Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Program

Believe it or not there are people making 4-6 figures a month with Amazon affiliate program (Yes, you can make some money with Amazon :)).  They build these little niche sites and basically review products where they get a commission for every sale being generated. You can sign up for Amazon affiliate program here.

So how can you do this yourself?

First of all, you need to do some market research. This is actually very important step because you don’t want to sell products that people don’t buy or products that pay little per sale. So what I do is go to Amazon and browse their categories for bestsellers in the $150+ price range. I also want products that have lots of positive reviews because that will increase conversions plus it gives you instant social proof that consumers like the product they bought.

So go to Amazon and check out some of their categories.

So for example let’s check out the “Patio, Lawn & Garden” category. It will pull up all other subcategories in their store so now I want something that costs more than $150 and sells, so right away I see the “Lawn Mowers” section. Now click on the “Bestsellers” link at the top and navigate to “Mowers & Tractors” as shown below.

So that will give me some of the best selling mowers and most of them fall into my price range I want to target…great 🙂 Now it’s time to build the niche site. I recommend that you use WordPress for that. If you want to get fancy get yourself the Thesis theme for your blog. Now, the next step is to basically register a domain name for your review site. Here you got 3 choices. You can go for the keyword domain name and target that specific niche, or you can think ahead and get a brandable short domain name so that you can review other products and build an authority site in many different categories.

Once you decide which way you want to go and got the domain name then now install wordpress on your server (use Hostgator for hosting). You can get some free themes for it just by searching Google for “free clean css wordpress themes” 🙂

The next step is to write the actual reviews. I hate writing reviews so I always outsource it. You can hire someone at or to write them for you. The key here is to make them useful for the consumer so they can make their buying decision. You should provide the pros and cons for each product. Maybe even do some side by side comparison and choose the best one. Review like top 10 products for starters. Also get some content written relevant to the niche you choose. Your site should have more content and not just reviews.

Once you have your site up and running with content then now you should start your SEO work. Here is where it gets tricky because honestly if you don’t know how to rank your site high then people won’t see it and you won’t make any sales through your links. You can read about getting backlinks to your site in my make money blogging guide I wrote. I would start some article distribution with press releases.

When you start getting people to your site and they clickthrough you will notice sales and commissions. The cool part about Amazon is that a lot of people who go there to buy stuff they purchase other things that you didn’t even promote and since they are already cookied with your ID you will get commission for it too 🙂

What to do next? Build more sites or get into more categories and expand!


7 thoughts on “Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Program

  1. Great post, I am thinking about promoting amazon products and those are some great tips. So you set up separate blogs for each niche or category? Wouldn’t it be easier to rank them if they were niche targeted?

  2. Sure it might seems like it at the beginning but I would go for a one big site dedicated to consumer products. Take a look at and their alexa rankings. All they are doing is writing reviews for amazon products and monetizing it with Adsense. That’s what I would model.

  3. Excellent article. I just signed up for Amazon Associate. I did take a look at and their alexa rankings, it did give me food for thought. My blog has been online a few months and I’m looking for way to earn a living. So far that has not happen. I will keep on pluging away.

  4. This is a fantastic source for Amazon info. I particularly like your videos where you encourage people to set up authority sites as opposed to niche sites. I’ve set up 10 niche sites since January and am not making a lot of money, and your idea to build an authority site makes so much MORE sense which is what I’m pursuing now with 🙂

  5. Matt, I looked at your site and I like it. Very well done! I like the nice short domain name too. Highly brandable which is key.

  6. Thanks for writing this VERY helpful post – I’ve been lost on how to start Amazon Associates. I’ve taken your advice and avoided using a keyword domain name with my site @

  7. Hi Pawel, I find your site content to be fair and honest. Have bookmarked this valuable internet marketing resource and will regularly visit for updates 🙂

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