Neverblue Affiliate Network Review

Neverblue is a cool CPA network. They have always treated me well and they pay on time. I have made quite a bit of money with them in the past so I thought I would post a quick review of their platform.

Not everyone gets accepted though. You will need to fill out an application first and then get approved before you can promote their offers. I recommend that you call and talk to them on the phone if you want to speed up your review process.

You can sign up here

So let’s check out what Neverblue offers once you get approved. When you login for the first time you will notice on the left side the name of your affiliate manager and his/her contact details.

I highly recommend that you shoot him/her an email and ask what offers are hot at the moment and which verticals are making the most money for affiliates. Those guys know where their traffic is coming from and which offers have the highest EPCs, so communicate with them.

From my personal experience with Neverblue I can tell you that they are quite helpful and will provide you with some tips and tricks, but you need to let them know you are serious about driving traffic.

Neverblue uses their own proprietary tracking platform, which makes them stand out from other CPA networks that don’t.

When you click on the “Campaigns” tab you will notice tons of offers in many different verticals. They have some great converters in the dating vertical I must say.

What I like about Neverblue is that they show EPCs of their offers. You can actually click on the “Top EPC Campaigns” link and it will pull up all the offers that perform well on their network.

You can also search for Top Search, Web, and Email Campaigns.


You can even request a campaign that is running on a different network and they will try to get it for you 🙂

Neverblue now offers mobile optimized campaigns as well. Under campaigns you will find a tab called “Mobile optimized campaigns” and when you click on it, it will show you all their mobile cpa offers

They also provide good reporting features and you can quickly check in real time how your traffic is performing. Some advertisers do not post your conversions real time, but most do. You can also export your data to Excel or view it online in html format.

Neverblue also offers some really cool tools that you can use for more advanced tracking and monitoring your traffic.

Pixel Manager allows you to upload your own pixel tracking image for all your campaigns. This way you can compare your conversions data with the data provided by the advertisers you are promoting. Your own pixel tracking helps you avoid scraping (Some advertisers will shave off your leads so be aware of that)

Banner Ad Rotator helps you determine which creative is getting better CTR and conversions. Most successful affiliates use their own banners so I wouldn’t use that feature, but if they offered an option to upload your own creatives that would be cool.

Neverblue offers their own API which basically allows you to find and run campaigns without even logging in to your account. If you have your own ad server then this would be quite useful.

Global Postback URL feature makes external tracking easier. Every time you make a conversion you can have their system ping the url you provided to record the sale or lead on your own platform.

Region Manager lets you create specific groups of countries you are targeting and with Global Country Redirects you can monetize your traffic much better.

Overall Neverblue is a great network and I recommend them. They always pay on time and if you can do some decent volume, they will set you up with wire transfer option twice a week 🙂

The most important thing is that when you get approved, you should talk to your manager about what offers convert and which traffic sources perform best. Trust me they know that data. You might have to drive some traffic first and prove to them you can generate leads, but when they see that you are serious they will help you.


5 thoughts on “Neverblue Affiliate Network Review

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Pawel… Neverblue’s affiliate managers are actually reachable and they will literally bend over backwards to help you. Let’s face it, if you make money, then they make money. Every CPA Network should be as helpful. They will not only tell you what works and what doesn’t, but they will also wire your payments early to you if you have a big promo going on and need to get money out to keep an ad campaign going. Lot’s of opportunities for affiliates who are just getting started. When I was just getting started, money was tight, so getting paid fast made all the difference. It pays to call your affiliate manager for tips and guidance.

  2. Thanks for your comment Neil. Yeah, Neverblue is one of the most reputable networks in the business. I have never had a problem with them.

  3. I have tried to get accepted to Neverblue like 3 times before and each time they denied my application. I don’t know what else to do. I called, emailed and nothing. What did you do to get approved?

  4. Did they call you? What have you done to prove them you are serious about driving traffic? If you are a member of other networks you make money with then tell them that next time. Send them your stats to show you are actually doing something.

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