MyWot Reviews – MyWot Trustworthiness Exposed (Scam, Phishing, Child Safety) is the worst thing that has ever hit the internet so far. MyWot is a scam on massive scale and I am writing this post to expose them.

They call themselves “The Web Of Trust” LOL!! MYWOT is a user powered rating site (with top 100 members who are nothing more than power hungry zealots that can gang up on you if they choose so)

Nobody would actually care if Facebook didn’t start using their data to protect their user base from malicious links being force-fed to them. We all know that scams thrive on Facebook but this is not the way.

Everytime you have an entity that has power to wipe out someone’s business overnight it creates corruption, mistrust, and a free pass for the true scams to grow even bigger. I am going to give you some proof that this is already happening on MYWOT and how their site should not be trusted.

I actually didn’t even pay attention to them because their site has not affected me before, but now since I have experienced the evil inside MYWOT I have decided to speak up.

The other day I was reading a post on Jonathan Volk’s blog about how MYWOT has voted down his dad’s website unfairly. None of the people who actually voted negatively used the service or are customers.

Anyway, I decided to check out MYWOT and request evaluation of my blog, Keep in mind that there was a positive rating for my site before I submitted it for evaluation.

Here is the link to my score card

Here is the link to the forum thread where they evaluated it :-O

I provided nothing but facts about my blog, but the gang rushed to vote down my site simply because it talks about making money.

Introducing the SuperHero58 power hungry user who does in fact thinks he is a super hero with some amazing powers over at WOT (Well Organized Turds)

If this screenshot doesn’t raise a red flag for you then I don’t know what will. There is no way this user can objectively rate 816 sites per day, unless he is using his super hero super weapon like the tool that WOT has for their top 100 members that allows them to rate 100 sites with a click of a button.

So after making my post the SuperHero58 (turd) starts the bandwagon of negativity and rates my blog “very poor” for all criteria that WOT has.

What are the criteria?

So according to WOT reading my blog can put your child in danger but sending them to (A website with no respect for copyright laws) is Excellent.

Yep, your kids now don’t have to watch movies alone! They can hook up with hot chicks in their local area.

But here is the rating for

So a website that violates copyright laws on massive scale and sends users to known spyware and phishing sites has excellent rating, but my blog where you get useful tips and information must be a scam because it could help you become a successful affiliate.

But here is where it gets interesting. You see, SuperHero58 is a power user with special super hero privileges. When he rates your website it has much bigger impact than when other regular users rate it.

So no matter how many people go and vote for my blog his rating will overweight yours.

But it gets even better!

He is a true super hero over at Well Organized Turds because when you vote his comments down he makes your votes disappear into oblivion.

Check this out

Now 2 Hours Later

You cannot disagree with him. Whatever he says will stay on top because he will keep resetting his thumbdowns.

So why would I care about this so much?

Well, the problem is that when someone has the WOT plugin installed on their browser it will display a popup over the site with poor rating warning the user.

So now if you go to my blog with that malicious spyware of theirs you will see something like this.

This not only makes me look bad but also prevents traffic to my site.

The big problem is now that Facebook pulls data from Well Organized Turds to check website’s legitimacy.

Facebook has made a big mistake here. Think about it, if your competitor doesn’t want you to advertise on Facebook all they have to do is get your rating down and …POOF … you are gone!

Google has made a similar mistake with DMoz directory. Google used to use DMoz to run their own directory which created a lot of corruption. Business owners would become editors and list their own sites while preventing direct competitors from being accepted. Proof is out there if you are willing to do some digging.

It took Google many years to realize that DMoz couldn’t be trusted anymore so they dropped them.

I really do hope that it doesn’t take Facebook so many years to figure out that MYWOT cannot be trusted.

Everytime there is a community powered site that has the ability to influence ecommerce and how people do business online it leads to corruption, growth of monopolies, and mistrust.

But wait MYWOT also has plans to monetize their user base.

This user named Deborah Salmi who seems to be a press contact for WOT stated on that WOT has some ideas on how to monetize their business model in the future.

She says

Briefly, WOT is a start-up company with investment from sources such as Michael Widenius investment company Open Ocean, the Finnish Industry Investment Ltd., and a handful of private investors. There are ideas on how to eventually monetize WOT, but none include selling any of our users’ private information.

They might not sell your information but they will learn your browsing habits and eventually sell advertising. Mark my words!

So back to SuperHero58 🙂

He stated on my rating card that my blog is associated with “phishing and other scams”. According to Well Organized Turds if you collect email addresses (it doesn’t matter that users actually need to confirm their subscription) your site is engaging in phishing lol

These people have no idea what they are talking about. This is why a security site should be run by qualified security professionals and not by morons.

Anyway, this post is about to get even better 🙂

I decided to get some unbeatable proof that corruption already exists within WOT (Web Of Trust).

After the SuperHero58 user (who came down on earth to save you from web scams) posted all his ridiculous comments I did some digging.

I went to Freelance sites and discovered that people already post projects to change their WOT (MYWOT- Web Of Trust – Well Organized Turds…whatever) ratings.

I went and posted my own too, so I can see what kind of responses I will get from the bidders. My plan wasn’t to use them, but only to be able to expose WOT’s already existing fraudulent activity, and show you why you should immediately remove WOT’s plugin from your computer.

Here is what I posted:


Within just a few hours I already had 2 bids 🙂 Great!

So I checked the messages and here is what one bidder wrote:

So this guy already penetrated WOT and has 200 accounts! I bet that if I paid him some premium bonus he would also vote down some of my competitors.

By the way, if someone needs this proof for a lawsuit, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide more information about this.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Proof “black on white” that WOT (Well Organized Turds) cannot be trusted and needs to be investigated. If some dude overseas has the power to post negative ratings about businesses here in the US, or vote positive for some malicious site from 200 WOT accounts then where is the credibility?

I encourage you to link to this post or any other post about these con artists at WOT.

Facebook needs to drop them like a hot potato asap or it’s only going to get worse.

The web should remain neutral. If we keep trying to policy it and create gatekeepers then it’s only going to get more difficult for small businesses to get started.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about safety of the web and weeding out the scams, but this is not the way.

UPDATE: This is a video from MyWot’s official Youtube channel. They accuse me of phishing because I have an optin form that asks for Name and Email but they want all your demographic data so they can later monetize it LOL

By the way, the last sentence at the end of the video (whit the black screen and their logo) when she says “..And please tell a friend” sounds sooo freaking evil, doesn’t it?

Post your comments below. I would like to hear your opinion.


69 thoughts on “MyWot Reviews – MyWot Trustworthiness Exposed (Scam, Phishing, Child Safety)

  1. MyWot is a known scam site. Do not download their plugin! They have an evil agenda behind their business model. Their ratings are rigged and some top members own hundreds of accounts. I tell everyone to stay away from these scammers.

  2. I wish you would investigate the Better Business Bureau, too. They are just as big a scam, hiding behind a facade of professionalism and legitimacy. Their ratings are bought. If you have a poor rating from them, you can simply make the ‘proper donation’ and you suddenly move to the top of the GOOD rating scale. It’s a much bigger scam than MYWOT, because it’s a much wider known company, and is BELIEVED by everyone (well, almost) to be exceedingly legitimate. NOT!!!

  3. Wow- excellent article Pawel. I LOVE the exposure of the paid harlots willing to pimp themselves out with over 200 mywot accounts- that is Fantastic proof.

  4. Hey Bob, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Their true colors show through their actions plain and simple. I posted a quick video update with some interesting facts about their Company’s Official Youtube channel.

  5. Interesting research Pawel. I am sharing the link to this article to everyone I know, and have contacted a local radio talk show here in the Bay Area- see if we can step things up a bit against them. I will also email my entire list today with a link to your site and this great expose’ – because many were furious over our treatment by them. Facts do not seem to matter- somehow they have assigned themselves the judgement gods of the internet, and yet they have made sure that no one can vote them a scam. I and many of my customers went in and rated THEIR site as a scam phishing site – only to be reprimanded by Sami, and threatened to have their account deleted. None of us could find our posts afterward, so I think Sami just deleted them.

  6. Since then, it would seem WOT has made it so users can’t rate WOT at all. What is disturbing is when a user rates their own site , it is not anonymous and is supervised by Sami . If they think you are rating your site too high , they will make sure you get lower ratings. They claim it is to keep the site owners honest. In that case they should not allow site owners to rate their own sites! I actually figured out that by rating my own site red , my ratings went up !? How can this be? According to my theory , when you rate the site the lowest possible number, any rating after that has to be higher than 0. Because over at mywot people rate sites like sheep by following the rest of the ignorant masses , by it’s own design, if I rate myself lowest going against the rest of the ratings my negative rating against my own site actually becomes weak and has the opposite effect. Why even bother? Since I don’t care about their ratings good or bad because they are meaningless, I wanted to prove the system is a sham and I did.

  7. Amazing!!! It would almost seem as if SuperHero58 is on their pay role. Even if he only spends a minute rating each site (816 sites per day), he’s still putting in 13 hours and 36 minutes per day… EVERY DAY! What dedication! I’m glad to know that someone out their can honestly and objectively review sites everyday for most of their waking minutes (Each in under 1 minute) in order to keep the people safe from every site, except the websites containing adware. (Online Movie sites almost all link to some video software, which installs adware, and SuperHero58 says they’re safe… So they must be.)

  8. Oh- by the way sites like youporn are rated excellent as well…..I checked. They must not want to attack people that have the money and power to take them down.

  9. Hey Pawel, Great post. I’ve seen several other sites like this popping up recently which is very bothering. The advertised benefits of their ranking systems sound attractive to many who are led to believe they will be protected, in some way, from scammers when in fact they are being scammed. Beware, people…You are being controlled! This kind of thing has been going on in big business for decades… Just take a look at our government – The most influential members in Congress and the Senate come from backgrounds in big business and special interests… They alter our Constitution, create laws and wield the power in this Country/World and let there be no mistake. Their ultimate goals are not in your best interest.

  10. Scammers, I knew it. I knew it from the day our site got bad ratings. I knew something was wrong and like you said. You cannot do anything to these well established members who are being paid by myWot to vote sites down.

  11. I wasnt aware of WOT until someone pointed out to me that one of our websites had a very poor ranking and was being branded as scam/phishing site. On investigating, it appears that this was based entirely on one ranking from “Information from third-party trusted sources” which turned out to be from On further checking Legitscript appeards to be even less trustworthy that WOT in its ratings and reliability.! Im deeply suspicious that there is some tie-in between these two companies and more than is made public; Legitscript are another self-appointed ‘regulatory’ or ratings organisation which fails to do what they claim. There are suspicions being voiced than Legitscript is being financed by the big Pharma companies in order to discredited online pharmacies (even legitimate and legal ones) who operate from outside the USA in order to stop US residents from having access to cheaper meds from abroad (pharmaceuticals in the USA are far costlier than in many other countries, and can be imported at much reduced prices from countries such as Canada). Legitscript carry incorrect data on all pharmacies based outside mainland USA and refuse to recognise the legitimacy of any online pharmacy, even those who do not ship to the USA and are carrying out their business online quite legally in the UK and other countries. Even when I pointed out to them that their information was incorrect and misleading and sent them proof, they refused to correct the listings for our website. The fact that WOT rely so heavily on information from a so-called ‘trusted source’ which is demonstrably WRONG makes WOT itself a useless and misleading source of information.

  12. I have an 11 year A+ rating with the BBB and all of a sudden my clients are telling me that my site is blocked by TrendMicro. Turned out MyWot had our site rated bad by some anonymous users who were never our customers g7w, etc.

  13. We all may as well just set up our own rating sites. Seems like there is big money to be made from this. They are trying to establish themselves as the new gatekeeper.

  14. David Stadler “G7W” one of the most pompous and ignorant user of mywot. This guy was in the Navy is in his 50′s , I guess that makes him an expert in web safety. Trying to talk to the guy gets you nothing. He is the Rooster in that Chicken Coop. His rating is worth 1000 times the normal user. He alone can influence a website’s rating. If you make him mad like I did by thinking he was also another user with multiple accounts he makes your site his personal downrating pet. The only website that is not a threat in his book, is a blank page without content. They truly believe they are doing people a favor. This has got to be the most useless app and the biggest scam ever!!

  15. According to the lawsuit his name is Dave Stadler (G7W) and he is being sued for fraud and manipulating ratings, amongst other things. Looks to me like he is an uneducated idiot that actually thinks posting false information against a million sites makes him important. Wow, and being sued by 10 companies didn’t even seem to slow him down.

  16. Have you seen what this page looks like when you’re viewing it with AdBlock Plus on though? Makes your whole “I’m totes a legit website” statement look null and void… until you turn the blocker off, and the box forms completely and with a close button so you can remove the ad after a courtesy 0.1 millisecond exposure.

  17. If you want to protect yourself from malicious scripts or viruses then get BitDefender or something. Don’t try to tell people how they should run their businesses. If you don’t like ads then please cancel your internet connection because everything on the web is fueled by advertising and sales. The internet doesn’t need another gatekeeper.

  18. Thanks for the information, I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. The concept of WOT is full of flaws. The web should be rated by people that had a personal experience with your website and not by a bunch of morons that rate websites en-mass without even checking if there is actually something wrong with it.

  19. Support? They have none…they claim to have 22million users. That is just the download number. They don’t tell you how many uninstalled it or actually use it. The atmosphere at mywot is defensive and hostile. They treat the site owner as a threat. They try to convince you to get everyone you know to join their sick joke of a site so you can manipulate your own ratings by having your friends rate you with high marks. If that is not scamful what is? And how did facebook the most unsafe website out there rate 100% excellent in the world according to WOT ? Payola anyone?

  20. You’re not alone Viviane, believe me. We need to pull together and get the word out about this scam. Our investigation shows that there are a small number of wot raters (around 10) that have published false information on over 5 million businesses in just the last few years.

  21. Your link was posted in our community page at facebook dedicated to exposing this huge scam of WOT. Because facebook is now partners with websense and WOT , facebook has determined your website is abusive and a danger. Something that is completely untrue . Your site has become another example of what is wrong with these kind of rating sites and what is wrong with huge rich website owners like of course facebook owners who proliferate and support this kind of abusive control over people’s right to visit any website chosen. If the ratings are based on the content it is even a bigger problem because it violates freedom of speech and it is grounds for a lawsuit against facebook and partners here in the USA.

  22. I believe it shows he suffers from NARCISSIST PERSONALITY DISORDER as do the top ranking members. It is typical for these type of people to want to belong to some kind of group that will provide them with the level of authority needed to affect other people. A place where they can be who they can not be in daily life. It is very euphoric to have the power to destroy or help businesses and people’s lives.

  23. I would like to warn all users of toolbar that it is a spyware! It monitors all the websites that you visit and sends the information back to their systems along with identifying data. Here’s how to prove it.

  24. Nice catch, it’s too bad that Google has dropped this post and few others from rankings for “mywot” keyword. I smell censorship going on…

  25. MyWOT is run by idiots. A crowd mentality governs the behavior of the reviewers. You only need to check the forums to see how technically illiterate the reviewers are.

  26. Mywot is the worst rating system available on the net. Why google don’t ban them from their web store? They are helping mywot to spread like a virus and defame most of the US businesses. They are based in Finland and confidently libeling any business outside Finland.

  27. I’ve been tracking this as a key cyber risk and sharing the evidence on our Facebook page. The reason I am posting everything on Facebook is b/c I would LOVE it if I got a take down notice on Facebook. They make a mockery of US Communications Decency Act 230, which protects an ISP from accountability for public opinion, but they are not people. They are GANGBOTS and cyber bullies. Thanks for the posting. As of yesterday, there were over a half million downloads on Google Chrome. We need to track a half million uninstalls and the take down on this type of product. It needs to be illegal. We all need to stay vigilant because they are not down and they are getting adoption in other integrated products. They violate the GPS Act. They violate the FTC Business Opportunity Act. People are solicited and paid to use their rating system. There are actual valid warnings and actual security professionals commingled in the scam. That’s making it hard to get them taken down. We security professionals have to swallow our pride and admit we were stupid to think it was okay. WOT’s NOT OK.

  28. That screenshot of SuperHero58 stats is scary! Assuming a human needs 8 hours of sleep per day, he would have to post a review nearly every 1 minute of every waking hour, non-stop for over a year.. Can you say “automation”? And why would someone want to automate rating sites on WOT? To get that that superhero weight to their votes of course.. And why would someone go through the trouble of automation to get that kind of voting power? To exploit it of course. He can vote up his own sites, or vote down the sites of his competitors. But more likely he can get paid to do the same for others..

  29. You are not alone! They also did the same thing to my website: for no reason, stupid how they can do it! I rated your website Excellent on all of them 🙂 How ever I cannot comment as they banned my account accusing me of “Spamming” Thanks to people like “Destination Truth”, “Superhero 58″, “Shazza” and also “Treston”

  30. Excellent article. I have just created a new website called which may be of help to you. The idea is that webmasters collaborate with each other to rate each other’s sites fairly and cleanly (on any rating site, not just mywot). We need webmasters to make it work. It is free to use, so please come and take a look and spread the word to anyone else who may be interested.

  31. Great article about how WOT operates. Anyone with basic, but normal brain activity, can see the scam and where all of this is going. Sadly, there’s too much sheeple around, they’re just unable to see and understand what’s going on. Hopefully they’ll see the truth if they read your article. My gaming website is on of the victims. All my website has are mostly free online Flash games of all genres and for all ages and types of gamers, but they rated child-safety poorly, vendor reliability low, trustworthiness too. But, despite all of that, I still have people coming and playing the games and even buying stuff. So, while WOT is spread, I guess they’re still not widespread enough. People should join in and file a lawsuits against them. Contact me if you joined others who want to proceed.

  32. myWOT should be punished by law because of its malicious activity. Their rating is SO easy to get abused into a negative score, but it’s impossible to revert it back! They could better to tell the whole Web is not trusted, unsafe for kids and malicious. Dirty scammers.

  33. Well, every system has its downsides, exploiters and general problems. Even the US police has its problems (but if I’m geting robbed, I’d still call them!).

  34. TripAdvisor has an editorial team who controls comments. You can also know who wrote what and see the profile of the authors. On myWOT not only you don’t know who has voted but anyone can create hundreds of users with any name or email address as there is no verification system (!) BTW, giving your opinion about the US police or writing things like “that’s life” is not only out of context but meaningless…

  35. 2. Besides, the way I figure, the number of people who use WOT is quite small anyway (compared to the percentage of total users online) – won’t make a huge difference to one’s bottom line. Most people I know have never even heard of WOT.

  36. I’ve been using wot and its extension for years but I wasn’t aware of this corruption. So, I decided to remove it now. Thanks again for this eye-opening article.

  37. Awesome article. Really informative and comment section also provided me more information. The fact is that MyWot is becoming a real problem for the webmasters nowadays, because a number of people are believing MyWot is giving them some extra security.

  38. Great article and I totally agree, the way to bring them down would be for Facebook to drop them and other big companies to lose the “trust”. And regular internet users never heard of WOT, luckily!

  39. Thank you for this post. I wanted to add that I will be coming out with another article very shortly on this topic. The reason I came across this article is doing research on SuperHero58.

  40. I totaly agree, and can easily belive the whole post. Till today i did not even knew that mywot . com exists. I found my website rated absolutly poor. In theyre opinion my website is even not safe for children. I am selling elektronik parts on my website 🙂 – This has nothing to do with child safety.

  41. If we stand together we can fight them! We are trying to collect data about those who scam us with rating so we can sue them!! Support us pls! Send us whatever you know about them! The result will be published on

  42. By posting here we probably all risk them to do further attacks and make further untrue statements about our websites. Google WOT or Web of Trust and you will see forums filled with similar stories about the same exact users! The same we sell drugs that will kill you or conduct credit card scams when we don’t even accept credit cards. WOT in the Firefox review will just say its untrue and that their users are free to post whatever they want.

  43. I wouldn’t worry about WOT that much. Their reputation is already destroyed. They did it to themselves. Facebook doesn’t uses them to block sites anymore either.

  44. Please help us stop the MyWot extortion by Sami Tolvanen and his Platinum Users. Get the word out about the STOP MYWOT petition on

  45. Awesome reporting. I wanted to do the same but I was worried about reprisal from their users. I guess it doesn’t matter though. They report safe websites as harmful just because of personal bias and hate of online businesses. Other harmful websites have no ratings what so ever. I took the time to list my website there – huge mistake.

  46. I signed the petition, rated them at Mozilla Firefox Add-on, Chrome Add-on, and CNET. Maybe something will finally be done about them.

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