Make Money Selling Health Products From Private Label Manufacturer

If you want to make some serious cash then you might want to consider getting into selling health products. I am not talking about some lame ebooks, I am talking about actual health supplements and vitamins.

This is not a cheap business to get into though, but extremely lucrative to say the least.

To get into this business you are going to need some serious cash up front. You don’t have to spend a ton of money but you will need at least $10k to start I would say.

If you are promoting or promoted CPA offers in the health vertical then you’ve probably wondered how these guys come up with their products so quick to fill the demand. When Oprah talked about Acai Berry there was a huge dump of Acai products into the marketplace literally overnight, right?

Well, the guys making money with those products didn’t create them or paid for development. What they do is buy private label health products and basically slap their own label on it. The claims that they made on their sales letters is another story, but that’s how it’s done.

There are 2 different ways to make money selling health products.

1. Build a store –You could create your own e-commerce store and sell your health products that way. It’s easy to set up a nice looking store these days. There are some great scripts that you could install in one afternoon with a built-in shopping cart. In fact, you don’t even need a script. You could just build the pages manually with some good content and use Paypal, or 1ShoppingCart to take payments.

2 Create your own CPA Offer – This is where the big money is being made! You could come up with your own Acai berry trial if you really wanted to. I know it’s a risky business, but you can bet that those companies are banking millions every year from these offers. With this business model you are going to need some additional cash to get your offer listed with a CPA network. Most networks will require rock solid proof that your offer actually converts, plus verification of funds available to pay for leads generated by affiliates.

So the question is how do you find these health manufacturers that provide private label health products?

Nutrition Manufacturer is one of those companies. They are located in Idaho, USA. Go check out their products 🙂 I am sure some of you will find many similar offers you’ve promoted as an affiliate before.

You could purchase all their stuff wholesale and make a killing selling it. What’s important though is how you market it. Obviously you would need a great looking landing page that converts. But hey, you already know the format that produces best results lol Just look at the current health CPA offers on different affiliate networks. You can hire a graphic designer for like $200 bucks to create something that looks even better.

Next step is to hook up a merchant account to take payments and start the conversion testing phase. It’s important that you have your own merchant account. I recommend They have proven track record and fees aren’t too bad compared to Paypal or some other payment processor (plus they offer API). Why do you want your own merchant account? Because you want control! End of story.

Anyway, there are many other health manufacturers that provide private label products. By the way, Nutrition Manufacturer will even help you design your label, or formulate something custom. When searching for a good manufacturer, pay attention to where they are located. Personally I would only do business with companies that are located in USA or Canada.

As I said before it’s a risky business and you want to make sure that you have proper disclaimers before going wild with your product.

I am looking into this myself and have been talking with someone who sold millions worth of stuff. I haven’t decided what kind of product I want to create yet. Right now I am just looking at the possibilities and how the process works.

If you cover your ass with all the proper disclaimers and make sure you don’t lie or state false claims, then it could turn out to be a highly profitable venture.


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could do that. That’s a great idea. I wonder if they would drop-ship too, so that I wouldn’t have to keep any inventory?

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