Most Effective PR Campaign Ever

I am sure everyone knows what Google Doodle is, right? Google changes the appearance of their logo from time to time to entice their users to access the site. It’s a great branding tool for Google and awesome PR tool for those who get their Doodle approved to go on Google’s homepage.

By the way Google received a patent (Patent # 7,912, 915) for their Doodles believe it or not. Here is a link to read more about that. I am not sure how would they even enforce it but Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) got it approved somehow.

Anyway, their latest Doodle, which I think is the coolest one ever, caught my attention.

I made a quick video of it.

This Doodle was made to honor Martha Graham’s 117th birthday. The designer of this Doodle is Ryan Woodward according to Google’s link description.

Every time there is a new Doodle on Google’s homepage a lot of news sites publish press releases and millions of visitors click on it to see the search results it generates.

If you are lucky enough to have your site ranked for any of Doodle’s keyword phrases it’s going to get flooded with traffic and possibly crash your server lol

But that’s not what I wanted to point out today, because that’s obvious for most people. What’s really cool with this Doodle is that Google tells you who made it.

How many people do you think searched for “ryan woodward animation” after his Doodle went live? I imagine there was thousands of searches and he probably now has more business than ever before. What a great PR campaign!

Just imagine how many backlinks this campaign has generated for his website. It basically instantly appeared on tons of authority sites and even on major news networks.

How can you pull off a similar stunt? Well, most likely you won’t be able to get a Doodle approved lol but you could use a similar approach with other businesses. If you provide services and need more clients you could do something for free for a business with a big leveraging power. It should be your best work because your main objective is to get word of mouth advertising. If you think about it that’s basically what has happened with this Doodle. Google basically says, “hey, we got Ryan to make this cool animation and here is his website” 🙂


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