Make Money With PLR – How To Make Money With Private Label Rights Content

There’s no getting around the fact that building an affiliate marketing business requires content – lots and lots of content.  You need articles to build your websites, posts to share on Web 2.0 and social bookmarking sites, messages for your autoresponder series and much more.

In fact, chances are good you’ve sat down at your computer on more than one occasion with a grimace on your face at the thought of writing another page of content.

There’s got to be a better way – and there is.  Enter your new best friend…  PLR content!

PLR stands for “private label rights,” and basically, this designation means that the original author of the content is granting you permission to claim the content as yours and use it any way you can think of.  The potential benefit of PLR content is obvious – no more frustrated nights spent tearing your hair out and battling an endless case of writer’s block.

Consider some of the following ways you can use PLR in your affiliate marketing business:

Build out your own sites – It’s no secret that Google and the other search engines love freshly updated websites.  But staying on top of a regular publishing schedule can be difficult, which makes PLR content a life saver.  PLR content is available in virtually every niche, from internet marketing to golf to scrapbooking, making it easy to find content that you can modify and post to your affiliate marketing websites.

Use PLR for backlinking – If your affiliate marketing business’s SEO or promotional techniques include article marketing, Web 2.0 site development or any other backlinking strategy that utilizes niche content, PLR articles can help you to generate the text needed to populate these sites much faster than you’ll be able to write it all yourself.

Obviously, there’s a big caveat here – since PLR is available to anyone on the internet, chances are you aren’t the only one who’s downloaded it.  Even if you purchase PLR content that’s available in limited release (ie – only a certain number of copies are sold), you’re still going to want to modify your PLR content to make it unique from the original version – especially for sites like Ezinearticles or Squidoo, which are particular about accepting only original content.

Now, if modifying PLR content to be unique sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, don’t forget that you don’t have to rewrite the text yourself.  There are plenty of freelance workers on sites like, or who can help you to rewrite your PLR to a pre-determined degree of uniqueness.  You can even find people on sites like Fiverr who will rewrite your PLR for as little as $5 – so don’t let this extra step prevent you from taking advantage of good PLR content!

Develop your own product – Once you’ve found success with affiliate marketing, the natural next step in your business is to develop your own info products.  Owning your own products means no more split commissions – no more busting your butt to sell a product, only to receive a fraction of the total purchase price.

However, as you might expect, creating your own info product is easier said than done.  Writing a complete ebook is a time consuming process – before you even sit down to start writing, you’ve got to come up with an idea, do your research and outline the product.  Outsourcing your ebook creation isn’t a significantly better option, as decent writers can charge $250 or more to put together a simple report.

Enter, PLR!  There are plenty of PLR ebooks out there for sale that you can put your own name on – for just a few dollars, you can have your own product put together and ready to sell within the hour.  Or, if you can’t find a PLR ebook that you like, you can always string together PLR articles to form an entirely new report.  Put your name and affiliate links in the ebook and create a new title and cover for the product – no one ever needs to know that you didn’t write it yourself.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any desire to get into selling your own products, you can also use the info product you created using PLR content to entice visitors to subscribe to your email list.  Most web visitors today are wary of giving away their email addresses to just anyone, so offering a free ebook or autoresponder course (built with PLR content, of course) is a great way to persuade them to provide this sensitive information.

Create a Video Series or YouTube Channel – Video marketing is hot right now, and there’s no sign of this trend going away any time soon.  People want to watch videos online, and search engines want to feature them prominently in the SERPs.  Simply adding a video series or YouTube channel to your affiliate site is a great way to gain tons of extra exposure and visitors.

And best of all, PLR content is well-suited to being converted into video content, as there’s no need to worry about rewriting the text to a certain level of uniqueness.  Since the search engines won’t be indexing a word-for-word audio transcription of the video, you don’t need to worry about the duplicate content penalty when it comes to PLR-based video content.

To create killer videos from PLR content, all you need is a free screencasting program, like Camstudio or Jing, and a microphone.  Install one of these programs, and create a simple background out of either an image or a Powerpoint slide.  Then, capture yourself reading the text of the PLR article, and – bam – you’ve got a video series ready to send visitors rushing back to your website.

As you can see, PLR content offers a nearly unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to affiliate marketing site building and product creation.  However, the final caution here is that not all PLR content is created equally.  For starters, avoid the “PLR article” packs that are sold for peanuts at all costs – the content is likely poorly written and out-of-date.

Instead, look for independent PLR providers who are well-reviewed on places like the Warrior Forum.  You can also use the classified ad sections of internet marketing forums to find PLR content that’s been reviewed by other past purchasers in order to weed out the good PLR from the bad.  By putting a little effort into selecting good PLR in the first place, you’ll find that transforming the text into any of the product creation methods described above becomes much easier.

Anyway, I understand that high quality original content is still king, but PLR can be used to supplement the original content you provide. There is nothing wrong with using good PLR content for your affiliate sites or reports you give away for free to build a list.

What I don’t recommend is using PLR for internet marketing related sites because people will see right through it. But you can use that content for your affiliate sites in the health market for example.


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