Make Money Promoting Webinars Through Webinar Swaps

Seems like everyone and their mother is doing webinars now. Well, that’s because conversions are way better than sending people to a sales copy.

If you are paying attention to the IM niche then I am sure you have noticed the increased number of webinars. I get like 5 emails per week trying to get people to attend some event. Most of the time, the person doing the webinar (and possibly a JV partner) makes all the money. That’s because there is no affiliate program that you could sign up for to promote it.

Some webinars are done by marketers with big lists who can fill all the spots available with a single mailing so there is no need for him/her to run an affiliate program.

To make money with webinars you need to create or have something to sell not to mention the work involved in creating the webinar itself. You have to make all the slides, prepare your speech etc.

If you haven’t done a webinar before than I can see how this could be intimidating for you.

Well, I have discovered this new affiliate network called Webinar Swaps. They basically do webinars with other marketers and let you promote them so you can earn commissions on each sale.

I haven’t promoted one yet through their system but they seem legit. I know some people that used them before and got great results.

Why would you want to promote a webinar versus sending traffic to a sales page?

1. Webinars produce much higher conversions.

Have you ever been to one? If you have then you know what kind of buying frenzy webinars can produce. Usually the speaker provides value and has some great tips to share. When you share something valuable with people it’s easier to sell them on your product or service. It’s a well known marketing technique and it works extremely well. Webinars are also live events so it creates this connection between the seller and the attendees. That connection makes them buy lol

2. Webinars sell higher priced products.

Most of the time the products sold through webinars are in the $100+ range. So if you can promote one and get commissions for every sale you refer, you will earn more money than trying to sell $27 ebook. If you got let’s say 50 people to a webinar that was selling a $500 product while paying out $200/sale and you got 30% conversion rate (sometimes the conversion rate can be higher) then you would make a cool $3,000. Can you get 50 people to a webinar? Even if you don’t have a list you could pay for advertising and still make some cash.

3. Promoting webinars helps you build a relationship with your subscribers.

Think about it, if the person doing the webinar is going to share a lot value so why not tell your subscribers about the event? They don’t have to buy anything (but of course they will). What’s cool I noticed about Webinar Swaps is that they record the event and let you promote it even after the webinar already took place. This means you could add some follow up emails to your sales funnel sharing awesome content while making extra cash at the same time. Of course, it’s important to choose only quality webinars because there are scammers out there who will take advantage of this selling technique.

So if you want to start promoting webinars then check out Webinars Swaps. You can sign up for free and get your links within couple of minutes.

The first thing you want to do after registration is connect your Paypal account so that you can get paid.

When you login for the first time you will see the following screen:

To get your account set up just click on “Add Your Paypal” tab and follow the instructions. Once your account is connected, you can start promoting their events.

To get your links just click on the “Upcoming Webinars” link at the top or go to “Watch Archived Replays” section to promote webinars that already happened.

They have done a lot of events already so there is a lot to choose from.

Simply select which one you want to promote by clicking on the “Promote” tab and copy your affiliate link.

Here are some tips:

1. Do not promote shady products – I would try to find out what exactly will be sold on the webinar. You could try to contact them or the product creator.

2. Do not promote people you don’t trust – Do some research on the person doing the webinar. I would definitely not promote someone who is hiding under a pen name.

3. Do not promote webinars that only pitch the product and do not provide any valuable content – I have been to webinars where the speaker would only talk about his product without sharing anything valuable. I would avoid those and only try to promote events hosted by people I know have something useful to teach.

Anyway, webinars are becoming more and more popular. Conversions are amazing if it’s done right, so I would definitely recommend you to check into that.

On the other hand, if you are a product creator in the IM niche but don’t have the pull to get your seats filled up then contact the guys from Webinar Swaps to help you get the audience. You could tap into their existing affiliate base and make tons of sales.


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