPA offer with the PPC companies.

  7. How difficult or not is it to get into networks like neverblue & maxbounty? Is there a formula for getting approved 100% of the time?

  8. It depends what country you live in etc. If you are from US it will be easier. You also need to show them that you are serious and actually are doing something. They accept newbies too because they know people have to start somewhere. When I joined Neverblue I didn’t know what I was doing at first.

  9. Yeah, but they don’t like that. Just apply to Neverblue and give them me as referral then wait for them to call you. Be honest and tell them that you are just starting out and how you are going to promote their offers. Just don’t make stuff up lol

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