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I have said this before and I am going to say it again…Traffic Is The Best Product To Sell! Everyone wants and needs traffic right?

Just a few years ago starting your own ad network wasn’t easy nor within reach for the regular person, because you would need to buy media first before selling it. You would have to secure deals with large publishers before rolling out your own ad network. The capital needed for that was huge!

Well, now anyone can start their own ad network with MAXCPM media exchange platform.

MAXCPM provides everything you need to run your own ad network and start selling traffic to advertisers. Their platform looks pretty good and has a lot of features too.

You can check it out for yourself…Click here for online demo

I found out about this from Warrior Forum the other day. Their ad caught my attention so I decided to check them out.

There are still a few things I would probably need explained before jumping on board but it looks good from what I have seen so far.

What I would like to know is if someone starts their own network do they automatically have inventory to sell? That’s kind of the most important question because what’s an ad network without traffic? Lol

The MAXCPM platform though looks really nice and slick.

You can totally brand it with your own logo and brand name. There are a few demos that you can check out on their site. You can login as network admin, publisher, or advertiser to get a better feel of the platform.

The MAXCPM is still in beta and didn’t launch yet. Everyone who gets in as beta tester will receive the full Enterprise license to run their ad network after it’s launched to the public.

Right now everyone will have their network mark up settings limited to 30% only but after it’s fully launched you will be able to change that as the admin of your own ad network.

Here are some of their features:

– Automatic optimization of ads for publishers and advertisers

– All networks work together. This means that your network will be able to tap into traffic that exists on other networks within the MAXCPM exchange and the other way around. This will help you with finding advertisers as well as new publishers.

– Full control of your ad network. You can approve, suspend and terminate accounts.

– Professional looking interface and control panel

– Smart ad targeting function. The MAXCPM platform can find best performing ads on your ad network then optimize placements and time when those ads are being shown.

– You can run your own campaigns on their exchange platform at wholesale prices

– Automatic A/B split testing for advertisers

– Support desk system to help you manage your ad network.

– CPC and CPA models available. (I think it’s important to have CPM as well so hopefully they can include that in the future)

– Auto Optimizer for publisher’s earnings. Publishers will get the most out of their traffic because MAXCPM will find the most profitable ads for them.

The entire platform can run on your own domain name from what I understand. You can basically create a great looking ad network and brand it the way you want to.

Why would you want to start your own ad network?

Because there is a lot of money being made in selling media. Any affiliate or business that has a product to sell online needs traffic.

Advertising is one of the few industries that just keeps growing each year. More and more companies spend money on online advertising and there is no limit to how much money you can make.

Selling traffic is a very scalable business model and very sustainable. By the way just to clarify, you won’t be an affiliate for MAXCPM. You are the network owner who controls how much he wants to earn from traffic being sold from his ad network.

It’s also not an affiliate network. You are not going to run affiliate offers with MAXCPM. You will be selling traffic directly to advertisers.

MAXCPM does look very solid. I am going to watch it closely for the next month and see what’s going to happen because if they can populate the network with publishers quickly, then selling the ad space is really not that hard. Traffic basically sells itself, so if you got it you won’t have to look very far to find advertisers who will buy it from you. In fact, they will find you.


4 thoughts on “MAXCPM – Start Your Own Ad Network To Make Money

  1. Interesting…so as soon as you sign up you can start selling traffic right away? I watched their videos and it looks really good. Couldn’t find anything else about it on forums, but maybe it’s because they just opened up. You would still need to handle support and payments to publishers right? or do they take care of that for you too?

  2. Looks like an opportunity to jump on… Selling advertising on your site directly will in most cases (As long as its related) increase your ad earnings considerably. Adsense is good for a while, but once you start trying to squeeze every last penny out of a site, you’re going to have consider other options.

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