Mobile Advertising – The new goldmine

Mobile advertising has gotten a lot of attention lately in the internet marketing world. There are courses, ebooks, software tools, and services being created specifically for mobile market. Everyone knows that Google bought Admob which is now the largest mobile advertising network. According to International Data Corporation Admob controls 21 percent of the market which is impressive.

So what are some opportunities for affiliates to tap into?

1. Create mobile websites! (or make your existing content mobile ready)

Start publishing mobile content. There are a few tools out there like that you can use to build mobile web pages. Google now offers Ads for mobile which is basically Adsense for your mobile pages. There aren’t many people doing this yet so it’s an open marketplace right now. I imagine that in very near future we will have mobile search engines for phones displaying only mobile ready pages. It’s going to be a Bonanza once again :) People won’t be used to it so for the first couple of years the ad revenue will be huge for publishers.

2. Create apps for smartphones

One good app for a smartphones could go viral. You can sell your app or offer it for free and still make money by selling ad space inside your app. Huge opportunity here. Just look at some of the most popular apps and think of something similar.

3. Mobile services

You can now offer some monthly services and collect payment by adding charges to their phone bill. Be careful with that though. Make sure your monthly fee is fully visible on the page and the user agrees to it.

4. Sell products (digital and physical)

There are now mobile payment processors (more coming) that you can use to sell anything from your mobile sites.

5. CPA marketing

New cpa networks are popin up with cpa offers designed for mobile phones. Get paid $$ for just collecting a phone number, email address or zip code. Pay per call is taking off! Simple page with a phone number to call will do :) Get someone to call that number and you get paid. You can use Admob to drive traffic to these pages.

6. Promote local businesses $$

Local businesses are so behind. Most of them don’t even have a useful website yet. With mobile advertising you can drive customers straight to them and get paid per call, or even just charge them a monthly fee for the service.

7. Build a list

Offer content in exchange for an email address or better yet for a phone number that you can send a text to. Autoresponders are already integrating texting feature into their services. Imagine sending a text message to 10K people at once about your special offer!

I am sure there will be more opportunities created once people fully understand the mobile market and how to jump into it. Mobile is here and now is the time to create something big that you could profit from in the future. Get ready!


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