Night of the Living SEO – The Art and Science of Creating Demand

Rather than getting into the details of the post apocalyptic SEO world, following the black and white updates from our friends at Google, I would like to focus on what truly matters; the actual demand for the products or services you are offering.  If you haven’t asked yourself this question then please do; Why would someone buy something from you?  If you are having a hard time answering that question-honestly, then maybe it’s time to consider how you will create a genuine demand for your product or service.

For our purposes of demonstrating demand and how to create it, we first want to define, in mostly economic terms what demand means.

What is Demand?

The term demand is defined by:

  • Ones ability or willingness to buy a product or service at any given time.
  • The amount that someone is willing to pay for a product or service.

As the demand for a product goes up, the price rises along with it.  This is some pretty basic stuff that we can all understand.  You can also relate it to yourself, as an example; think about how much you would be willing to pay for a given product and why you would pay top dollar for that specific product brand versus another like product.

A Market is created when there is enough cumulative individual demand. The overall market demand for smart-phones as an example is the cumulative effect of that individual demand creating the larger market.  Competition also drives “like product” prices down as supply and alternatives enter the market-like smart-phones.

But What Happened to Everything Leading up to that Point?

A market is always created where enough demand exists.  We all get that part, but what created the demand in the first place?  Think about it…in almost all cases it is innovation that creates the market, a point of differentiation that takes on a life of its own called demand. This is good news for entrepreneurs everywhere because innovation is what creates demand. It is innovation within markets that truly creates demand!

4 Things YOU can do to Spark Demand for your Business

1. Differentiate – Being different is a very good thing to do, especially if you are in a big market.  Learn from what the market leaders are doing and incorporate the best aspects into your own core practices, then make it better and more focused on your strengths.  Bigger is not always better, so be thinking about ways you can do something the big guys cannot.  Personal service and one on one time with your clients is a good place to start adding value.  Maybe it’s a report or a free tool they can use, but define what makes you unique and better or be lost in the crowd.  What is your value proposition to your customers or clients?

2. Get The Word Out – Once you have something to offer, get the word out!  Do it by writing a press release to start and have it distributed through a legitimate PR distribution service.  There are two I would recommend, 1. PR Newswire and 2. PRWeb, both are very good services and offer some different coverage options. Both services also allow for back-linking within the releases-no more than 1 per 100 words and of course keep it random.I would be leery of services offering true press release distribution if they did not include at least one or both of those.  You can do distribution directly through either of those services as well.

3. Start Making Some Social Noise – This is where you are going to do the most amount of work to build your demand and your brand and it should be a natural extension of your business today and in the future.  It’s also a great benefit to your SEO campaign. The power of social media to create demand and build brands quickly and inexpensively is undeniable.  There is nothing more powerful in the world of advertising and marketing as the personal endorsement. This is also where you will build your authority through providing quality information and useful engagement.

4. Blog – Your blog and social media channels should be tuned for automation and synchronized to play like a symphony each and every time you make a post, comment or add a new video.  The community you are building here is on the front lines of your demand campaign and where you should be most engaged.  There are some great tools you can use to get your blog and social media channels integrated. A couple of our favorites are Hootsuite along with a bleeding-edge tool called GroSocial via Infusionsoft.

Innovation is the key to creating demand and there are plenty of ways to do it, just focus on what is missing, fill the niche and do it better than anyone else.

One of the best ways to establish brand demand is by giving away your best.  It may sound crazy or maybe you have heard it before, but I can tell you it is true and it works!

Your product or service is totally unique and what you have to offer is more than free advice. The dispensing of your advice freely is what builds brand demand!  If you aren’t doing it, someone else is, it’s up to you to create demand.  Just think of it this way, if you pass along great advice for free, people will really take notice when you have something to sell!  My experience tells me, that is where demand waits…the convergence of willingness and ability!

The SEO Effect:

Following the 4 actions outlined above is also a great way to create an SEO campaign and this is really the new model for SEO anyway.  Whether you are designing a landing page or a new product or service, the principles are the same. It’s time to get social and build some genuine authority.  Engage your community of followers and offer some of your best stuff free and start building your brand demand!


2 thoughts on “Night of the Living SEO – The Art and Science of Creating Demand

  1. I agree with you Ron. Being different, unique, and having something of value is important. I think SEO is already more about focusing on traffic and attracting real people instead of just building links.

  2. Hi Jason, Thanks for the comment. It is SO important to innovate and differentiate what you do in your venture within any market. You are also right about getting to the genuine traffic and not creating the illusion of authority through simply relying on automated back linking strategies.

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