Make Money With Google TV

Google has rolled out Google Tv officially today. If you use Google for search I am sure you have noticed the Google TV link on their homepage. Anyway, I think it’s going to create some new opportunities to make money in the near future. Google has already announced that developers can create apps for it.

Let’s look at some of the cool features of Google Tv.

“Television, meat search engine” – This feature looks actually really cool. Google TV will integrate with your current cable service or dish provider and add the search functionality. You will be able to search the web and your tv channels simultinously. Now how cool it would be if we could create our own pay per view sites where people have to pay to watch our content? I am sure there are going to be ways to monetize that somehow.

It’s going to be a lot easier to find your favorite channels or whatever you are looking for. Google is truly moving forward with their search products. Having Google search engine on your TV at a click of a button sounds really cool and I guess gives more ad inventory for Google to sell and wider reach overall compared to Bing (with Yahoo)

The Google TV box is made by Sony and only powered by Google app. Pretty smart on their part. Same thing they did with the Droid phone. I imagine it’s a way for them to avoid any possible anti-trust lawsuits.

Another cool feature is that you can browse the web the way you do it on your PC without any limitations. That’s kinda cool because you could create specific sites designed for Google TV viewers and try to monetize that traffic. You could offer some premium video content that people can watch right on their TV. Would be great if they could pay for your content using their credit card on file with their service provider 🙂

People won’t have to turn off their TV to browse the web. They will be able to shop, go to Youtube, read their favorite blogs all with a click of a button on their remote control. I wonder if Google is going to get paid for all the sales generated through their platform. I know I would try to integrate that 🙂 Let’s say you want to buy something from Amazon, with a click of button on your remote control you could order whatever that you are shopping for and Google gets paid a commission on your sale LOL wicked. I am not sure if that’s what they are trying to do but it would definitely be a killer income stream. Google is already trying to get in front of their users with their own content, so this actually could be part of their master plan.

Another awesome feature of Google TV is the ability for developers to create apps just like for smartphones. Google basically created a whole new marketplace with that. The cool part about this is that the apps you can create can be much more robust than apps for mobile phones. I guess developers will have the opportunity to create paid apps and Google will create their own app store for that. Wicked indeed 🙂

I am sure it’s going to be a lucrative business for game developers. Social games right on your TV  🙂

It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens with Google TV and how it plays out. Some other cool features include the ability to use your phone as the remote control, watch TV while browsing the web at the same time, and recording options within the search functionality.

Right now there are 2 options if you want to get Google TV.  You could get a standalone HDTV with Google TV already built in or a seperate box (blue ray player) both sold through Sony. There is an option to get Logitech Revue as well.

Anyway, the product looks awesome and I think I am going to order it for myself to try it out. Can’t wait to see how practical it really is.


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