Make Money Online With Facebook Notes

So there is a nice loophole right now that affiliates are exploiting on massive scale.  The strategy can bank you a nice chunk of cash if you act fast because I imagine Google is going to stop this soon.

The strategy is quite simple. You create fake Facebook profiles and make notes with your affiliate links. These notes get indexed in Google and since Facebook is an authority site with PageRank 10 they rank quite well too.

Some affiliates even build links to their notes to get them bumped even higher. This strategy works amazingly well right now, so if you want to take advantage of it don’t wait too long 😉

Let me show you some examples I found that are banking some money for these affiliates.

Here is one for keyword phrase “Weight Watchers Coupons”

Here is one for keyword phrase “cheapest apple Ipad 2”

Here is one for “best price toro sr4”

These Facebook notes are also well put together and usually target only buyer keywords. Check out this one:

It has the specs of the product, review rating, the 100% satisfaction guarantee image, and the pic of the actual product.

This is so simple to do! You don’t have to build a new site, register a domain name, or write a ton of content. Just find hot products and write some presell pages.

You don’t have to do this just for Amazon products. I believe you could cash in promoting CPA offers and other affiliate networks.

Some notes rank better than others, which means you will still need to build some backlinks to them. But as you can see they outrank many more relevant sites and I bet you it won’t last for very long.

Here are the pros of doing this:

– Quick rankings without much effort

– Instant traffic which means you can make money pretty quick

– Not much work is required to make some easy money

The cons

– Probably will not last for very long

– You are not building a business

– Once Google stops indexing them your income stops instantly as well

– Short term method

I am guessing that it may work for a while. Actually I think Facebook will take action against it before Google will, but I could be wrong.

There are many other ways to make money with this loophole. You don’t have to promote just affiliate links on these notes. It could be used to build a list, or redirect traffic to your own sites.

These notes don’t really provide any value for the most part. Affiliates usually go for quantity creating these fake profiles using automated software or outsourcers.

I think it’s spam and Google shouldn’t index it…just my personal opinion.


10 thoughts on “Make Money Online With Facebook Notes

  1. Wow, it’s definitely something to think about. I agree, this won’t last. I guess I am going to create a few and see how well they work.

  2. Sounds good, but I don’t know if I’ll go as far as creating fake profiles. My question is, in the body of the note, do you to the HTML tags, like iPhone app development or do you just put the link? (sorry if this seems like spamming your blog, but I’m wondering if I need to do HTML tags in the notes or not. Thanks – great idea though. Anything that lets you put in a bunch of keywords at the end is a good place to get links! 🙂

  3. It looks like you can add HTML code. Some of the affiliate links are hyperlinked keyword phrases, but they are nofollow.

  4. Interesting find, I second to angel, when I try to create a note appears that there are two kinds of permalinks, when you log in you’ll see a keyword rich note permalink for the note you created, the examples are see on any notes appear rank well on Google, but when you log out or log in as different user you’ll see a different permalink for that same note, the permalink structure look like the example given by angel.

  5. hey, i have tried this with about 8 notes around 3 months ago and i cannot find them listed on google. Not sure what the deal is on this. i have tried to research this and haven’t really found an answer.

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