Make Money Online By Targeting Profitable Niches – Stop wasting your time on tire kickers!

The economy has really impacted some niches and that’s why you should only concentrate on markets where there is a lot of money to go around.

I see so many people making a huge mistake by trying to find some small untapped niches. That’s not what you should be doing! If you find a niche without any advertisers or no competition that means there is no money there, and you should avoid it.

I get emails from people who get like 1000 visitors per day asking how they can monetize their traffic because they are not making any money. When I ask them to show me their website it’s usually within a niche that has no value. You can still make some cash in those niches but most of the time they are only good for selling banner impressions.

You need to go after huge markets with ton of passionate people that have money to spend. There are 2 strategies when it comes to niche marketing.

First strategy is to target big markets with desperate people who need a solution like right freaking now 🙂

Second strategy is to go after niche markets with passionate people who are wealthy and buy whatever they want without breaking their bank.

If you want to target something a little smaller without gazillion competitors then the second strategy is right for you.

Let me give you some examples here

1. Boats, Yachts etc – Who goes to check out boats? People with money! Why not start a blog about sailing and review different boats and stuff? Do you think you could rank for some good keywords? I think you could. Of course it will take time but still….get to work!

2. Sports Planes – Let me just tell you that we are in front of a huge wave at the moment in that niche market. FAA approved the new sports license and more people are getting into flying. There are definitely tons of people who have lots of money to share with you in this market. Start a website about sports planes, or you could even create a membership club of some kind. Trust me; the people who buy planes like the exclusivity factor and you can use that to your advantage.

3. Art – Rich people collect art so why not start a blog about that? There are all kinds of different topics that you could talk about like auction houses, different art pieces etc.

4. Travel – You could totally crush it in this market. You could review only luxury places to visit and what they should see when they get there. Totally concentrate on expensive hotels, private jets, clubs, and restaurants. Every country has places where the rich go, right? There is a ton of content that you could create for this market and make some money along the way.

5. Gambling – People with money like to gamble, so why not grab your piece of their losses? 🙂 Start a website about poker or horse betting. Some excellent affiliate programs in that market that pay extremely well.

6. Hunting – Create a website about hunting and guns. (I am against hunting by the way) You could talk about places to hunt, review guns, and other accessories hunters need.

I just gave you some really cool examples that you could go into and make guaranteed money. Of course first you need to create content that provides value and then promote the site. If you start now, you could have some decent income coming in by the end of this year.

What’s cool about these niches is that they don’t dry out and there is a constant flow of people who jump to a higher tax bracket every year.

Come up with a plan and take action. I would use WordPress with a good premium theme like Thesis. If you don’t know anything about the market then hire a writer. What I would do is go check out some forums in the market you want to get into and find someone who is passionate about the topic. Then just ask them if they would be willing to write some stuff for you.

If you don’t have money to outsource, then you are dead in the water! Just kidding….I guess then you don’t have a choice but to write content yourself.

What’s important though is that you start doing something for crying out loud! Get off your ass and start making money. Yeah, it takes work to build an authority site, but it’s highly profitable when you get there.


9 thoughts on “Make Money Online By Targeting Profitable Niches – Stop wasting your time on tire kickers!

  1. Your post has given me some really good ideas for my new website. My biggest issue is the technical stuff. I guess I need to learn more about that too. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am glad I could help. The technical stuff is not that hard. First, get your blog up and running and start posting content. Once you gain momentum everything will fall into place and you will quickly learn that it’s actually easy stuff.

  3. Wariya, don’t pick a niche that is too small. You need room to grow so going into very narrow niches is not a good idea.

  4. Good advice! Making success in this type of business requires patience, hard work, perseverance and consistency. You don’t just write a single blog on something and then retire to your bedroom and begin to snore, expecting that buyers will rush to your website. There are many others before you in your chosen niche. These others make up the highest score on Google Ranking Page (First Ten listing on search). My take is that you have to read the contents of those first ten websites, irrespective of the strength of competition, and see the direction they go. Then if you are good at writing, you could veer away into another direction to establish your own voice in the game. Once you’ve done that, you’d be known and your website’s ranking in Google Search will be getting better until you get there: the first ten listing on Google search. Everybody loves good and rich content, note that.

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