Make Money Publishing Free Ebooks

There are lots of ways to get traffic to your sites but this one is in my opinion one of the most effective ones ever discovered that won’t cost you money.

In fact this method is so effective that in many cases it will outperform paid advertising if done right.

The method I am talking about is writing ebooks that you then distribute for free. This is such an easy way to break into the affiliate marketing business and the sad fact is that most people never even try it.

I understand that it might be hard to break into the info product business especially in the internet marketing niche that’s why offering valuable reports for free is a great way to start.

So you probably wonder how are you going to make money if you are just giving away your ebook instead of charging for it, right?

Well you can easily monetize this method with affiliate programs and list building.

You are basically going to promote affiliate products while at the same time providing lots of great information to the person reading your ebook.

Also, you are going to include links inside your report or ebook to your website where the reader can get more information from you in exchange for name and email address. This way you can build your subscribers list and promote other offers to them and later on even your own products.

So the first step in this method is to come up with an idea for an ebook.

You want to create a piece of content that people want and there is high demand for it. You want to find out what people are searching for and what sells already in your niche.

By the way, this method works extremely well in the internet marketing niche because your distribution process will be much easier than with other niches, although Health industry is great too.

So in this example I am going to assume you are trying to get into the “make money” niche.

The first thing you should do is check out Clickbank marketplace and see what’s already selling.

Go to and check out their E-business/Marketing category. I know there are a lot of garbage products on their first page right now with the latest “magical software” launches so scroll down and go a few pages deep to find some lower gravity products that still produce sales.


Identify their main topics and then do some keyword research. You can use free tool from Google for that or if you want to get fancy you can pick up some paid tool as well.

You want to write your ebook on topic that gets a lot of searches and people spend money on.

The higher demand for the information you are going to provide the more people will download your ebook which of course is going to make you more money. Simple

Another place to check out is Warrior Forum Special Offer section. There are thousands of people selling all kinds of info in the internet marketing niche and just by browsing some of the offers there you will quickly discover which topics are hot right now and what’s selling.

You could even purchase some to see how they create their products and check out their sales process. One of the most valuable lessons from buying info products in the “make money” niche is the sales process itself.

Once you have a clear idea what your ebook is going to be about it’s time to find good affiliate products to monetize it with.

There are tons of affiliate networks out there and private affiliate programs.

What I really recommend you do especially in this marketing niche is to find affiliate programs that pay 100% commission straight to your PayPal account. When you are starting out it’s important to get your cashflow up quickly so that’s a tip for you there.

What’s really cool about those 100% commission affiliate programs is that you instantly have your money in your PayPal account after each sale. When your ebook gets distributed all over and starts spreading like a virus you will generate hands-free income on daily basis without any extra work. And if you properly set up your list building process you can turn that traffic into massive paydays.

Do NOT put too many promotional links in your report! I recommend that you promote at most 2-3 affiliate products inside your ebook.  If you just slap affiliate links all over this strategy will NOT work for you and you might not even be able to distribute it anywhere, because most places only accept quality stuff.

The higher quality ebook you create the higher chance it will get downloaded thousands of times and make you money.

To write your ebook use Microsoft Word and then once you are done simply convert it into a PDF file with clickable links.

I recommend making your free ebook at least 20-30 pages long with great quality content. People like reports with actionable steps instead of just theory. They want to know what to do after reading your ebook.

Keep in mind that you can totally outsource this entire process. You could even purchase some high quality PLR but the key word is quality! Most PLR stuff is garbage.

If you want to write an ebook on a topic you are not an expert in then hire one to do that for you.

There are plenty of outsourcing sites where you can post your projects at. Check out,, and

Inside your ebook you should also include a link to your own website where you either give away more free information or sell your own products. I recommend linking to a squeeze page so you can capture their name and email address.

If you don’t have your own website yet that’s cool you can still do this for some easy affiliate commissions.

Once your report is done make sure you proofread it before converting it into a PDF file. After you convert it to PDF open it and make sure all your links work and are clickable. It’s very important that your links are clickable. If the reader can’t click on it and go the website you want them to go then obviously it’s not going to be effective and won’t work.

Ok, so now you have your ebook ready for distribution, great!

What do we do now?

First, send it to your friend and tell him/her to send it to 3 other friends and so on …LOL just kidding

There are actually quality ebook directories where you can submit your work.

There are also plenty of worthless ones that have been abandoned and you will be wasting your time trying to submit it there.

Anyway, here are a few ones I found







Those are a few good ones I found worth submitting to. Take for example, some of their ebooks get thousands of downloads! Do you know how valuable that could be for your business? Just imagine how big your list could be by simply distributing a few ebooks.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to only those directories. You can submit your ebook to forums as well. On Warrior Forum you could post a classified ad and get some circulation going from there.

You can also create a simple website just for your ebook and get some SEO done for it. Issue a press release about your free book and possibly get picked up by some authority media site. (this is killer tip)

Another benefit of distributing free PDF ebooks is that some people will upload it to their sites and Google does spider PDF files and sees what links are inside. So basically it is also a great way to build one way links to your site to increase your search engine rankings.

Let me just show you some stats from one of my Aweber accounts that I did a simple test with. I distributed an ebook under a pen name in a niche market that has a lot of people spending money 🙂

As you can see this method works extremely well and you can definitely make some decent money with it.

So my question to you is are you going to take action?


2 thoughts on “Make Money Publishing Free Ebooks

  1. Thanks Pawel, That’s a great tip on how to distribute ebooks for free and monetize the website. I never thought of doing the research on Clickbank or the Warrior Forum, that is a very nifty idea.

  2. There’s no money to be made via the website or by selling the ebooks. Ebooks are too difficult to montetize. The only entity that really make money selling ebooks is Amazon, and they make their real money peddling expensive Kindles.

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