Make Money Online Brokering Affiliate Networks

You probably realize by now that when you make a sale, or generate a lead for an offer that is on some CPA network they get a cut from that. Most affiliates usually think that their affiliate network is the only middle man between them and the advertiser, but that assumption is often wrong.

There are many different scenarios. For example, the affiliate network you are getting your offers from could be getting them from a different network, and in that case you are getting screwed.

You should only join networks that have exclusive offers. That’s why it’s important to be a member of many different networks so that you know what others are running. It’s a known fact that some networks like to broker their offers.  It sucks for the affiliate because you end up getting lower payouts than you should be getting.

Anyway, I want to reveal to you a very powerful strategy that will totally blow your mind.

Affiliate networks are nothing more than MEGA affiliates who are using their affiliates to sell products.

So why not jump ahead in the line and broker them? 🙂

There are literally tens of thousands of companies out there with great products and they don’t know how to sell them. Most of the time they have an e-commerce store and they depend on traffic that comes from search engines. Some of them don’t know how to market online and stop selling their product completely. Well, this is where you come in!

Why not find a company with a great product and tell them that you are going to sell it for them for a cut of the profits?

Then you create your own cpa offer and you put it on a CPA network.

The key here is to find a product with mass appeal. You want to get into big markets and make sure the company you are dealing with can deliver the goods.

I would find something in the health market (it could be any market though) and then call the company to schedule a meeting. Next, you want to ask them how much is their customer worth to them? This is a very important question, because if they don’t have that data then it’s going to be difficult to convince them to payout on a CPA basis. You need to sell them on the fact that customers are worth more than the money they spend to get the product. Once you achieve that goal then you have a deal.

The next step is to design your landing page and hook up a payment processor. You can also run some traffic to it and make sure it converts. This way when you approach an affiliate network, you can prove to them that the offer converts and affiliates will make money promoting it.

By the time you approach an affiliate network you should have your numbers worked out. You need to know exactly what you are getting paid per conversion from the company that has the product. Then you offer a little lower payout to the affiliate network.

When they agree to run your offer you basically don’t have to do anything besides tracking the sales and raking in the money.

If you think about it, you are still an affiliate but the difference is that now you are higher in the money chain than before.

This strategy might not seem easy to implement (I know, I left out a lot of technical stuff) but I recommend that you try it out. Sure you can make money with just offers from affiliate networks. There is nothing wrong with being a super affiliate and making easy cash by driving traffic to high converting offers. But if you want to take things to a whole new level then this method can quickly scale up your income.

What’s cool about this technique is that you don’t even have to develop the product yourself, although you could if you wanted to.  You can just find a company that has an existing product to sell and wants more customers.

They don’t need to know how you get those sales, and the affiliate network doesn’t have to know about your little deal either.


4 thoughts on “Make Money Online Brokering Affiliate Networks

  1. After reading your post I checked out some affiliate networks that I am a member of and I found 2 identical offers on 2 different networks. There was about $2 difference in payout too which means one was getting it from the other haha. Nice post though, but I think you would need a decent size budget to get this going.

  2. Very interesting idea. I never thought about but it does involve a lot of work and money. I think that I would test this after making some good money through other online opportunities…

  3. Hey Matthew, thanks for stopping by and commenting. It does require some investment but once you get one offer going you can easily set up more 🙂

  4. Pawel stop giving out all the good secrets lol! Once you have been in the industry for a long time and very successful “advertisers” actually have a way of finding you, but to get started yes your guide is perfect. The things you left out are that most reputable CPA networks require pre-pays and references before just accepting an offer meaning either you or the advertiser must fork out $10k+ and hope they get sales, and if they dont hope they get a refund. I have heard some horror stories. So yes although there are some great cpa networks out there, be careful what companies you choose to work with on both ends, the advertiser and the network. I can tell you that from personal experience haha. Pawel – contact me we should talk – I own a traffic network, affiliate network, and own my own download cpa offers as well as being very well rounded in PPC, PPV, in-text, email, CPM/Banners, greyhat stuff and even a little blackhat in years prior :). My contact info is on my blog if you click my name in this post itll take ya there.

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