Market Health Affiliate Network Review

As you probably know I am a member of many affiliate networks and MarketHealth is one of them. I like promoting health offers because conversions are extremely high especially with offers targeting women (they are big spenders :))

Anyway, today I wanted to review Market Health affiliate network and show you why you should definitely become a member and start promoting some of their high converting products.

Market Health has been in business for years and used to be called Joe Bucks. They know exactly what it takes to create high converting landing pages and they only accept advertisers that can provide high EPCs for their affiliates.

It’s easy to join their network and the process doesn’t require you to call them or have any experience. Some CPA networks are quite strict with approvals and don’t want inexperienced affiliates joining their affiliate program. This is not the case with Market Health.

As soon as you become a member you should login and check out their offers. There are a lot of well-known brands on their network with high converting landing pages.

What’s cool about Market Health is the fact that they offer free hosting for new affiliates who want to jump right into promoting their products. Not many affiliate networks do that, in fact none that I know of at this time.

When you login to your member’s area you will notice on the right newest advertisers that just joined their network. I always test out the new offers because usually the competition isn’t as high at the beginning. So always keep that in mind.

Market Health also offers some affiliate marketing training for their affiliates. When you click on the “Marketing Tips” tab inside the member’s area there are a few good articles on PPC. In my opinion they need to add more tips and training though. A lot of people do not use PPC anymore to drive traffic. Google has been known to bann affiliates for promoting some of these offers that you find on Market Health. Most affiliate marketers now use SEO and media buys to make sales.

The most important are the offers though and Market Health has tons of them.

There is definitely a lot to choose from and any affiliate can find something to promote. A lot of their offers pay on CPA basis which means you can get paid up to $40 per free trial. Their payouts are quite impressive and you can make some serious affiliate cash with them.

I found one offer that is getting me about $13 EPC lol

Of course the traffic is low and this could have been just a lucky sale but I am still testing it and it’s looking good so far. By the way I am not paying anything for traffic. This sale came from a site with a page ranked for a highly targeted keyword phrase for that particular offer.

What is also cool about Market Health is that they show you which offers are hot and produce best conversion rates.

When you go to any of their categories there is usually at least 3 offers with a “fire” icon next to their listing which indicates high volume sales.

You want to pick those offers and drive some test traffic to see if you can make it convert for you. You will be surprised how easy it is to convert these offers especially when you presell them.

Market Health also offers different payout options. When you click on some of these offers to get your links you will find a section called “CPA Options” where you can choose how you want to get paid.

I always recommend using the CPA option where you get paid $40 per trial but you want to test that for yourself. If the product is extremely good where people keep reordering it every month then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go with 50% Rev-Share.

Market Health also offers some really good tracking features. You can supply them with your own Google Analytics code, pixel tracking image, or Yahoo and MSN tracking codes.

You can also choose the language for the landing page you want to promote. Some of their offers are international so you can drive traffic from other countries as well.

Once everything is set up they will provide you with your own custom link and you can start driving traffic.

Market Health is definitely one of the leaders in the health industry. Their payouts are awesome and you could easily make some serious money promoting their advertisers.

If you don’t know how to promote these offers check out my CPA Cash Magnet report which is free and you can download it by simply entering your name and email address on the sidebar 🙂

Anyway, I highly recommend Market Health because their offers convert and they pay on time. You can set up Wire Transfer or Paypal as your payment method. They now even offer a debit card option which is very cool.

If you want to promote high converters then join Market Health and take massive action. The only way you are going to make money is if you create a plan and stick with it.


13 thoughts on “Market Health Affiliate Network Review

  1. MarketHealth is a great network. I am making some nice income with them every month from some of my sniper sites I have set up. Their offers convert very well for me and they never missed a payment.

  2. hi i just sign up for market health n i have a problem says Your account is not fully authorized at this time for network offers. To authorize your account, and gain access to this network, offer click on the link below. Click here to begin the authorization process. and i couldn’t promote the free trials please people help thanks

  3. I have a natural men’s health website, and have been marketing Market Health Products for over a year now, and my conversions suck. I do much better with Amazon and some other affiliates. I do article marketing, Facebook and Twitter marketing. Any tips on improving conversions?

  4. I just read on the Warrior forum some bad reveiws about Ma,rketHealth, with many saying MH “shaves” leads . I would think if there is any truth to this, would be the death of Any affiliate network??

  5. I have joined Market Health for 6 months ago, every month I have average of 3 sales which gives me $40 flat rate, nice side income along with Adsense

  6. I was wondering if anyone tried to contact the company for more general affiliated if you can get more than one link, also if you can switch from 40CPA to 50 REV Share Paid.

  7. Anyone that has limited knowledge of the Affiliate Marketing business needs to do their research before joining any program. I’ve come across so many crooked networks and scam companies that do shave sales. The most reputable ones that I truest the most are MoreNiche and Sell Health. Many other great ones are out there but they offer little training and support. MoreNiche has loads of everything. Educate yourself about the industry before you dive into it! Learn how to use keywords! Stay away from offers that sound too good to be true. “Common Sense” goes a long way in this industry. Join a company with a great affiliate support team.

  8. Just about impossible to get a reply from anyone at Market Health. Been trying now for some time due to a problem with a purchase. If anyone has an email address which gets a reply I’d be grateful!

  9. Interesting! Do they advise on where you should promote? I saw a video from the perspective of a spammer. I don’t mind going to blogs and commenting, but I would rather do it in an ethical way.

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