Make Money Creating Your Own Profitable Affiliate Deals

Most affiliate marketers promote products through affiliate networks and obviously it works, but you could create your own affiliate deals like I do with local businesses in your area.

Going direct and bypassing affiliate networks can not only double but sometimes even triple your earnings. Why? Because you control the process and track leads yourself through your own tracking platform.

The truth is that selling local businesses on the fact they need your service can be difficult sometimes, so what I do is ask them how many leads they want per day and how much they are willing to pay for it?

Next, you set up your lead capture page and start a Facebook campaign targeting local area where the business operates. (you can also set up a facebook fanpage for them for a fee)

For example, you could contact one of the local real estate agents in your local area and set up your own lead generation campaign for them.

Once you have a few clients paying you $20-$30 per lead you could scale up and target companies that operate nationwide.

Anyway, there are only 4 things you need to create these deals:

1. Tracking script (like Affiliate Prophet)

2. Hosting account (so you can host your lead capture pages)

3. Autoresponder (like Aweber)

4. Cash to fund your campaign 🙂

Here is how this works…

You contact the local business and find out how much is a lead worth to them. Next, you ask them how many leads per day they are willing to acquire from you (this will determine your daily spending budget). Then you create a lead capture page or a facebook fanpage with a good offer (discount or coupon in exchange for a like and optin)

You need to place a tracking pixel on the page people land after opting in. With Affiliate Prophet it’s easy because it gives you the pixel automatically after you create a campaign.


There are other free tracking scripts out there, but Affiliate Prophet does some amazing stuff and it’s a self-hosted tracking platform, so there are no monthly fees to use it.

Next, you start the Facebook campaign. Login to your Facebook account and click on the Advertising link at the bottom. From there you can create your campaign.

It’s important that you ask the business what demographics they are targeting. Also, you want to make sure that you can actually make money with them, so if they are not willing to pay more than $10 per lead I wouldn’t do business with them.

Keep in mind that after running the campaign it might turn out that they like the leads and if it’s not producing a good ROI for you then you should charge not per lead but for advertising costs plus percentage of their spending.

What’s cool about Affiliate Prophet is that you can see in real time how much money you are making and how well the campaign converts.

Those are my stats from some of my campaigns that I have done in the past for some clients.

When you start the campaign make sure to run with a low daily budget so that you can quickly figure out if it’s going to be profitable for you or not. When starting a campaign on Facebook use CPC model at first and if it produces good CTR you can switch to CPM.

It’s a simple business model that works. Most affiliate marketers do not like offline marketing because the only reason why they want to make money online is so they can do it from home in their pajamas without talking to anyone 🙂 So if that’s you then this might not be for you unless you can hire someone else to do the talking for you.

This strategy can be very lucrative because the leads you capture also go into your autoresponder, so you can email them too! I don’t know about you but building a list for free sounds good to me.


5 thoughts on “Make Money Creating Your Own Profitable Affiliate Deals

  1. I hate contacting local businesses. After trying out offline marketing I decided it’s not for me. I prefer building sites and making passive income from it. Most businesses want you to give them something for free before they spend money with you and I am not going to waste time doing stuff for free.

  2. I like affiliate as it does not consume your time very much. It is on the go business …anywhere, anytime. The only problem is the cash fund to campaign…

  3. I think one of the reasons offline marketing is becoming so popular and saturated now is because it is becoming extremely difficult to make it online. Hundreds of websites are popping up daily with fierce competition for keywords.

  4. Competition is your best friend sometimes. By the way there are literally millions of sites popping up everyday 🙂 But it doesn’t matter if you are persistent and have a good plan.

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