Make Money With Open Source Software

What’s surprises me is that a lot of people do not know what open source software is and that you can make a ton of money with it.

When a software application is distributed under Open Source license for the most part it means you can modify it and sell it as your own. Some have restrictions of course but many don’t.

There are thousands of different programs out there that you could sell after making some changes to the source code and adding some additional features.

You can visit Source Forge and find apps in many different niche markets.

For example, I found this one called Ultimate Submitter. I wonder if this hasn’t been launched already on Clickbank before as one of those 1-click riches programs.

It has all the cool features for website promotion. I can sooo see someone selling it as a software that “drives millions of visitors” to your website overnight 😉

If you spend a little bit of time searching for these programs you will find some real good ones that you could use as starting point for your own software. You can find desktop applications, wordpress plugins, web based tools etc.

It’s very important that you read the terms and license agreement before you try to make any changes to the source code. The one I found actually allows you to sell it.

I am not telling you to launch the next top CB product with false claims but you could take this concept and create your own profitable software without investing a lot of money. You could hire a programmer from some freelance site and for $300-$500 have him modify the software making it more user-friendly and possibly adding some new features.

First of all, you want to come up with a list of software programs that are already selling out there.  You don’t want to waste time and money on something that doesn’t sell. Then you go to sites like and start searching for similar tools that are available under Open Source license.

The next thing you want to do is download it and test it out. While you are testing it, try to come up with ideas on how to improve the software or make it more user-friendly. Some of them might not even work so make a list of all the errors you get while testing it.

Once you have fully tested it and have come up with all the changes you need to make go hire a programmer from Odesk or Elance to do it all for you.

If the software you are working on is for the Internet Marketing niche then you don’t even have to worry about traffic to sell it. Just launch a WSO on Warrior Forum and you will probably bank some niche chunk of change.

I have seen many WSOs selling modified Open Source apps.

But you don’t have to sell it to make money with it. You can also build a list by giving away the software for free. Think of a cool name for your tool and just rename it.

Then just set up a nice squeeze page and drive traffic to it anyway you can. I would do solo ads, paid reviews, and possibly buy media if I had a good sales funnel attached to it.

There is definitely a lot of potential when it comes to Open Source code. I know a few big product launches in the IM space where the product being sold was just an upgraded free tool that was available under open source license.


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  1. Good post. I didn’t know you could just modify it and sell it. I need to look into this I guess. This explains how some of the IM gurus keep pumping out all those tools like it’s going out of style lol

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