My Top Tier Business Exposed (Review of MTTB or also known as MOBE) – The other side of the coin

I kinda wanted to write this post a few months back but didn’t have the time for it. Anyway, I have been approached numerous times to join this MTTB or also known as MOBE business opportunity in the past months.

I get it…I run a blog in the “make money” space so obviously people will keep sending me emails asking to join under them, but this shit is getting annoying to tell you the truth.

I used to join these biz opps like in 2006 and did well for myself promoting them. I know that you can make some nice chunk of change if you are willing to put your name on the line and promote the hell out of it to your readers. I also know what it takes to make money with them and why most people that join won’t make a dime after they spend their hard earned cash to get in.

I used to be one of the top promoters in one company I joined a long time ago. Most people that paid to join under me didn’t make anything and after a week I wouldn’t hear from them anymore. It’s the same for every business opportunity out there…I mean every single one.

This is why I promised myself back then that I would never join another biz opp again. They all work the same. You join so that you can recruit people so they can recruit more people.

Anyway, I am writing this post to show you the other side of the coin. Nobody out there who promotes My Top Tier Business will tell you about this because they want you to hand them your money and join at the highest level possible.

I hope you have found this post before you actually joined so that you know what you are about to get yourself into.

First of all, what exactly is My Top Tier Business?

I am not going to explain details because you can find that out on your own by simply going through countless reviews done by those who try to sell it. But…I will show you how it works.

On their order page as seen above they say that you are guaranteed to make commissions within 30 days if you complete their 21 step process. It’s a pretty bold guarantee and very tempting for the average Joe.

To start their 21 step process you will be asked to pay $49 application fee and the following month they will start charging you $19 per month.

If you fail to complete their 21 step plan you will not get a refund. Also at the end you will be asked to pay $1997 (minimum) to become the MOBE license holder.

You can of course not pay it and become just an affiliate. In that case you are paying to join their affiliate program.

If you want to make the big bucks you will need to invest at least the $1997 or better yet $6,997 and lock your position at the Titanium level…..or better yet $15,997 to enjoy the benefits of their Platinum crap.

So what do you get at the lowest level? Well for $1997 you get to resell the program of course to others lol

Please don’t tell me that people join so they can get access to some products they offer…I know better!

You are not going to convince me that you actually paid that much so you can get their products. You paid that much so you can start recruiting and put money in your pocket, right? I mean, let’s be honest here.

But wait, they say that you can earn $1000, $3000, and $5000 commissions. Well, to qualify for the higher commissions you need to join the Titanium club (to earn $3000) or Platinum level (to earn $5000).

That’s pretty much all you need to know because that’s what My Top Tier Business is all about. Now that you know everything about them let me tell why you won’t make money like you think you will after you waste your cash to become a member.

Why You Will Fail Miserably Trying To Promote My Top Tier Business (The other side of the coin nobody will tell you about)

OK, so you probably have seen people claiming making thousands of dollars per month with it…hell maybe even tens of thousands. You have seen screenshots and all the proof so now you are wondering what the hell am I smoking telling you that you won’t make anything, right?

You are also probably thinking to yourself that if those guys can make so much money what if I could just make 10% of what they make? …sounds familiar?

But did you ask yourself who those guys are? Let me guess, you didn’t?

Here is how every business opportunity works. In every biz opp there are the top guys (the heavy hitters). They make the most money out of all the people who joined.  They create a frenzy when they join a biz opp like this because they already have a big list, following, or a high traffic site in their niche.

People who join these biz opps know that they need to get in as quickly as possible to position themselves in front of a wave that is about to hit once the word spreads.

The top guys now will use their initial earnings as proof of how much money they are making which of course will get them more signups. Then they quickly become top recruiters and what happens is that everyone else who is considering joining will most likely join under them even though they heard about it from someone else.

You following?

Ok, let me give you an example. Let’s say Bob is talking about this amazing business opportunity on his blog that made him $10,000 last week. His followers and readers get excited and join Bob because they too want to make that much money.

Bob is becoming the top recruiter in the company and he has proof of it too. The owner of the biz opp even says that Bob recruited a ton of people and won himself a bonus.

Now his followers are getting ready to promote it so they can start earning some easy money themselves. What they don’t realize is that people that will see their ads will want to do some research first before contacting them.

So these other folks that are getting bombarded with emails about this new amazing biz opp will go to Google and type in the name of the company to find out more info.

The top guys know it. That’s why they join first so they can create content and sites that rank on Google when their downlines start promoting the hell out of it.

What happens next? Well, Bob’s followers are now advertising for him for free. When someone goes to Google to search for the company he/she will most likely find Bob’s blog where he shows all his earning and how he is the top recruiter.

Who do you think they will join? Bob, who promises them the world and has proof of earnings, or some dude who just paid for the ad to tell the world about Bob’s little opportunity?

If you answered Bob then you are right!

So who is the top recruiter in My Top Tier Business?

Heard of John Chow?

I really didn’t want to put him on the spot like this here but he earned himself this spot by being the top recruiter.

Before I go any further I need to tell you something about John. I got a lot of respect for him because it takes skills to build a blog like he has done. John knows how to run a blog successfully. He even got penalized by Google once and his blog survived because of his persistence. Got to give him credit for that.

This post is more about My Top Tier Business and why you should avoid these types of biz opps in general. It’s not about anyone in particular.

Now ask yourself why John is so successful promoting this opportunity? Here is why… He already has a large following through his blog. He doesn’t have to go out and spend money on ads to drive traffic. Thousands of people interested in making money online find his blog through Google.

John would do great with any business opportunity. It didn’t have to be My Top Tier Business.

All he has to do is promote it through his blog and email his subscribers. That’s all it takes for him to become the top recruiter.

The people that joined under him went out and promoted it any way they could and the result of that is this:

When you search for “My Top Tier Business” on Google you cannot miss the fact that John is at the top making the most sales.

It’s the same effect like in that story I told you about Bob earlier.

I really hope that you will think twice before throwing your money out there hoping that you will become financially free by following their 21 step process.

I showed you the bad side of the entire home business industry in this post. It applies to almost every business opportunity and even network marketing (MLM).

Before you decide to pull the trigger you should do some research and ask yourself the following:

– Can I get my content ranked in Google (do I know how?)

– What can I offer as an incentive for someone to join under me?

– Can I beat the top recruiters?

– How will I convince people to join under me instead of the top guys in the company?

– Do I have money to advertise it somehow?

– Am I able to write a killer sales copy and ads to promote it?

They might tell you that they will teach you all that once you join but trust me it’s not that simple. Anyway, if the product is designed to teach you how to recruit there is no real value in the opportunity and you should stay away.

So to end this post…for those of you who keep emailing me about different biz opps and wondering why I am not replying to your shitty emails here is my response:


54 thoughts on “My Top Tier Business Exposed (Review of MTTB or also known as MOBE) – The other side of the coin

  1. It was fun reading your strategies getting exposed. And, I loved it because you try to hide nothing Pawel. Thanks for this post.

  2. 21 step plan of MTTB/ MOBE…. must be completed or you loss money. So you need to be serious on the program if you want to success with this system. Take action!

  3. Even if someone is serious about trying to make it work they won’t succeed. Unless you can rank for related key phrases and got the money to advertise combined with a good enough incentive for someone to join you instead of someone else, you are just promoting for the top guys helping them make more money.

  4. Actually you are giving a nice and clear blueprint how it is possible to do when I’m willing to put in all that is needed. And I’m going to do it.

  5. You are spot on Pawel….I have looked in earnest for 2 months at just about every biz opp out there and your final picture says it all!

  6. Hey, was only thinking the other day haven’t read anything from you for ages, glad you’re still around 🙂 Not joining in the discussion ‘cos my opinion of these *biz opps* isn’t fit to print!

  7. All the money John Chow shows in his pics is prop money you can buy of Ebay. The money in his pics has the exact same serial number as the money in the ebay ads.

  8. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by posting that screenshot here. It’s not a question whether John makes as much money as he claims because he does. Screenshots he posts on his blog are real. There is no reason for him to fake anything.

  9. Thank you for your excellent review, i almost got sucked in that scam. However did you mentioned that the registration fee is not refundable?

  10. It is refundable…but guess what…you can do JUST as Pawel just taught us…mail a Solo Ad and when¨the suckers¨ buy, you´ll make $44.90 and you´ll be building your list!

  11. Unfortunately, Your analysis make sense. I have been trying to find justification to believe in My Top Tier Business

  12. You would be correct in your post. Even though I endorse the MLM/network marketing industry and I am currently active in the industry, it is very easy to spot who is just ranking and banking and forgetting the lil guy, vs somebody who will take the time to show you and teach you the ropes of it all. That is how I got into SEO/online marketing. You bring up very valid points but I guess in the end it comes down to just 2 value. Great post btw!

  13. So Pawel, Is there anyway I can get my $49 dollars back or am I just screwed again big time. I usually check the scam review but this time I didn’t and I don’t know why, I think it was his sells pitch was just so damn good and I was soooo… that stupid to fall for it.

  14. I TRIED to do some research, however the program introduced to me is called MTTB and not MOBE and I could not find anything on MTTB. I did not know it is the same dang thing as MOBE!

  15. While some of your points do make sense, I think you are a little quick to say that people WILL fail. The truth is, if you join any opportunity you have to be willing to put in the work.

  16. The problem is that you are joining to recruit others to it so they can go and recruit more suckers. You do not see a problem with that?

  17. It’s a cult. MLM people will never see a problem with it. All you can do is 1) Confirm at the top of your post that this is an MLM so the people who are already thinking that can go on with their day and 2) go into a further explanation for people who don’t know how an MLM works.

  18. John, what do you do? You seem to have had a really bad experience with MLM.. Now you are the MLM Grinch.. Tell us in what business everyone has or offline? Why do you think he is screwing people…just because you failed at whatever it was, doesn´t mean you got screw…You just failed.. Sh!t happens..Get up, learn and try again..don´t just give up… To Pawel, you do know that those affiliates offers you promote, must of the people that buy it, never do anything with it, sometimes they dont even take a look at it… so you know they wasting their money and you dont care.. Sorry to say it, but as Louise said, youre being hypocrite. I mean, haven´t you ever fail? Don´t you think people with the same dreams you had, have to start somewhere… i too belive mttb is not for everybody.. so lazy people keep away…

  19. I just payed their 21 steps today. You guys are scaring me. And where am i gonna find $1700. To continue with business. I believe that i can try and No im not lazy. Matt should offer his employees sone kind of credit if his business is up for more business. At the end when the new employees makes money. He can deduct it out but it seems kinda like a scam. Just because the price of the next step is too high and they dont offer less. And im sure $1700 to his is nothing..

  20. You have missed out a part of the process that totally alters the argument you have against MTTB. You keep talking about the fact that the little peeps are suckers who are paying to advertise a business that will only benefit the top big hitters. Wrong my friend and what is ironic is that you are actually misleading people who read this. Once you buy the license you get a code, as soon as anyone clicks on your link, opt in page whatever, they proceed down a sales funnel. At that point a team of highly motivated people promote the business and here is where you need to be corrected. The person who sends them down that friggin sales funnel gets a hefty commission. So where are you getting it into your head that the guys at the top of this so called pyramid are the only ones who benefit? Something else you neglect to realise is that how can it be seen to be a rip off if after paying $1997 for a License for every License then sold through you, you get $1000? Tell me where you can get that ROI on your investment in one hit, without having to pick up a phone? Naysayers like you are all the same, self-righteous hypocrites. Keep up the good work with your take on what happens with MTTB. You have just been exposed as a liar, not very encouraging for your readers is it? Your words of wisdom aren’t worth a cent.

  21. Here’s where YOU miss the point: How many sales do you think these big-name bloggers make? Seriously. WHY do you think the program gets sent to the big names FIRST? I’ll tell you why, because something tells me you’re still missing the boat on this..

  22. Thanks a lot dude. Just when i was thinking that they probably have something which is really going to work in the training. Your post was honest and down to the point. I respect these views so much because i have been left in the position of not being able to recruit in a few biz ops many times (left in the lurch through my sponsor). They make them look like the next best thing since sliced bread and that the sky is the limit, but as you said its more than likely a waste of time for the average Joe unless they can recruit. When i first started i always wondered why another couple of duplicate sites very similar to the first popped up in Google now i realize its the top recruiters getting rich through people searching…… Anyway thanks again you just saved me a bit of my hard earned cash. May i ask you what you think about MLSP training?

  23. So with all this knowledge what do you recommend? If possible, I’d like to also see a review of the Millionaire Marketing System (some call it it Elite Business Nation)… thanks!

  24. It’s a scam. Half the things that JC started with are scams that make money only for him. This include his ad networks that he had promoted several years ago, the aim was to make more money in affiliate sales and give peanuts to publishers.

  25. Every time I visit John Chow’s blog I’m tempted with joining MTTB and ultimately MOBE but then I remember those are just some MLM schemes and keep myself away.

  26. Hi Pawle Great reviews MTTB is just a flash concept for the 1980′s pyramid concept, lots of people got scammed and there still scamming people today.

  27. its unbelievable how you can write a whole review without knowing the basics of a program. It’s a “great” strategy to bash a program so your readers join another. I can tell from your review that you have no clue…..

  28. Hi, I was looking through the Google to learn much on MTTB after i lost my job and i wondered if i could do something by myself and stop being employed and fired on different baseless allegations… But the Question is that is this also availed in Africa Uganda Kampala?

  29. Hey Lambert, Yes, MTTB(MOBE) is pretty much open all over the world..(talk to the person that refer you to it)…and I can tell you (from my experience) that if you work hard in MOBE or any Biz Opp, doesn’t matter which one it is, you will definitely make money. Is not about the opportunity, is about your determination.

  30. There is a major difference between promoting affiliate products and programs like My Top Tier Business or MTTB. When I join an affiliate program I am being pushed towards selling the vendor’s product and it doesn’t cost me anything. I am not getting $1000 commissions for going out there and recruiting more affiliates so they can go out and recruit even more suckers.

  31. Hi Pawel, Thanks for your info, you saved me wasting a lot of time and money. Can you recommend any company to work for? Is it really that bad? Are they all the same?

  32. Nah…I can’t recommend anything to you in the home business industry. The only thing I can recommend is reading about building a real web business. Learn how to create viral or useful content that people share.

  33. I joined MTTB (MOBE) because I wanted an online business and didnt have thousands of dollars to invest, now I’m being asked to pay close to 2000$ for the license right to the products that will make me the promised commissions. Honestly if had 2000 I would not have joined MOBE or any such business in the first place. Since I can’t afford it, I become a free affiliate as they call it; no coaching, no follow up . In essence I paid 49$ to join an affiliate program!

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