MoreNiche Affiliate Network Review

Just recently I joined MoreNiche affiliate network which specializes in running health offers. The sign up process was easy and I got approved instantly.

I have to say that I like the way MoreNiche tries to get their new affiliates motivated to promote their offers. As soon as you sign up they are going to assign an affiliate manager to your account and you will see his contact info in your member’s area.

You can join here

It seems like a very friendly network and they are doing a great job helping affiliates to get started. When you login to your account the first thing you should do is browse through the navigation menu on the left sidebar to get familiar with all the tools available to your disposal.

Next, check out their offers by clicking on the “Links & Resources” link.

MoreNiche doesn’t have a lot of offers compared to some other networks like Neverblue or Market Health, but they all seem to convert quite well.

What’s cool about MoreNiche is that they provide conversion data. If you click on the “Conversion Tab” you can view top converters on their network.

I grabbed the top 10 but there is more.

There are 2 other very interesting tabs “Demographics” and “Seasonality”. MoreNiche shows you what countries you should target and also how to schedule your promotions throughout the year. Honestly I like that a lot 🙂

For example, let’s check out the top offer.



By analyzing this data I can plan my campaigns better. Now I know that with this offer I should concentrate on traffic from UK and US, plus I should probably schedule the campaign to run between February and August.

Super affiliates know how valuable this data actually is. I would definitely use this to my advantage.

MoreNiche also offers prizes for their top performing affiliates.

Check this out:

Their top prize is a boat ….nice!

MoreNiche also offers some nice tracking tools. You can run reports for your Keywords, Landing Pages, Banners and more.

They have a forum for all members. I don’t know many affiliate networks that offer a forum where you can interact with other affiliates and managers. You can get a lot of great ideas this way from other affiliates who are already making money, and it definitely helps with motivation.

Under “Your Toolbox” section you are going to find some basic video tutorials and ebooks to help you get started. Most affiliate networks don’t offer much support and usually don’t even want to talk to you unless you are already driving a decent amount of volume for them. So MoreNiche gets 2 thumbs up for being friendly and caring for their affiliate base.

Overall, they seem like a great affiliate network and from what I read on other blogs they pay well, and always on time.

MoreNiche looks kind of small compared to other networks with hundreds or even thousands of offers. At the time of writing this post there are only 36 products to promote. But hey, if they are great converters then it doesn’t really matter.

Health offers convert well and you can make an absolute killing promoting them. Those companies spend millions of dollars each year on advertising and branding, so you don’t have to work too hard to presell your visitors on the awesomeness of the product you are promoting.

As always, it’s important to communicate with your affiliate manager and ask what’s working right now and how you can start making money fast. Don’t guess just ask and find out, because it’s going to save you a lot of headaches and money you have for your advertising costs.


9 thoughts on “MoreNiche Affiliate Network Review

  1. Nice review. I signed up with their network so let’s hope I can make some money. Do you have any tips on how to promote these offers? Where would you buy traffic from?

  2. I joined moreniche a couple of months back.. and interestingly only made money after reading one of Pawel’s CPA reports.. I used the advice to make a review site.. The affiliate managers (product specific or general) are really healpful.. they review your articles and product promotion pages on your site.. and they recommend certain improvements that help in improving conversions..

  3. Hey Mike, thanks for your feedback. I am glad to see someone taking action. Keep it up! I agree with you on email promos. Most networks don’t allow it unless you get a permission but there is a way around it 🙂 Just send people from email to a landing page in that case (never send out raw affiliate link). Affiliate networks won’t be able to track that people from your landing page came from some email promotion.

  4. MoreNiche has just recently implemented the new disclosure policy whereby you have to place a friggin huge banner at the top of your site…What a dumb ass move that will discourage sales in an already failing economy…compliance is just another word for caving into the burgeoning police state nonsense…normally disclosures are placed in the bottom on 1 page…I also resent this being an affiliate from outside the UK & refuse to participate in their ridiculous country tyranny…let them enjoy it…i have taken my business else where…God Save the friggin Queen & the rest of us

  5. I signed up last week and haven’t done anything at all up to this point. That really means “I AM LOST” “HELP” I have no idea what to do. Do I have to have a website and all the rest of that stuff? Yuppers I’M LOST

  6. It’s nice to read that some affiliate programs like this are doing fine with affiliates. I hope to join very soon!

  7. I recently joined MoreNiche, received helpful advice from my mentor/coach, and within two weeks have made over $40 (two sales). I love their marketing system and products, and I look forward to ramping up my sales via hard work and my mentor’s advice.

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