NewsMax Builds A MEGA List While Getting Paid Tons Of Money At The Same Time

Today something caught my attention in a very big way. I was watching some videos on Youtube and noticed some ads about Donald Trump running for president heh

Anyway, I didn’t really pay much attention at first but then I logged in to my Yahoo mailbox and saw a similar banner that was being ran by The banner was advertising their Poll where you could answer some questions and see actual results later on.

So I went ahead and filled out the survey. After submitting my answers I felt like I was going through a marketing funnel that was created by some guru marketer.

The first thing that happened after submitting the questions I was redirected to a page that had a tell-a-friend script installed and nicely visible share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Digg.

Here is the screenshot:

I was like “hmm nice one” so obviously I skipped that one and went for the next step.

When I landed on the next page I was like “No Way!!”

Check this out

I almost want to bet that Frank Kern designed this funnel or someone well known in the internet marketing industry.

Notice how they thank you for your submission and say that the results will be emailed to you. Then there is the “Congratulations, you qualify for this FREE Gift!” right in the headline.

Their gift is The Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio. What a perfect choice especially in this economy since everybody is talking about the end of the world these days LOL

But what’s really cool is that to get this gift you need to pay for shipping and handling and then you get signed up for a 4-month FREE trial to NewsMax magazine (Mwuahahaha)

So anyway I closed the page and went back to my email to check if I got the results from the poll and got this:

Very smart indeed! One more pitch inside the email. Very clever

But now we are getting to some killer numbers that I want to show you. When I clicked on the results link I almost fell of my chair….no joke.

What I saw was simply freaking ridiculous.

Check out these results:

How is that for a mailing list? Now these are just numbers I saw at the time of writing this post. The numbers are much bigger now I am sure because those ads are still running all over the place.

Here is what NewsMax did:

–  They created a killer funnel to offset advertising costs while collecting survey data.

–  They used media buys to drive massive traffic to their landing page and funneled all the leads straight into their autoresponder.

– They built a HUGE list of subscribers

– They made tons of money doing it

– They can now sell the data for crap load of money!

– They can send out promo emails to their new list for years to come 🙂

This is a great marketing example that you can build a list while making money at the same time. Their funnel was great and you should copy this for your own business.

Now I wonder if they actually got paid upfront to conduct this survey?! Because if they did then that’s just wicked! Imagine getting money to run your campaign upfront from advertisers and other media and then just cashing in on the free massive traffic you are getting, well free for NewsMax at least in this example.


5 thoughts on “NewsMax Builds A MEGA List While Getting Paid Tons Of Money At The Same Time

  1. Wow! I really need to concentrate on building my list instead of sending people directly to offers. This really puts things into perspective.

  2. That’s pretty cool Pawel. This funnel has it all – viral marketing by telling your friends page, and a free + shipping offer to capture the credit card details. I wonder what happens after the 4 week trial. Definately some good points here that we can duplicate in our own marketing. Thanks for some great content, as usual.

  3. I think when the trial ends it’s like $40 or so per month (not sure though) lol But this is definitely a great funnel that works.

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