Negative SEO On The Rise – White Hat SEOs Soon Out Of Jobs?

Google has made some serious and unexpected moves in the last few days that in my opinion are going to influence the SEO community in the big big way. They basically gave spammers a green light to spam their competitors with backlinks to destroy people’s livelihoods. How else would you describe it?

Negative SEO is real! Your small little white-hat website you working so hard on is now in danger. If you don’t watch your back and you are doing too well in the serps, it might trigger your competitor to try to harm your business.

Google sent out over 700,000 messages to webmasters penalizing them for having a bad link profile. What that means is that you can now negatively influence someone else’s link profile by blasting out spam with their anchor text links. Hmm…

So I figured I’d go and make a search on Google for the term “Negative SEO” for the first time in my life to see what’s up.

Well…well…well it’s happening!

Amazing stuff actually. If we can do that to people (because Google allows it to happen) then I don’t see how a small business, or a small time blogger can ethically grow in this environment (Google fuels black-hat seo?)

Thanks to Matt Cutts’ | recent tweet I found out about a new forum called So after browsing through some threads filled with panic and chaos I knew right away that Google just opened up a nice big can of worms.

There are already people doing negative SEO case studies ha!

Run for cover!(oops…there is nowhere to run – sorry) I would hate to be the owner of that eCommerce site that is about get pulverized.

I don’t know about you but I am worried about the future.

Google also hit all the private blog networks that people were using to gain advantage in the serps, which I think is very good. The problem though is that they also penalized sites that had links from these networks, which is a sign of “the end” approaching on the horizon for white-hat SEOs.

Google wants to trigger small business cannibalism.

I mean, think about it. You work hard to get your business seen in the serps for years. You write amazing content so that you can attract natural links and then one sunny day some 5 page site with 400 word articles shows up on top.

What do you do?

Well, you try to figure out how they did it, right? Smart! You discover their little spam shenanigans and try that yourself. Not smart!

Sooner or later you get penalized while they are still ranking..uh oh. By the way, I don’t think Google likes high quality content ranked. They would rather see a page with 2 sentences on it on a domain name than your 1000 words resourceful review, or some page with scraped content monetized with Adsense.

Anyway, so what the hell are you going to do now? I know what. You will go to Google and type “Negative SEO” and it’s on. Weapons HOT!

Also on the side you will try to do for them what you did for your site so they experience the same effect. Smart!

What essentially is happening is that small business owners will go to war with each other while Google continues to rake in the money like there is no tomorrow.

Big brands will grow, Google will profit, their shareholders will be happy, Matt Cutts will write a novel.

Google Instant Answers?

White-hat SEOs will soon be out of jobs or start their own negative seo companies to pay the bills.

Google wants to give you an answer to your query rather than web links to sites. Eric Schmidt says that himself in this video (skip to 6:28)

That statement is very interesting and you should consider it to be the alarm you hear before a big nasty storm.

Have you ever heard about Wolfram Alpha search engine? It’s actually kinda cool but it provides no web links, just answers.

For example, if you do a search for something like “mortgage refinance” you will get a page that looks like this:


So let’s speculate and assume that Google wants to move into that direction. For illustration (and entertainment) purposes I made this image to show you how it could look like:

At least black-hatters can still game Adwords (cough …cloaking), but white hat SEOs may as well start looking for a job on…but keep in mind that you might not even find one because you could end up jumping from one “search results” page to another :0

I hear McDonalds is hiring though or check out craigslist in your spare time.

There is big storm approaching and storms can turn into hurricanes. If you know anything about hurricanes then you know that they gain strength by flying over warm waters, well the water just turned “HOT” and this sucker is about to turn into a Jupiter kind of hurricane.

You might try to hold on to something, but from my calculations it would be safer to go underground than trying to stay on the surface if you know what I mean.

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Negative SEO On The Rise – White Hat SEOs Soon Out Of Jobs?

  1. Holly crap bro! Google is getting too powerful. I wish they had some real competition in the marketplace. “Matt Cutts will write a novel” – hehe

  2. “I’m curious to know if google is using this as an opportunity to put big buisnesses with big budgets at the top” – That’s a valid point.

  3. Links are just like your personal reputation. Do something great and no one remembers… F something up and no one forgets.

  4. Wow, I don’t know what to say about this. Are hey really doing this crime? Well, the “Bandit site owner” will laugh loadly when they find their shots reach the target. Such as shame for google about this!

  5. I highly doubt that they would want to communicate. I think putting fear out was the plan so big brands now have much more room for growth.

  6. Only way to stay safe sided from negative SEO is to keeping track of own backlink profile and getting more quality links. It could avoid the penalty. Google needs to rethink about their recent algorithm update (Panda3.3) for sure. Google could have de-indexed the blog networks which is being used for link building purpose only leaving the users as it is so that webmasters involved in getting backlinks from blog networks would have seen their site ranks down ( Not de-listed from SERP at least) as because the blog networks are de-indexed.

  7. Really interesting stuff here. In a somewhat analogous scenario (filed Adsense reconsideration appeal), this reminds me of an organized group who clickbombed on the video Adsense ads of someone that one of them loathed on Youtube. Google deemed the mob action as illegal manipulation…by the publisher himself. Poof! Banned.

  8. Negative SEO and Google’s attempts to get websites with “unnatural links” de-indexed are realities but I don’t think all webmasters who have received the dreaded warning from Google are victims of negative SEO.

  9. Hey Jennifer…yeah I read your comment on that thread. As you can see it’s pretty easy to send your competitors into oblivion. Basically if someone doesn’t like you outranking them all they have to do is send spammy links to your site and after a few months you will get penalized.

  10. I got the webmaster tools notice myself. Stupid me. 1 year of white hat link building (none) and then all the way to PR4 with this site and then stupid enough to sign up with BMR and SLM. Some pages were affected (gone from results) but I noticed some other related pages have moved up and are approaching the first page for same search phrase, oddly. These pages had no SEO done and are very closely related to the original page that got dropped. What that tells me is that Google looks at each page itself when it comes to these bad links and not the whole site but not shutting the door on the site itself. As far as accuracy is concerned, this is a good thing. Also tells me something else they are doing is right because for one page to be dropped and then another much less viewed page closely related to rise rapidly that Big Fat G can tell users are still looking for that specific content on my site. Luckily, my ventures have always been white hat since 1999. Shame on me for messing with Fiverr and these Blog networks run by idiots, I would be better off today. Well, the site affected was a PR4 and remains so and doing $50K/mo, plus I have 10+ high PR sites in same niche, sharing same results. Thats the only way to do it. Build a set of ecommerce sites (if thats your biz), keep all content 100% original and varied, build several blogs (one or 2 for each site, unique in layout and content) and then use a few quality links sparingly. Its time to W-O-R-K. Its been a curse word for internet marketers for too long. Its all going to be about where your links come from (for real this time). They better be “good” and of course Google “will” know. They will get better at finding the bad links, so stay away from ANYTHING that is organized. Build your own and keep it clean (as in 100% unique, relevant, and useful). If you’ve been short cutting since you started, better hit the books now, cause this is the new “Clear Hat” SEO game. Yeah I said it. Peace all. P.S. How much do you want to bet Google is keeping a close eye on Clickbank products? I would stay away. This Big G has been attending class and learning a bit more about how people are manipulating its search results.

  11. Is next best option is using Dmoz as search engine? Why not.. After all, websites listed on are actually chosen by humans. And quality content (that we all ask for as we browse) is required to get listed. PS: you never see ads on Dmoz 😉

  12. Dmoz is a joke. A lot of categories have sites listed that haven’t been updated since like 2005. Some domains are expired and redirect to some other unrelated sites through 301 redirects. Nobody would notice if Dmoz disappeared today because the whole project is a failure.

  13. I don’t know a whole lot about SEO (positive or negative). So, if I’m deleting all my comments with the …[blahblahblah (stuff from my article) blah blah]…. track back links and other BS comments advertising something or another, is this a positive or negative for my website? I’m only a year into e-marketing and things keep changing so much that I am quite confused!

  14. Deleting spam comments is a positive thing to do. Don’t approve those type of comments because they make your blog look spammy and in fact could hurt your rankings after a while.

  15. Thanks man! Good to know I’m doing the right thing with it for once. Being that I started marketing in May 2011, it’s been really difficult learning all of the SEO mess and having it change on me all the time. I write my stuff and spend a lot of time that I could be spending with my kid so this stuff gets me really frustrated! Any other tips are greatly appreciated for niche marketing or general website SEO.

  16. I don’t get it what Google really think in their weird minds… As Matt Cutts also said in his recent video that “if you do Negative SEO on your competitor, their site MIGHT benefits from it”, so what is the point of the creating an algorithm to weed out spammy link profiles? Does Google condone Negative SEO?

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