Make Money With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse…NOT

Are you serious? Do you actually believe that a newbie with no experience or a business in place can make money with just a few clicks? Well if you do then what I suggest you do is turn off your computer and sell it on eBay. Then pick up a local newspaper and start looking for some real job offers!

I am dead serious!

Lately the internet marketing niche has been flooded with these types of offers and the guys selling these products are cleaning up the house making themselves even more richer while you are left out in the cold with garbage that doesn’t work.

Since about April of last year marketers started coming out with these so called magical software tools that you can use to make money online by simply pressing a few buttons. It’s the biggest pile of crap I have ever seen and I strongly urge you to stop buying it!

I understand that the economy is down and more people are turning to the internet for ways to make money, but come on! Do not believe this stuff!

Most of the time the so called magical software they are selling is nothing more than an article submitter, auto blog software, or something else that violates TOS of another major high traffic site like Facebook, Yahoo Answers, and even Google.

You will not make money with it! And even if you luckily make $10 from it will not work long term.

Now let’s talk about the story they use to sell these products….LOL

Some are just really funny and just by watching one of their sales videos it’s easy to tell it’s all lies and the person doing the video is just an actor who got hired to do the voiceover. Now there is nothing wrong with hiring someone to do voiceover for you or even an actor for the video, but the story they tell is just plain ridiculous.

It usually goes like this….” I am some average Joe who hired secret team of programmers from Moscow to create top secret software that simply makes money appear in your bank account. All you have to do is open the software, click a few buttons and KaChing!”

Do people really believe this shit?

I always thought that people who want to make some money online are a little smarter than that but I guess I was wrong.

What really bothers me is the fact that those guys are ruining it for everyone else who wants to make an honest living online and sell legitimate products. How long do you think it’s going to take for FTC to step in and make some ridiculous rules for all of us that will make things so much harder than they are right now?

I imagine they are already working on it so don’t follow the same path or you could get burned.

Another thing to point out is that most of these guys are based from UK. Maybe they think they are safe because of that who knows, but sooner or later it’s going to bite them in the ass.

Fact is that none of the guys selling these products actually used them to make any money. They don’t even know if it works or not. They make a big launch and after a month there is no support whatsoever and they just move on to the next big thing.

I am not that innocent either cause when I was a newbie I sold some stuff and promoted things I am not proud of, but I have never took it to this level like these guys are. When I realized how easy it is to make money with content sites I saw a whole new world of opportunities out there and I took a step back. I am so glad I did!

Another issue I have is that Clickbank allows this to happen! They are the largest reseller of digital products and the fact that they associate themselves with these products is a shame. It’s like they don’t care and just milking it for as long as they can. Clickbank is riding a train that is doomed and will crash sooner or later. Question is will they be able to get out before the crash happens? Who knows.

Here is my advice to you

When you see a sales letter that says you can make money with just a few clicks using some top secret software ….RUN!!!! close the page as quickly as possible!  Especially when they don’t reveal anything about the product or what the software actually does.

Software is very easy to sell. You don’t have to trick anyone to anything. You simply show people what it does and how it can help them. That’s all it takes to sell it. But these guys won’t do that because they know that if they showed it on the sales letter nobody would ever buy it.

So that’s it for my rant 🙂


11 thoughts on “Make Money With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse…NOT

  1. Excellent post Pawel! I’ve been on a crusade for a while now about this topic. Think I’ll “swipe” some of this article and post it on my blog with a link back of course.. Please continue with these type of posts exposing the a-holes wrecking it for the rest of us honest folk! Thanks again Pawel, Walt

  2. I have been scammed 4 times so far by these guys. I feel stupid after reading your post 🙁 but you are 100% correct. They will never get a single cent from me ever again and I unsubscribed from most of their lists as well. Thank you for posting this

  3. Certainly not by getting some magical software and pressing a few buttons 🙂 There are so many ways to make money online it’s hard to say which method is best. You need to find something that works for you.

  4. Thank you Pawal for expressing what I have been noticing for some time. What I do is put the never ending snake oil sales pitches into an alphabet soup of acronym email folders. About 2 to 3 months later, I will, when I have time, go to and read reviews from people who bought the program and got taken for a ride.

  5. Pete most of the time the screenshots they show are real. The problem is that those earnings are not generated with their “magical software” but simply from selling the product. Those are basically vendor earnings not affiliate earnings, and Clickbank is aware of that as well!

  6. Hi, I have this friend asking me to join this kind kind of industry/job, she said exactly the same as other scam do. That I would earn $4 pear click on the website and increase when I get more friends to join. I am really convinced and today is my plan to send her 35 dollars for me to get started. I need your thoughts about this, could you pls.look at their website and tell me if their really genuine?Thank You

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