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Update: The project has been shut down. is not longer online.

Google has been aggressively promoting their new site If you search for ways to make money online then I am sure you have seen their ads all over the place such as these.

Anyway, I decided to check it out today to see how it works. Basically when you sign up for you can participate in contests and win cash prizes.

You can also create your own contests to get ideas, graphic designs, and all sorts of other stuff. It’s a cool site to be honest. It seems very user friendly but that’s expected from a company like Google.

When you sign up you are immediately offered to join a contest. When I signed up I saw this on my screen before I could even get into the main members area.

I entered the contest but didn’t win 🙁

You can also skip it and just proceed to the site. When you get to the main members area you will see a whole page with different contests to enter. Some pay pretty well.

The first thing they want you to do is to verify your account. They incentivize it by offering a $100 coupon, but they don’t tell you what the coupon is for right there and then.

You need to click on the FAQ link at the bottom to find that out. Basically, you can use the coupon to run a contest.

If they said “Verify the account and get $100 Amazon gift card” then maybe I would do it lol

Let’s take a look at some of the contests and payouts.

I took this screenshot from my account.

Their payouts are quite good if you ask me. Some even pay as much as $10k

For example, is running their own contest for “Best Welcome To Prizes Videos”

I like how Google made the site very social. They have a forum that you can join to ask questions and interact with other members.

You can view “Top talents” page to see who is making the most money. It’s a great motivator for new members.

Each contest has social sharing buttons to drive more new members (clever).

So can you actually make decent money with

Well, let’s check out the leaders. I took a screenshot of the top 5 listed on their leaderboard.

I clicked on the top leader profile to see how much he actually made and how long it took him to generate the cash. It didn’t say how long that person was a member but it did show how many entries he had and how many of them were winning ones.

From 300 entries he won 65 which earned him (after adding it all up) $6,844! Not bad actually.

If you got some graphic design skills you might want to try it out. The key in my opinion is not how skilled you are but how well you understand what the contest creator is actually looking for, or what their needs are.

But you know what? If you got skills I wouldn’t be wasting it on because it’s not guaranteed you will make money. You are just taking a chance that you might get selected as a winner.

I can see how stay at home moms can earn some extra cash from it though. If you could win 2 contests per month that pay $150 that’s $300/month that you didn’t have right? You can also get your friends to vote on your entries, and if the creator doesn’t pick a winner the entry with the most votes win.

But here is the problem with a site like this.

You see, what stops people from gaming the system and getting ideas for free? I did some searching around and discovered that people are already doing that.

For example, they join the site with a friend and create a contest for best site ideas or whatever. Then the person has their friend enter the contest and wait for others to post entries as well. When the contest creator gets what they wanted (from others) they award the prize to their friend instead. So basically they didn’t pay for anything.

I think Google should somehow prevent this from happening. I am sure they monitor for suspicious behavior but I imagine it’s hard to stop something like that. is not only for making money. You can go there to get things done for yourself as well. It’s basically a platform where you can outsource stuff.

To run a contest you will need to purchase credits through Paypal. Each credit is worth $1 and the winner of the contest can then convert these credits into cash.

Google has been aggressively entering all kinds of different markets recently. is basically competing with Fiverr, 99designs, and other freelance sites.

Pretty soon it’s going to be extremely hard to break into anything if Google continues to develop their own content for their users.


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  1. Great article, I hadn’t realised the site was Google owned, always a bit wary of sites like this but I may give it a whirl. Just as an experiment of course 🙂 Thanks Andi

  2. It is worth a try to know how to work on it. I am new in this so I have to learn the ways of winning. This can also be an added learning for me. I truly believe that learning does not end till we lost breath. As long as we are alive we strive to learn and thus we become adult learners. Of course in this case, out goals comprises the winning of prizes; and gaining something new to learn.

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