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Google has started promoting their Google Engage program and it looks like anyone from US or CA can apply. Their ad caught my attention when I was searching for some Adwords information so I decided to check it out.

The program is designed to help businesses get online and start advertising with Adwords. There is definitely a lot of money to be made helping offline businesses get more customers through online advertising. Offline marketing has been the “buzz” word in the IM niche lately too. If you hang out at the Warrior Forum you know what I mean 🙂

What’s cool about Google Engage is that there is no cost to join and the benefits of becoming a member are quite attractive.

Here are some of the key benefits listed on their page:

1. Access to 20 free $100 vouchers for your new clients (20 vouchers = $2,000)

2. Free Adwords training directly from Google – I am not sure how good their training is to be honest. You could probably learn some targeting strategies and more about quality scores, but to convert traffic into buyers I recommend learning about copywriting from someone outside of Google.

3. Webinars and videos – That’s cool that they are stepping up the game and actually want to help you succeed. It might be something worth while

4. Marketing materials – I like that actually! I know about courses that have been sold for $2-3k in the IM niche that offered ready-made marketing materials. You get that free with Google Engage.

5. Google Certification – Being a certified Adwords professional is a valuable asset. It makes you look like an expert and your clients will trust you more.

6. Adwords support directly from Google – Lack of support is the biggest downside in their Adwords program. According to their promo you will be able to get your questions answered by a rep directly from Google.

You can apply to Google Engage here

What I don’t understand is why on their FAQ page it says that to qualify you must be physically based in Australia.

But when you go to their sign up page and click on the “Join The Program” button it says it’s opened to anyone in US and CA.

Hmm…maybe it’s just a mistake

So is it worth it? I think it is. You can make some decent money helping businesses get more exposure through Adwords while learning some valuable skills yourself at the same time. I also like how Google promises their support and provides marketing materials for you to use to get more clients.

Are there any special requirements?

From what I read on their FAQ page anyone who knows a little bit about online advertising can get in.

If you want to learn Adwords and make some money then you might want to consider joining. I thought about it myself, but I am too busy with my other projects right now.


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